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Subject: May Solitaire Challenge: Waiting for Backup. rss

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J. M.
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The Challenge

No-one knew where the fire started exactly. There was an explosion in the livingroom, but it managed to get to the bathroom and kitchen. There were rumors of an indoor-bbq-party. All that mattered little, now the house was on fire with at least 6 people inside,... Maybe a dog and a cat. Ingrid, the rescue-specialist and Misses Doc, the doctor arrived first to the scene, but it would take a while before the firetruck would arrive. The clock was ticking and peoples lives depended on us. A day that would be known as the great rescue and the loss of uncle John and his good “friend” Carl.

Misses Doc, as we called her, dropped of Ingrid the Norwegian specialist at the south-side of the house as she drove northwards. “Get your a** moving and help those f*piem*f***as!” as she would say. You could say the adrenaline made her swear idiotically, but no, she always liked talking dirty to Ingrid.

The BBQ-party looked like a fact, instead of a rumor. The whole diningroom was filled with inflammable lighting material. These were some irresponsible people, but not less worth saving. Ingrid tried getting that explosive danger out. Thank God she was lightningfast, otherwise most of these people would have died in the explosions that would have soon followed after.
While Ingrid was taking care of the flammables in the south-side. Misses Doc road to the north-side and was taking care of similar problems. The bedroomdoor was torn to pieces and flames were already lurking to come into the bedroom. Right in front of those flames stood a nice stash of liquor all piled up. The doc didn't have time to attend the possible victims and took that heavy stash into a safe spot to then look after:

The Bedroom-Incident. The doc didn't dare to ask what exactly made his ***** get trapped into his zipper like that. He needed some painkillers to get him walking out of that door. She jacked him up real good. He almost tried to run out of the door if the misses didn't order him to take it easy. He got into the ambulance, when all of a sudden he told the reason his **** got smashed like that. It was a horribly gross story about a tramp, his newly acquired ex-girlfriend and some sort of STD. Even the doc had never heared of symptoms that gruesome. He told her she wasn't in the bedroom anymore but ran into the area of the first explosion, maybe trapped in between the flames. The doc told him to shut his ****, because he was talking dillusional and he took so many painkillers. Two seconds later he took a nice nap in the car, as the doc drove it towards the east-entrance. To take care of some more hazardeous material and a possible victim.

Just as things started to get along, the house started to shake. An explosion in the bathroom caught everybody by surprise. It even cracked open the wall! This is, as I can tell you now, just a taste of what was to come. It sure wasn't an easy day at work... *Sigh* Where are those firefighters? We need them asap!

They came just in time. Ingrid just rescued an intoxicated dog -yes, I do mean it drank too much liquor from that previously mentioned stash- and directed the two to the other side, where the fire was blazing heavily. She felt she wanted to vomit from all the stress, but had to continue.. Only an intoxicated dog and a castrated idiot were safe from harm until now.. Let's follow the guys for a minute.. They are sure in for a surprise when they come to a halt.

Just when they arrive, a second explosion from the bathroom busts the thick outside wall and shrapnel shoots outside. Hopefully the ex didn't try to dry the blood and tears from her face, next to the bedroom, because she would have had nothing more to dry. The house got turned into a sea of flames and there was no telling what might happen next. They needed a hail mary right about now.

The Chief's big mouth didn't disappoint that time. He shot his canon right in the epicenter of the flames. It's safe to say, that at least for a short while, the livingroom could be entered safely. Let's hope that dillusional castrated guy was telling the truth and his ex might still make it out alive. Let them try and control the flames, while Ingrid and the doc can get everybody out in safety.

After a series of unfortunate events explosions. Things were looking grim again. John the firefighter did his best, but got knocked to the ground, after a bit of smoke caught on fire and rapidly expanded around his feet. The chief did his absolute best keeping the other parts of the house under control, but to no avail.. Things were looking bad again... Until...

It looked even worse.. Explosion after explosion until a chain reaction of fire, which first seemed under control in the living room, reignited the inferno out of nowhere! The first dead victim was a fact. It was John, the uncle, as was later told to me, who got eaten by the flames. He was unconscious when the flames finally got him. Before he snook away in the corner, he quickly grabbed a fireproof blanket and lay low the whole time. Even though his actions were smart -definitely when compared to 'castrated man'-, he died at what was ones -ironically- a wiener party. I would love to go into how his “friend” Carl died that same evening. However I feel we need to get the story moving towards something somewhat more positive. After some intense firefighting, changing clothes and rescuing some people. The tides finally seemed to turn. Explosions seemed less likely and with the exception of John and Carl, everybody -to not mention the obvious- was somewhat ok.

The firefighters gathered enough information about the whereabouts of the remaining three victims. The ex was still missing and appeared to be wandering around the burning house. The other two highly emotional and vulnerable girls were quickly brought to safety. Until finally, the doc, who had, in the meantime, changed her clothes to something more suitable for firefighting, found the ex.

“You stupid *bleep* of a *bleep* f*** *bleep* the *bleep*!” said the doc. (Translation: “Where have you been the whole time? We have been looking all over for you and now you seem to be in the same place we started.”).
The girl understood the doc immediately.. Well... She didn't really, but by accident she kind of gave an answer. She told her about her newly acquired-ex and how she hid under the bed with ********censored********. The doc bitchslapped the girl, because it seemed she was intoxicated by the same stuff as castrated-boy. We have to get out of here! When all of a sudden...

The others rushed over to the nearest exit, no time to save the house.. It's going down! Drive that ambulance to the north-side to meet with the doc and save that last victim! The house could have easily fell down.. But it wasn't until a moment after they drove away in their blinked out, chromed out, pimped out vehicles that the house fell down like a house of cards..

Final score:

Victory: 10

8 victims saved: 80

4 hazmats cleared: 20

2 damage remaining: 4

Total score: 114
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