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RPG Item: The Island of Doctor Apocalypse
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Publisher Blurb: This adventure has been designed for use with both the original and revised Villains & Vigilantes role playing systems. It represents a complete adventure setting for four or more players. This product is for the Gamemaster's use only. Anyone who is planning to participate in this adventure as a player should stop reading at this point.

All of the material in this adventure is subject to the Gamemaster's expansion, deletion, or alteration in order to make it more suitable for his or her own campaign. Particular attention should be paid to the experience level of Doctor Apocalypse, the NPC villain provided for this adventure. Although an experience level is provided for this character, in order to make it suitably challenging to his players, the GM should adjust this experience level so that it is at least ten levels higher than the highest level of any of the player characters.

Although this is a complete adventure, the Gamemaster is encouraged to add his own ideas and to expand upon any details he wishes, in order to make this a more enjoyable scenario for his players. All changes in this adventure should be made before the adventure begins, rather than during play.

No matter how complete this adventure has been made, situations are sure to arise that no amount of preplanning could. anticipate. In these cases, the Gamemaster will have to make seat-of-the-pants decisions and play things by ear. These decisions should be made logically, based upon an overall knowledge of the situation described in this adventure.

The Island of Doctor Apocalypse has been designed to be the continuation of the Villains & Vigilantes scenario Death Duel with the Destroyers! However, it is not necessary to have used that adventure in order to play this one. Section 1A of this scenario gives an outline of the major events of the struggle against the Destroyers and can be used to brief the players as to what has already happened, and the nature of the current situation. For a more enjoyable adventure, we do recommend that Death Duel with the Destroyers be played prior to the beginning of this adventure.

Now also includes the counter sheet FGU released for this adventure in 2007!