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Joshua Van Laningham
United States
New Mexico
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An intro page with a "field watch" report and game credits, with a short introduction afterwards. Card breakdown and contents follow, with how the game works and play examples afterwards. The rule's length is nice and short: only 9 pages and a quick reference guide. The examples are well done and show cards when necessary. The only real problem I see with the whole thing is there is a lot of empty space on most of the pages. The book could have either been shorter or had bigger example pictures to take more advantage of all the extra space.

Box art:
The box is more of a sleeve of sorts with the cover showing a logo with the thief, merchant, and city watch on it. The back shows many cards and treasure pictures, along with a short description of the game and its contents. The actual box itself is just red with a giant logo of the game's company on it. A little too forward and "in-your-face" if you ask me.

Players play as the thief, merchant, or city guard trying to achieve their own separate goals. The City Watch must capture enough thieves, the merchant must have enough money, and the thief must have enough infamy Turn order is locked to city guard-merchant-thief, so already we have an interesting turn order that can affect what is played. Players can draw from their own deck or the treasure pile, then play one card and pay for it. The turn order resolves these cards' effects, so this must be kept in mind for future interactions. Upon first glance, it seems that if luck enough, the merchant could win quickly early game, though other than that the win conditions seem fairly balanced due to how the game works. Any given player is concerned with another due to winning or card interactions, so it is an interesting balance of trying to win and keeping the other players from winning. Knowing all of the cards ahead of time is very useful, both to predict what one may play and for effects that involve naming a card. There are many powerful cards in the decks, and depending on what everyone has, they could shift the game's favor possibly too much towards one player. Everyone has these cards though, so it may not be as unbalanced as it might seem. Interactions are usually one sided depending on the player, though potentially cards may affect more than one player, either directly or indirectly. Overall, a fairly balanced game with a lot of nice interaction, bluffing, and strategy involved. 3.5/5

Target audience:
The box says 13+, but I don't feel the game is too complicated, so younger people could possibly play this, though there is a lot of reading involved. As this is standard fantasy lore, fans of this may enjoy it too. The interesting 3 player only gameplay can also interest multiplayer fans, as I don't believe I have seen something quite like this before.

A good amount. Player roles are random every game and you may not go through an entire deck in a playthrough. Also hero cards are optional so they add even more replayability. Since there is an element of bluffing, this game can very even more depending on who you play with.

If you like bluffing games, interesting interactions, or trying to control a city with any means you can, this game may be for you.

Personal opinion:
While there is a lot going on with this game, it is fairly quick, finishing in only about 20-30 minutes, which is nice. If one thinks that there may be some unbalanced cards that could affect a game too much, this shorter play time lets people just jump back into the game and try again. The deck will most likely not be gone through in a game, so one can experience many different card interactions and try new strategies every game. I had a lot of fun playing the different decks, and each plays very differently. It was also fun with all of the decision making to be had involving what to draw and play, and how to interact with the players based on their previous actions and what they may play next. There wasn't as much bluffing as I would have though initially, though I assume this comes into its own the more familiar one gets with the cards and the game in general. For such a small game it had a lot more to offer than I had originally thought, both in gameplay and fun in general. It would be nice to see and expansion or some other sort of add on for this in the future. 4/5
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