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Subject: Flight from Riverrun battle report rss

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Polish wargamer
Turn 1
Stark catapults shot, but they don’t hit any of their targets.
Stark cavalry moves through the fords and attacks Brax pikemen on the other side of the river. With the fast charge, one of the pikemen units is destroyed and second one loses 2/3 of its manpower.
Lannister units make solid line of defense to stop Stark’s attack. Their goal is to keep enemy units as close to the river as possible, so they won’t be able to perform massive attack. Heavy infantry attacks cavalry and pushes it back, but without any loses. Stark Infantry begins to move on the other side of the river too, under the cover of archers.

Turn 2
Stark cavalry continues its attack through the fords, massacring another pikemen unit and occupying the forest in front of the fords. Counterattack of Lannister infantry, personally commanded by Devan Lannister drives cavalry out of the forest.
Some of the Stark infantry manages to move on the other side of the river and attacks Lannister infantry, but once is pushed back with great losses by the Clegane’s men. Withdrawing Stark units also blocks ford for other units on the other side of the river. Pikemen attack also, forcing some northern horsemen to move back, but without losses.

Turn 3
Catapults… well, same like before. Not much use of them, really.
Starks manages to widen their bridgehead and eliminate remaining pikemen. Their infantry also moves there and their both leaders are on the other side too. Lannisters try to counterattack again and even manages to destroy one of the Stark infantry units, but they’re getting weaker and even in danger of being surrounded.

Turn 4
Despite the desperate efforts of Clegane’s infantry, more Stark units are on the other side of the river and Lannister forces are suffering heavy losses. Gregor joins the fight is taken as a prisoner in the struggle with Karstark’s cavalry. Battle ends with definitive victory of the Stark forces.

Final situation:

Victory points:
- 6 eliminated Lannister units
- 3 victory targets controlled
- Gregor Clegane taken as prisoner

- 2 eliminated Star units

Red catapults were useless, that’s the fact. But from the other hand, red cavalry of the Stark forces was like a ram, even a pikemen couldn’t stop it. Well, Starks had really lot of luck with rolls, that’s also true. Lannister units lacked of archers – ranged units are always welcome in battles like that. Starks made good use of them instead. Best units of Lannister army were very slow, so they couldn’t change the situation. Pikemen are overrated - they might be useful, but not against red cavalry that has four hits with every attack. So, battle was rather one-sided.

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