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Subject: Worship at the Altars of Salt! (Pillar vs Terrah) rss

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New Zealand
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Myself and Meowsqueak had driven to The Ferryman's (affectionately known as Ferrys) to partake in the usual Monday night game fest that takes place there. We showed up just after 8pm, it was to be a Blue Moon evening. Meowsqueak bought the beers and I wiped the tables down; to rid the thought from my mind that I may end up with beer stained cards (argh!).
I was yet to play the Terrah, so took them as my own... while Meowsqueak chose the Pillar (which I was also yet to play). We were playing a return match; so would play with each race once then swap over; total dragons/crystals deciding the winner. We also played with the Allies and Blessings expansions.
I was well laden with Terrah character cards to being and was fortunate enough to be able to keep the element in earth; the Terrah's strength. This allowed me to quickly draw three dragons unto myself. However, we played through nearly the entire remainder of the deck with a dragon being drawn back to the middle; then back to me. I eventually managed to tangle the Pillar up and take the victory; 4 crystals to me. I've recently played with the Flit, Khind and Aqua; so it was satisfying to return to a deck based primarily around the elemental powers of the cards. Pulling out the '7 Earth' card is very pleasing indeed!
During this first game, Timbo and Piko both arrived at the pub; but were without a game to play. Piko had played a bit with Timbo having the game explained to him once before, many months ago. So, myself and Meowsqueak let them play with the board and the dragons while we played with no board and three rather grand salt shakers as our dragons! We found differences in each shaker to distinguish it from the others so to allow the crystal cards in the expansions to still apply. I decided that they would be the Salt Altars; I'm thinking that in the dragon's lairs they must have large sodium chloride build ups... and the people of Blue Moon seem to always be looking for something to worship.
Meowsqueak was tied up through the entire second game with very few character cards. This proved his undoing as I managed to win several fights on strength 2 cards. Piko and Timbo finished their Vulca vs Hoax game next to us, so we took back the board and dragons. I once again was iterating between 1 - 3 dragons on my side. It all finished with one large fight; I had two support cards down, preventing the use of his card's with special text and increasing my elemental powers enough to make 6 fire unattainable.
The Hyla cards were not often used to great effect, nor the crystal cards.
It was an enjoyable game for me with two back-to-back whitewashes; however, it was clear that Meowsqueak's card drawing in the second game was very unlucky and that always detracts a little from the occasion. It was an unexpected positive to have Timbo along and to familiarize himself with the rules. However, it was more Blue Moon goodness and I definitely look forward to the next battle!
I'm sure that never again will those salt shakers have such a grand use!
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