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5th Edition British "Corgi" Box Set
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Box Set
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190 pages
9.06 x 11.97 inches
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User summary

This box contains:

- 190-page Tunnels & Trolls Version 5 Corgi pocket rulebook
- The City of Terrors Solo-Adventure Corgi pocket edition
- 8-page adventure Castle Ward
- 3 cardstock sheets with pre-generated characters
- Lizards PBM 1994 Rulebook
- 1 page explaining the inclusion of the Lizards rules, the replacement of Buffalo Castle with City of Terror and a coupon for a free setup in Heroic Fantasy PBM
- 4 pieces of letter sized character sheets

Publisher Blurb (Collectors remark: the title of the included Solo Adventure Buffalo Castle on the back of the Box is blacked out with a sharpie)

Contains everything you’ll need to play, and more:

T&T Rulebook: easy to understand, filled with in-depth examples. Everything you’ll need to know to play T&T, including Combat, Magic, Weapons & Armor Charts, and Monsters, plus Elaborations, Weapons Glossary, Index, and Trollstone Caverns (an introductory game master adventure).

Buffalo Castle: A T&T adventure that you can play by yourself- because in place of a game master, the BOOK directs you through the adventure by offering written options. (Included in the rulebook)

Castle Ward: a gamemaster adventure, easy for a new GM to moderate. A nearly deserted castle guards the entrance to a monster stronghold.

Player Character Pack: 10 T&T characters to get you started, all completely attributed and equipped.

Three six-sided dice (games sold outside the US may not contain dice).