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Troy Davidson
United States
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I tried this game out at SaltCON on 3/29. I really enjoyed it. There are some interesting game mechanics involved.

1. Once your troops are placed, you can't move them. There is one action that allows you to move a unit. There are also some intrigue cards that allow you. You can move units from other certain hexes to reinforce a combat. Other than those, once they are down, they are down.

2. I know this isn't unique, but the ability to get units and not deploy them really works. You generate units each turn (minimum of 3), but you can keep them in reserve and deploy at a later time. You have a little screen that keeps them hidden.

3. You have to have units in the royal court to play intrigue cards. And it burns 1 unit for each card. you use the intrigue card to burn the unit, or leave them there to gain control of the court?

4. Combat is VERY simple and makes it fast and easy. One for one unit combat. If you have three units and your opponent has two, two units are destroyed on each side and you're left with one in the hex.

5. Unique units. Each of the four races has at least one and no more than two unique units. This adds some flavor to the board. Without these, every race would be exactly the same.

6. Discovery locations stay on the board. You can buy discoveries to boost your nation. These might allow you to recruit extra troops, allow you to earn VPs faster, or give you a hex that has 5 VPs at the end of the game. When you buy the discovery, you have to denote, with a chit, where it was bought on the board. An enemy can come in and take that hex and steal the discovery from you. We had this happen a few times in our game and it really made you turtle on those hexes.

While this is set in a steampunk 'universe', don't let this put you off. Honestly, I think the steampunk theme is lightly on the game. It doesn't interfere with the game or mechanics in any way.

Hope this give a bit of an insight into the game. I enjoyed it a lot and will be watching this game develop.
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