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Subject: Khind vs. Mimix rss

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Joe Stude
United States
Farmington Hills
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After getting whupped by Mimix twice last night, I figured my opponent would choose them again, so I went with the Khind, a deck I'm better with than most. Let's go, little people!

This is my first really complete session report in a while, in that I tracked every play. As always, some interesting things happened, although the game was marred by... eh, you'll see.

Coinflip, Mimix went first.

Fight 1:

M: Dancer of Dawn (2 earth)

It's always strange to me when my opponents do this, starting the fight in an element that is the lower of the two powers on a card. Bad hand? Trying to bluff?

K: NoStopping (3 earth)

My hand's a little rough around the edges, with four different gangs and no more than two members in any gang. If she decides to go big as Mimix can, I'm gonna drop a dragon or two early.

M: Wild Antelope + Hypnotic Rattle (3e)

Still staying small. If I'd been playing Flit or Pillar this play would have ruffled my feathers, but instead I laughed in Mimix' general direction and played on.

K: No Clue + NoStopping (4e)

First gang play. I was already having to extend myself a bit and was hoping with the extra card play I'd pull more No Gang. Didn't happen.

M: Amazon Leaping Far (4e)

Still small.

K: FunFair + FunFlop + Fearsome Chant (5e)

Big bucks, no whammies. Preconstructed Khind is a bit of a bummer (BounceBack and Pandemonium work phenomenally with the Khind) but I dig Fearsome Chant, I do I do.

M: Virgin of Pure Earth (6e)

No surprise. I can deal with this.

K: FunFlap + FunFair + Funflop (6e)

Hoping I can make this count. My hand's a little light now.

M: Neth-Sur-Pot (Mutant) (5f)

Bah. I didn't expect this card to show up so early, and my hand was really light in fire at this time. She was at six cards, so I guess at least Chant saved me a dragon.

K: Retreat.

1-0 Mimix.

Fight 2:

K: Lucky Bag of Life (Pulled Fearsome Chant + Funflop + Funfair back from discard) + Top Banana (forced discard of NoProblem) (2e)

I was happy with what the Lucky Bag brought back. I also had TopNotch in my hand and was hoping Mimix played low so I could throw him together with TopBanana (who forced the discard of NoProblem this time). I swear, I think NoProblem is in preconstructed to give Mimix something unimportant to discard.

M: Shaman of the Afterlife (2e)

Mimix pulls two of her six spent cards back. Good to get it over with early, plus she played low, opening up the play I wanted.

K: TopNotch + TopBanana + Fearsome Chant (forced discard of Young Bear) (4e)

No active supports or boosters to wax unfortunately, but Chant was back on the table. Unfortunately, my refresh didn't bring any more Top Gang, so I knew I had to go another route next turn.

M: Dancer of Dusk (4e)

The other Dancer.

K: CoolCub + CoolCat (4e)

I usually like saving these guys up and playing them one at a time together, but I was already running out of options. I was hoping I'd get lucky and catch her without options herself due to the Cool restrictions.

M: Call Spirit of the Underworld (retrieved Virgin of Pure Earth) + Virgin of Pure Earth (6e)

Forced due to the Cool Gang? I was just short of being able to match here now.

K: Drown Resistance (keeping the shaman) + Ketharkopas the Astronomer (2e)

Due to really infrequent play lately I'd forgotten the rules a bit, and here we (I) made a blunder. Suddenly I had the bright idea that Drown Resistance would allow its player to CHOOSE which active card his opponent keeps ("otherwise what good would the card be?"). Quick perusal of the FAQ and game manual didn't reveal anything. I was going to post on the rules forum if I didn't find anything, but sure enough when I had more time to read later I discovered that any card, once covered, can't be made active again by any means, meaning that the last played card (in this case, Virgin of Pure Earth) should have been the card to remain. I would have been forced to retreat here now, but whether this would have changed the game or not I'm unsure of as a retreat here would have resulted in no dragons exchanged due to Fearsome Chant. I would have lead the next fight with the Astronomer anyway to bulk my hand up and things might have continued exactly as they did.

