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Subject: Published game rss

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Peter Perla
United States
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Has anyone tried to play the game as published?
I tried setting up the 2006 scenario and immediately
Ran into rules oddities. For example, the unit
Description lists Main Force units for Hezbollah
Described as an infantry unit with 4 combat power, but
The set up calls for 5 militia, which also appear to
Use the infantry symbol. But you can only get five
By using the unit shown as main force. Presumably
There are not in fact any such main force units and
All infantry symbols are militia.

Then the instructions call for deploying south of the
Litani river. Seeing as how the Litani is the only
River named, it appears that only the two most
Northerly hexes are NOT south thereof. The comment
that this includes Marjayoum only confuses things,
especially because the rules demand at least two
units per hex. This seems to imply that only the nine
hexes south of the SR missile range line are the
intended deployment.

The rules talk about using a single J3 chit to MOVE
a TF HQ, but what about changing modes? The rule for
the J1 chit say it lets you change mode with one
unit; does an HQ qualify as one unit for this?

There is a comment in 6.3 about the enemy having an
entire turn to act after you pick your own chits. but
given both sides pick simultaneously at turn end
this looks left over from the earlier version of
The rules.

Combat also seems strange. In most cases it looks
like the defender (i.e. the guy in the hex when being
attacked, will have the tactical advantage, giving
the first firefight round. But the second firefight
round explicitly says the defender goes. But it must
actually mean the side that did not have the advantage
in the first round. Even so, if any of the first guy's
units are disrupted in that first round, they become
prime targets for second round attacks, making them
far more likely to be reduced. Even less clear, it
appears that all units in the hex must attack when
it is their round, even if you would prefer not to.
That can be a BIG problem.

Even if the published game has changed some of Brian's
Original rules, certainly legit if not always wise,
it would be nice if the published rules were internally
consistent a least!

Much as I was interested in this game for both
personal and professional reasons, I must sadly
set it aside until the rules are seriously cleaned
up and errata fixed.

Most disappointing.

Take care

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Javier Romero
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Try using the original rules submitted by the game designer:
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Rami S
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For the setup units, see the rules and not the setup instructions printed on the map. As for the Litani river ignore the river that flows along the yellow lines, the one for the medium range, and use the one that flows along the red lines.

What bugged me down the most is the C2 level, can it ever be changed?

Anyhow my next step is to mount the chits that Brian made available and try it out.
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Brian Train
British Columbia
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In the game design I originally submitted (10.62) and the later revision (10.61), a side's C2 level goes down by 1 when a TF HQ is disrupted, and goes back up when the HQ unit recovers.
Effectively this applies more to the Israeli player than the Hez player, since the latter has no HQ units except the Syrian corps HQ if that country intervenes.
One more illustration of one of the relative advantages of having a decentralized C3 system.

Anyway, this all got thrown out by DG (except that, in their uneven editing, they did leave in the C2 level changes due to Decapitation Strikes, rule 11.0, and the Hez C2 limit goes up by 1 if the Syrians intervene).
Rami is right, in the game as it was published there is no way to reduce the Israeli C2 level.

Hope you enjoy the other versions of the game Rami!

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