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Last week I did a review on Voluspa. Today I want to add to that the expansion, Order of the Gods. It’s a great addition to the game.

Mfg. Age: 10+

Our Age: 8+

Length: 45 min.

Players: 2-5

The Order of the Gods expansion adds 4 character tiles, number tokens, and extra scoring tokens. The 4 new characters are the Dwarf, Freya, Raven, and Niohoggr.

Dwarf – When you place a Dwarf you add up the numbers on the tiles surrounding it, divide that in half rounding down and that’s the number you use to score him.

At first I thought this tile was awful, and it is at the beginning of the game. I made a huge deal about how awful it was to have this guy and then later on scored some pretty big points with him. You can also place him next to a troll, which is huge. It’s the reason I was able to score so big. It’s hard to score big points with him with only two tiles, but if you can get it placed with three tiles surrounding it, it will do much better, from what I saw.

Freya – You have two options with Freya. You can either place it like normal, but considering it’s a 3, I can’t imagine you’d want to do that very often, or you can discard her to increase another tiles value by 1, or as many as you discarded. So for instance, if I was playing Odin, his starting value is 8, and I discarded two Freya, that would make Odin worth 10 points. (This is where the new number tokens come into play.) You would then place the number 10 token on Odin and he continues to be worth that much.

Raven – The Raven lets you score with it twice. You can place it in one spot and take the points, then move it and score with it again. Sounds cooler than it really is because it’s only a 4, so it’s hard to score with. Like the dragon in the original game, it can also be placed on top of another tile, including the dragon but not itself.

Niohoggr – Good luck saying that, I have no idea how to pronounce it, so lucky for me I do a written blog instead of a video.

Anyway, the Niohoggr is a 7, and anytime anyone scores while it’s in that row/column you score an extra 2 points. Pretty cool. The best is when you score both the row and column and it’s in both. My best points in a single turn is 16, because of this guy is in both the row and column. However, I still lost the game. Mr. Brown was on a roll and there was no catching him.

The score board comes with the original game and goes up to 50. Since you score higher than 50 it also comes with colored tokens for each player to show when you’ve scored over 50.

The tile in the original game has a 50 on one side, and 100 on the other. The expansion comes with new tokens that have 150 and 200 on them.

Lastly, the number tokens. It comes with a bunch of 0′s to cover the tokens next to Loki, showing they are worth 0. These are so wonderful, and if you read my original review you’ll know we will use them in every game.

There’s also numbers 2 and up because Freya lets you add value to the tiles and that’s how you keep track of their new value.

When I posted my original review I talked about how the game can get long because people suffer from analysis paralysis. Someone suggested to me to mark the spots that can no longer be played on to help you easily find where you can play. Best idea ever. Even with this, it can take a while to choose the best option for your turn, but this helped so much. We’ll never play it without doing this.

You could use other things to mark this like coins, dice, marshmallows if you can resist eating them, but we just turned the number tokens upside down.

My opinion

If you like Voluspa, I recommend getting the expansion. I think it adds a lot of variety to the game. We played the base game, then added the Saga of Edda inspansion, and then we added this expansion. That way we were able to learn a little bit at a time. Of course, by the expansion you don’t play with all the tiles, or it would be a really long game, but I like that once you know how everything works, it adds variety and it’s fun to see how the different combinations work together.

Mr Brown, 12 years old, and I really like this game but Ryan just thinks it’s okay. I think the heightened analysis paralysis bothers him too much to enjoy it. Plus, he’s only won once. Bwahaha. I guess Mr. Brown and I don’t mind so much.

Also, if you like Qwirkle, I think you’ll like this game as well, especially if you want a little bit more from Qwirkle. I played it for the first time last Friday. We’ve owned the game for probably a year but Ryan got it, played it with the kids and didn’t really care for it, so for some reason I never played it. Friday I only had one person show up for my game day and she loves Qwirkle and she taught me how to play it. It felt a lot like Volsupa. I’m curious how she would feel about Voluspa compared to Qwirkle, but we ran out of time. If we get the chance to play it, I’ll let you know what she thinks.
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Stephen Buonocore
United States
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Thanks for the review, Ms. Doodle!

Stephen M. Buonocore
Stronghold Games LLC

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