M: Wild Gazelle + Wild Antelope + Sun Setting + Stars Shining (8e)

I think Mimix was a little miffed about Drown Resistance, and rightly so apparently. However, the Astronomer was good to me, and now it's time for Mimix to feel the power of TINY.

K: FunFun + FunFair + FunFlop + FunFlip (16e)

I considered keeping some of this power back, but since this was the end of the Fun Gang I decided to just clear them out of my hand and guarantee the win. (Hindsight note: I probably should have kept Funflip out this turn and attacked with 10 power instead. That still would have been nullified by the play below, but following up by playing FunFlip for 12 fire would have given me this fight.)

M: Neth-Sur-Pot (5f)

Turns out that damned Shaman of the Afterlife brought the mutant back. Just when I thought the lead was mine... I need to keep better track of possibilities when it comes to the Shamans. This really throws a wrench in, because with what I have in my hand I can't match 5 fire (again). I eye Fearsome Chant lovingly, knowing no matter what happens I can't lose more than one dragon here, then decide on...

K: Blow Whistle of Friendship (Pulled TopDog) + TopDog + TopShot (Removed Neth-Sur-Pot and discarded Call Spirit of the Battlefield from draw deck) (4f)

I really wanted this fight cus I wanted to go into the endgame up a dragon here in case I ran out of cards first, so rather than retreating I decided to play on. I needed to be clever about my card choice for Whistle of Friendship, for sure. This brought up another intense rule consultation as I couldn't remember if removing Neth-Sur-Pot from the stack would result in the cards underneath being made active again. Obviously this is the same rule that affects Drown Resistance, but thankfully we played this one correctly and determined I only needed to match 0 power, not anything from the characters underneath. TopShot, possibly my favorite individual Khind in the deck, got rid of a pretty huge card here.

M: Shaman of the Holy Sacrifice + Menacing Wardance (4f)

We were getting so low in our decks at this point that I realized this WAS the endgame, and seeing that support show up did not make me happy. That particular Shaman at this point in the game didn't scare me too much.

K: CoolCop + CoolKid + Gluing Dust (4f)

I guessed Gluing Dust was probably pointless this late in the game. This was the last of the Cool gang, and I was again hoping this would cramp her style.

M: Heroine of the High Flames + Moon Rising + Menacing Wardance (8f)

Crud. I couldn't believe she had the perfect cards to dance around the Cool gang like that this late in the game. Still, I was confident. I had *five* No Gang members in my hand now for a total of eight fire so I knew I could match. I had four cards left in my draw deck and I knew they were TopGun, Laughing Gas, Oath of Khindship, and Den-Bal-Ton. Boy could I have used some of those cards earlier. I also knew that she still had Virgin of Pure Fire in her hand (from not having seen it played so far), so I knew she was going to be able to reach 8 fire one more time. I was waiting for her to finalize the turn by hitting "end turn" so I could throw a horde of No gangers her way, when suddenly... cable modem went down. I couldn't believe it. I called my opponent on the phone and talked about the game for a bit after realizing my connection wasn't coming back online.

During this discussion, she let slip that she could still reach 9 power either this turn or next. The good news is that we saved the game in CardTable, so even though it's tainted by the Drown Resistance misplay, we can possibly finish this. There are a few different ways this can go, and even if I'm forced to retreat if she decides to throw down all 9 power (worst case) the game isn't over as with the five No gangers still in my hand winning the next fight with six cards is almost guaranteed. In other words, this is hopefully TO BE CONTINUED.

(A call to my cable company revealed they were down from midnight until 6 am for scheduled maintenance. Impeccable timing, as always. )

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Joe Stude
United States
Farmington Hills
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Incidentally, we decided tonight not to continue this game due to the Drown Resistance blunder.
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