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1st edition
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Box Set
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174 pages
9.00 x 11.00 inches
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From the back of the box:

"Send Help. . . . . We're being overrun. . . . ."
"We're being hit by. . . . .Living Steel!"

The last transmission from Imperial Guard forces on Getra relayed the shocking news of the Starguild's first encounter with Power Armor. What had been the most deadly force in known space was decimated by an elite rebel force.
     Years of conflict followed pitting the oppressive Starguild Empire against the free people of the Seven Worlds. Sadly, the Seven Worlds were defeated, their eventual annihilation brought about by Imperial space artillery.
     Decades later, known space has become a stagnant tool of the Starguild, its sole purpose the promotion of those lucky enough to be born Starcaste. Yet hope for freedom did exist, and it came from a long forgotten source. Nearly one hundred and fifty years after the fall of the Seven Worlds, a heavily armed and specially trained warrior wakes from a century long sleep. Long before, had been one of those who had crushed Getra. Now he faces a new challenge and a new foe.
     The warrior's awakening follows mankind's first encounter with a terrible alien force. Swift as the wind, and black as night itself, the Spectral invaders cut through known space. Into this chaos the warrior is charged with the defense of humanity, and the furthering of freedom of all people.
     Join the ranks of these reborn Seven Worlds forces. Your mission: dig in, protect and defend, and sow the seeds of a new civilization. At your disposal are some meager supplies and few items of high-tech equipment that could make all the difference. "Save the ideals and dreams of our people for better times" were your last orders. Little did you realize this would occur decades later on a planet far removed from your homeworlds.

     Living Steel provides a world rich in history. The depth to which the world's technology, inhabitants, and history are detailed, combined with exceptional art, yields a role-playing experience of unsurpassed vitality, the perfect setting for high adventure. Skills, training, and construction rules are all detailed, along with a unique system for repairing vital technology. Living Steel contains an incredibly realistic combat system, and is compatible with all Phoenix Command Supplements. COmplete and ready to play, Living Steel is a system limited only by your imagination.

Included are:

  • 120 page spiral bound world book
  • 32 page High-Tech Weapon Data Supplement
  • Game Table Supplement
  • Game Map (17″ × 22″)
  • Blank character sheets
  • Ten-sided die