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RPG Item: Channeling Companion
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120 pages
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From publisher blurb:

...There was little more that Eltor could do; no new trick or secret weapon that he could bring to bear. Only one thing was left. It was a small thing, but it was all Eltor could think of Between his flagbearer and signaler, Eltor knelt on the soft ground and began to pray for his men...

At last, the ancient priests of forgotten gods have brought forth new information for the realm of Channeling!

The Channeling Companion explores the magic of the gods in detail. In this book, you will find new professions, variant rules, new options, and (of course) lots of stuff for priests.

Here is what you will find inside...

  • Four new professions that use the realm of Channeling: the Priest (the new pure Channeling user), the Summoner (a hybrid spell user that uses magic to summon creatures and forces), the Warlock (a hybrid spell user that focuses on scrying, fate, curses, etc.), and the Mythic (a religious agent).
  • A dozen new training packages for characters to develop.
  • Guidelines on divine status and what effect it can have in a character's life.
  • Rules for how to handle divine intervention.
  • A complete system for creating customized priests (built to reflect the details of a given religion).
  • Dozens of new spells lists for the realm of Channeling.
  • New critical tables for holy weapons and holy spell effects.

Publisher's Note: This product was recreated from image scans. It is searchable but the quality is imperfect. Pages 46-49, 87, 108-109 were removed for IP issues.