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From publisher blurb:

One cannot properly introduce a supplement to an existing body of rules, which already contain both a foreword and an introduction; yet it is absolutely necessary to make certain that the prospective buyer understands that this volume cannot stand by itself.

It is expressly written to augment the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS rules set, and if you do not possess the set there is no point in buying this supplemental booklet alone. However, it does no harm to read further, it is hoped that if you do skim through the pages, which follow you, will become so interested as to buy both "D & D" and this addition! If you enjoy fantasy you will never be sorry you were introduced to the swords and sorcery of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS games.

If you already own a set of "D & D" then buy this booklet right now, for what is herein adds immeasurably to the existing game. There are new characters, new abilities, more spells to use, a horde of new monsters, heaps of new magical treasure, and various additions to the suggestions and rules for adventuring above and below the ground."

This PDF is drawn from the Original Edition Premium Reprint, which included new cover art and updated layout.