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RPG Item: Living Steel
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2nd edition
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Hard Cover
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182 pages
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From the back cover:

The Apocalypse and the Phoenix

The year is 2349, and the oppressive Starguild Imperium rules Humanity. Supported by a technological monopoly, the Guild has imposed a caste system on society, and most people are trapped in lives of endless work and little hope. It has been more than a century since the Starguild overwhelmed the dissenting voices of the free Seven Worlds system, and began its unchallenged reign.
     Now, however, the corrupt Imperium is facing its greatest test; the alien Spectrals™ have invaded. Lethal, efficient, and committed to Humanity's annihilation, the Spectrals made contact with the Starguild only a decade ago. Dozens of worlds have already fallen before their assault, and the Imperium is on the verge of destruction.
     Two months ago, the Spectrals invaded the isolated tourist world of Rhand™. Spectral space bombardment, drop troops, and bacteriological warfare shattered civilization on the planet, but before the attack was complete, the Spectral invasion craft was destroyed. For the last sixty days, chaos alone has ruled Rhand, as the Humans have fought among themselves and with the Spectrals for limited supplies and technology.
     Into this inferno steps a band of warriors, the reborn champions of a long-lost civilization. One hundred and fifty years before, they had been the leaders of the Seven Worlds, the greatest Human society to fight against the Starguild. Wearing the Power Armor suits that are called Living Steel, they have been reborn into Humanity's Apocalypse. As the Starguild is destroyed around them, they set out to fulfill the last orders they were given; "Save the ideals and dreams of our people, for better times."
     Take your place among them. Your mission is to protect what remains of Humanity, and to sow the seeds of a new civilization, one free of both Starguild oppression and Spectral assault. This is the Phoenix, a new beginning for a desperate Humanity.

Living Steel takes place on Rhand, a world rich in history. The depth to which the planet's technology, inhabitants, and history are detailed, combined with the exceptional art, yields a role-playing experience of unsurpassed vitality, and creates the perfect setting for high adventure. Skills, training, and medical rules are all provided, along with a unique system for repairing vital technology. Living Steel also contains a revolutionary combat system, which is fast, playable, and realistic. It is fully compatible with all other Leading Edge Games products, especially the Dragonstar Rising Power Armor Combat Game.
     Complete and ready to play, Living Steel is a system limited only by your imagination.

Included are Sections covering:

  • Character Background and Generation
  • Skills, Actions, and Training
  • Combat
  • The World and People of Rhand
  • Equipment and Technology
  • Gamemaster's Rules
  • Scenarios and Optional Rules