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RPG Item: Béthorm
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Softcover Version
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258 pages
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From the back of the book:

Explore the World Of The Petal Throne

The first tabletop RPG setting ever published is back - with over 100 illustrations by classic AD&D artist Jeff Dee.

Far in the future, humans their alien allies conquer and terraform the lush planet Tékumel. Then a disaster casts the planet's star system into a pocket dimension! Cut off from Humanspace for millennia, civilizations rise and fall as the descendants revert to savagery - while also mastering the forces of magic that operate in Tékumel's new universe.

Strange alien creatures prowl the wilderness. Mighty heroes do battle in the arenas. Underground chambers hold vast treasures. Opposing temples wrestle for Imperial influence. Pirates and monsters prowl the steaming seas. Automatons guard ancient hoards of technological wonders. Enemy empires plot the overthrow the empire of Tsolyánu. Imperial heirs compete for ascension to the Petal Throne. Hostile nonhuman races seek the destruction of Mankind. The Undying Wizards guard and manipulate the timeline. Nexus points open to the Demon Realms. And the Pariah Gods seek the end of existence itself!

Powered by UNIgames skill-based Pocket Universe system, PCs can have almost any combination of abilities and skills. Join an Imperial legion or hire your sword out to the highest bidder. Become a member of a secret society within your temple, or a sorcerer mastering ancient spells. Be a diplomat engaged in foreign intrigue, a wealthy bravo seeking adventure, a scholar studying secrets of the ancient past... Tékumel offers a whole word of exotic adventures!