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RPG Item: Privateers Races & Cultures
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126 pages
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From publisher blurb:

Alarion looked around him, confirming with his eyes what his instruments told him. 600 Light Horse, moving in a wave through the fire of the guns. 600 Tulgaran Knights of the Horse. Bying for the cause. He turned his attention back to the field of death. the guns were blasting, but they hadn't been prepared for the charge. They were wtill scrambling to battle stations. If they had been ready, the entire charge would have been cut to pieces in seconds.
But they were lazy, undisciplined, and slow. The guns guarding the ground were only partially manned. Maybe ten percent. Almost enough to stop them. But not quite. 600 knights became 550, 550 became 500. Explosions warped the air with their heat distortions and blew Alarion about like a leaf.
One kilometer to go.
He leaned forward, growling with pleasure. Guns to the right of him. guns to the left of him.
He blew throught them, jiggling and dodging like a beast possesed.
500 meters.
The sound of the dying poured though his helmet com.
300 meters.
The guns became more accurate as soldiers manned teir stations.
100 meters.
Alarion thumbed the arming mechanism next to his throttle and and aimed for the base of the wall, below the nearest concentration of guns.
Then came the impact. After that, nothing.

A must for any Spacemaster game, this book details the races of the Privateers universe. Find out what the races are really like in detail; from culture to physiology to role playing, everything you wanted to know about the: Falanar, the Kagoth, the Oort, the Tulgar, the Valiesans the Xatosians and of course humans. What will our own species be like in the future?

Who will you be tomorrow?