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RPG Item: Phoenix Command
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1st edition
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Box Set
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102 pages
9.00 x 11.25 inches
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From the back of the box:

Are you tired of your current small arms combat system? Tired of inconsistencies and rules that simply don't work? If so, we invite you to conduct a short test:

Using your current small arms combat system, place the muzzle of a large caliber pistol between your character's eyes. Squeeze the trigger. Continue squeezing the trigger until he falls unconscious. Then have a friend put a band-aid over that nasty .45 caliber dent in his skull, and try not to get him shot too often in the week or two it takes to heal.

Now, using Phoenix Command, place the same pistol in the same place. Squeeze the trigger. You now have a choice: you can either roll up a new character or rush the body to a very sophisticated medical facility and discover the joys of role-playing a vegetable.

If you are nodding your head and smiling, and thinking that it would be nice to have a combat system that really works, welcome to Phoenix Command!

Phoenix Command combines accurate simulation of gunshot wounds with detailed aiming and firing rules, and authentic modern weapon data to create a simple, fast-paced game with an incredibly realistic feel. Included are:
  • Modern Weapons, including over 140 of the latest:
    • Pistols and Sub-Machineguns (M92F, MAC10, AKR, MP5KA4, etc.)
    • Rifles and Machine Guns (M16A2, M249, AK74, G11, etc.)
    • Grenades and Explosives (M67, M26A2, RGD5, RKG3, etc.)
    • Grenade and Rocket Launchers (M79, M203, RPG7, etc.)
    • Shotguns (SPAS12, B4-B, CAWS, Mossberg Bullpup 500, etc.)
  • Body Armor and Cover
  • Medical Aid
  • Initiative and Morale
  • Knockout and Disabling Injuries

Phoenix Command provides a challenging and satisfying playing experience as a table top wargame, a modular combat system for your own role-playing game or with any other Leading Edge Game. (Look for Rhand Phoenix Command, the ultra high-tech role-playing game for this system!)

Join the Revolution in Game Design and move up to the Leading Edge!

User summary:

1986 white boxed-set edition includes 56-pp. spiral-bound rulebook, 32-pp. saddle-stapled Modern Military Small Arms Supplement booklet, 4 double-sided cardstock reference sheets (8 pp.), and 6 blank character sheets, for total of 102 pp.