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RPG Item: Phoenix Command
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2nd edition ("Phoenix Command Small Arms Combat System")
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Year Published
Box Set
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102 pages
9.00 x 11.25 inches
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ObjectID: 76474
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Description Edit | History

From the back of the box:

You race down the street toward the sound of gunfire.

Up ahead, your teammates are pinned down, and you are their last chance. Your pulse pounding in your ears and your breathing ragged, you flip your Uzi to full auto. Suddenly you hear footsteps in the alley beside you. Uzi in hand, you turn to face your opponents. Your mind rushes - Should you fire immediately, or pause to aim? Choose now - The decisive moment is at hand.

Phoenix Command is a revolutionary small arms combat system. Quick playing and extremely realistic, it is perfect for any Role-Playing situation, or for man to man modern wargaming. Phoenix Command puts you in the heart of the battle, and raises play to new levels of excitement and vitality.

Beautifully illustrated, Phoenix Command contains over 140 modern military small arms, ranging from pistols to machine guns and rocket launchers. Also included are the only accurate rules for automatic fire, shotguns and grenades. Phoenix Command is the ultimate simultaneous fire and movement system.

Included are:
  • 56 page spiral bound rule book
  • 32 page Modern Military Weapon Data Supplement
  • Card stock reference tables
  • Blank character sheets
  • Ten-sided die

User summary:

1987 black boxed-set edition includes 56-pp. spiral-bound Small Arms Combat System rulebook, 32-pp. saddle-stapled Modern Military Small Arms Weapon Data Supplement, 4 double-sided cardstock reference sheets (8 pp.), and 6 blank character sheets, for total of 102 pp.