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RPG Item: Blood in Darkness
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From publisher blurb:

This product is a scan of Doomstones Part 2 - Blood in Darkness from first edition WFRP.

Blood in Darkness is the second part of the Doomstones Campaign.

Follow the century-old path of a renegade Orc Warchief through the foothills of the Vaults mountains. Discover the relics of a mutiny and a clue which leads to an ancient Dwarf shrine and a second crystal of Power. Finding the shrine is just the beginning - beyond lie age-old Dwarf defences, and the tunnels' modem dwellers...

Blood in Darkness mixes investigation and combat to present WFRP players with a constant challenge. It is the second part of the Doomstones Campaign following on from Fire in the Mountains.

Designed for adventurers in their second or third careers, this adventure continues to explore a challenging new area of the Warhammer world, where only the strong and the cunning survive for long.

Blood in Darkness Includes the following:

Full background information on the events which have led up to the start of this adventure.

The adventure itself, with all necessary maps, player handouts and GM aids.

A selection of pre-generated player characters, with complete backgrounds.

An appendix giving full details of the Crystal of Earth, the powerful magical artefact which forms the basis of this adventure.

Blood in Darkness breaks down into five distinct phases, or chapters:

Going Home

Into the Mountains

The Shrine at Kadar-Helgad

The Upper Level

The Lower Levels