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mecheng_analyst wrote:
Ok, but then above you say in LotR you use 1 deck to beat them all - how is that not the same, and thus equally variety-less (is that a word? ha)?
Do you understand the difference between having a choice and not? I prefer having a choice.

mecheng_analyst wrote:
Sounds like the games are exactly the same. You seem to like LotR and hate PACG but have not really shown a difference. I'm all for personal preference, and if that's what it is, fine, but then just say that.
Well, maybe I failed to illustrate how the LotR LCG is different from the PACG but that doesn't mean that they aren't (vastly) different. This is _not_ a matter of personal preference. It's a fact that the scenarios in LotR are more varied. Your answer tells me you haven't played or looked into the LotR LCG yet.

There are scenarios with a different focus, e.g. exploring vs. defeating enemies. There's scenarios requiring secrecy, scenarios where your party is split or one of your heroes is captured. There's scenarios requiring you to find one or several mcGuffins before you can continue, there's scenarios with side-quests, alternative quests and quests that change basic rules of the game. And two things that all scenarios have in common:
- about 50% of the adventure decks are scenario-specific cards that you won't see anywhere else.
- (apart from one scenario,) every scenario involves several quests, so initially you don't know what you have to do to win. Typically, you have to change gears mid-game to have a chance to beat it. Deciding when to try to finish one of the quests becomes a major part of the overall strategy, trying to balance taking more time to improve your board position vs. attempting to rush through.

Note that I'm still not(or rather no longer) a big fan of the LotR LCG, but for entirely different reasons than why I dislike the PACG. And despite of LotR's shortcomings I definitely consider it a better game than PACG.
This may be a matter of personal preference, since I could see players who dislike the deck-building aspect of LotR, or the higher difficulty, or who miss the character advancement aspect that PACG has, but if someone is looking for more variety, there can be only one choice (if
choosing between LotR and PACG).

Oh, and before anyone tries to argue that the LotR core set has only three scenarios compared to PACG's 3+5: That doesn't give any indication of the variety that these scenarios offer.
And while every scenario pack for PACG will give you more of the same, every LotR adventure pack will open up design space in some way to provide a different experience than the previous scenarios.
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