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Subject: Purchasable Car/Driver Upgrades (For Leagues) rss

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United States
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I've decided to spice up my league with some car/team upgrades which should give the drivers a few more tough decisions to make before race time. I am considering giving each team $1,000,000 to spend on upgrades at the start of a new season.

Drivers can have only one of each upgrade at any time.
Upgrades are single use abilities (You can use the upgrade once and only once during a race).
Upgrades do not replenish, they must be repurchased.
Unused upgrades will carry over to the next race if the car finished the race.

Veteran Team Leader
-May reroll any movement roll: $500,000

Experienced Crew Chief
-May add or subtract 3 to pit roll (long or short): $400,000

NOS System
-May add extra movement to a roll equal to the current gear: $400,000

Drag Reduction System
-May draft from 2 spaces behind and/or may move 4 spaces instead of 3 during drafting: $300,000

Grid Girls
-Increase start position by number of cars divided by two (round up): $300,000

Computer Timed Acceleration
-May add 3 to start roll: $200,000

Hi-tech Polymers
-May reroll a failed collision check: $200,000

Super Coolant
-May reroll a failed engine check: $100,000

Advanced Pull Rod Suspension
-May reroll a failed suspension check: $100,000

Place--Points-- Cash
1st---- 25----- $500,000
2nd---- 18----- $400,000
3rd---- 15----- $350,000
4th---- 12----- $300,000
5th---- 10----- $250,000
6th---- 8------ $200,000
7th---- 6------ $150,000
8th---- 4------ $100,000
9th---- 2------ $50,000
10th--- 1------ $0
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Michael Lind
United States
North Chesterfield
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My favorite response to anyone's question about how something happened.
Really, Mom, I was just sittin' here mindin' my own business!
Interesting idea! Will be curious to see if the winner of the first race turns out to have a "permanent" advantage allowing him/her to buy his/her way to victory for the rest of the season.

Formula De is great fun when you have a bunch of players.

There's a campaign scenario for Combat Commander where the winner of each round picks up an advantage and we've found that to be unplayable as the initial winner's advantage is just too great to overcome.
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