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Subject: Adventures of the U-564 rss

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Erik Miller
United States
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Kapitan-Leutnant Lichstenstien, we are at war. Take U-564 and help secure victory for the Fatherland!

Kmdt: Kapitan-Leutnant Lichstenstien

Type: VIIB, U-564

Ships Sunk: 4

Total Tonnage Sunk: 37,400

Depth Charged off the British Isles, U-Boat scuttled but captured by the British.

September 1939, British Isles: We are at war! First patrol out along the British Isles. We found a couple lucrative unescorted targets right off the bat- sinking the 3700 ton Graigwen and the 5600 ton Seattle Spirit. We escaped one enemy aircraft attack and returned to base triumphant. Sunk 9300 tons of shipping in our first run, not a great patrol but a solid start to our war!

November 1939, British Isles:
High Command sent us to mine some of the waterways around our foes! On our way we were bushwacked by British aircraft. They damaged our flak gun and our deck gun before we were able to dive to safety but unfortunately we were unable to repair them after the fact. We completed our mining mission and found the unescorted 4700 ton Aeas that night and sent her to the bottom of the English Channel. We also crept up on the Bretajne at night, past her escorts, and sent 5 torpedoes into her hull, sinking her and escaping her escorts. High Command was extremely pleased that we not only completed our mission but added another 14,700 tons to our total.

January 1940, British Isles: High Command sent us on another patrol of the British Isles. We pounced on the unsuspecting Bancrest and sent her to the bottom (4400 tons). We came upon a convoy from Canada (most likely with some American supplies!) and attacked at night, sending 4 torpedoes into the Jagersfontein. All four torpedoes hit BUT THEY WERE ALL DUDS!!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Frustration mounted as we ducked between the attacking escorts. We successfully followed the convoy, however, and attacked during the next night. We fired 3 torpedoes at the 6900 ton British Grenadier and 2 at the Baron Pentland during a Night Surface Attack. All 5 torpedoes missed! The escorts were on us in a rush, attempting to hit us with their cannon and depth charges as we started to slip beneath the waves. They had us dead to rights- First salvo bracketed us, second salvo hit us and broke our back. We couldn't dive, but we were able to scuttle our boat and keep our secrets safe. The British Navy rescued us and sent us away for the rest of the way to deal with our indignity.

Canadian Prison Camp X-Ray Tango
Unknown Location

Dear Mom,

I'm just writing to let you know that I am safe. My entire crew was saved by the British during our last patrol but we're all ok. Some minor injuries but nothing major happened to any of us. We're in Canada for the duration of the war, which hopefully won't be forever. Things here are great. They feed us well, and I don't even have to work much since I'm an officer! They keep asking me to give up my secrets but I don't really have any to give. We have some great food here. I'm asking to learn how to cook some new meals so maybe we can have some new meals when we're reunited. I hope that dad and my brothers are ok. I know the war's rough over there. We only get snippets of information from our captors but I know things are going well for us. I hope I can see you all again soon!

Love, Your Son,

Wolfgang Lichstenstien

This letter was never delivered to his mother. The Gestapo intercepted it and branded Lichsentstien a traitor to the state, forbidding him from ever returning to Germany. After the war he did return to collect his family, who he brought back to Canada to live in relative comfort for the rest of their days. He never disclosed any secrets to the Canadian military, but he didn't really have much to give anyways. Maybe one of his fellow officers will have better luck next time.....
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Tony M
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A very nice AAR!

One of the [many] great things about The Hunters is that each career is completely different. Anything can happen on a patrol, and during a career. I've had some careers end on the first patrol, and some that last until early 1943. I always become attached to my commanders and crews, but it's easy and fast to set things up again for a new career.

This is a game where the adventure never ends.
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