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[Edit: Fixed my data for #103 - 2006-12-02. I had the wrong answer (and wrong end part for the method). That was a puzzle that I was writing the notes on from (faulty) memory. Sorry about that! Kudos to JAD, who discovered the error and let me know on the Tanga blog. The entry is now correct.]

During the first month of Tanga (before they started selling things), I thought it would be nice to start collecting the puzzles, in case I wanted to pass them on to someone outside of the Tanga website. I then realized that would be a better idea if I had an answer guide I could provide. So I've been quasi-obsessive-compulsively detailing all of the answers and how to work through the puzzles to get them.

I've always meant to share this with the interested parties here on BGG. I've just been slack about actually posting. And then I would get a little behind on writing out the solutions, so I would have to spend time catching back up before I could post....

Anyway, I'm finally caught up (though a new puzzle is due to appear in 10 minutes as I type this) and ready to put this information up for all!

(Tanga also kind of forced my hand, in that they have started posting some of the solutions on their site - which I think is great! But they're still quite a ways from having them all, so this information should still be useful to those who want it.)

In looking the document over, I notice that I've become more wordy in my detailing of the solutions (or maybe the solutions have just become more complex to describe). I hope this is in support of clarity, rather than a surplus of redundant or obvious information.

Finally, if you find this helpful and you've got some GeekGold to spare, please feel free to drop something in the tip jar!

"Daily Fun"


#001 - 2006-09-14 - Thursday - porcupine
#002 - 2006-09-15 - Friday - ivory
#003 - 2006-09-16 - Saturday - hamburgers
#004 - 2006-09-17 - Sunday - Marlin
#005 - 2006-09-18 - Monday - diamond
#006 - 2006-09-19 - Tuesday - nine
#007 - 2006-09-20 - Wednesday - opera
#008 - 2006-09-21 - Thursday - Checkers
#009 - 2006-09-22 - Friday - Irving
#010 - 2006-09-23 - Saturday - Tang
#011 - 2006-09-24 - Sunday - oak
#012 - 2006-09-25 - Monday - scorpion
#013 - 2006-09-26 - Tuesday - cramp
#014 - 2006-09-27 - Wednesday - philter
#015 - 2006-09-28 - Thursday - monkey
#016 - 2006-09-29 - Friday - dime
#017 - 2006-09-30 - Saturday - arrow
#018 - 2006-10-01 - Sunday - I
#019 - 2006-10-02 - Monday - motel
#020 - 2006-10-03 - Tuesday - cherry
#021 - 2006-10-04 - Wednesday - crocodile
#022 - 2006-10-05 - Thursday - stereo
#023 - 2006-10-06 - Friday - bra
#024 - 2006-10-07 - Saturday - annoyed
#025 - 2006-10-08 - Sunday - Clarence
#026 - 2006-10-09 - Monday - granola
#027 - 2006-10-10 - Tuesday - leg
#028 - 2006-10-11 - Wednesday - obvious
#029 - 2006-10-12 - Thursday - wombat
#030 - 2006-10-13 - Friday - anticipation
#031 - 2006-10-14 - Saturday - Tanga
#032 - 2006-10-15 - Sunday - flute
#033 - 2006-10-16 - Monday - sodium
#034 - 2006-10-17 - Tuesday - Sephia
#035 - 2006-10-18 - Wednesday - Friendship
#036 - 2006-10-19 - Thursday - pet
#037 - 2006-10-20 - Friday - creature
#038 - 2006-10-21 - Saturday - praline
#039 - 2006-10-22 - Sunday - Underdog
#040 - 2006-10-23 - Monday - crock
#041 - 2006-10-24 - Tuesday - pincher
#042 - 2006-10-25 - Wednesday - moon
#043 - 2006-10-26 - Thursday - employee
#044 - 2006-10-27 - Friday - Bowie
#045 - 2006-10-28 - Saturday - skyline
#046 - 2006-10-29 - Sunday - stranger
#047 - 2006-10-30 - Monday - baseball
#048 - 2006-10-31 - Tuesday - scary
#049 - 2006-11-01 - Wednesday - Myers
#050 - 2006-11-02 - Thursday - sprightly
#051 - 2006-11-03 - Friday - scamper
#052 - 2006-11-04 - Saturday - Naugahyde
#053 - 2006-11-05 - Sunday - salt
#054 - 2006-11-06 - Monday - Frank
#055 - 2006-11-07 - Tuesday - liberty
#056 - 2006-11-08 - Wednesday - Nuggets
#057 - 2006-11-09 - Thursday - cue
#058 - 2006-11-10 - Friday - breathe
#059 - 2006-11-11 - Saturday - archives
#060 - 2006-11-12 - Sunday - igloo
#061 - 2006-11-13 - Monday - rest
#062 - 2006-11-14 - Tuesday - stop
#063 - 2006-11-15 - Wednesday - unified
#064 - 2006-11-16 - Thursday - dragon
#065 - 2006-11-17 - Friday - someday
#066 - 2006-11-18 - Saturday - toad
#067 - 2006-11-19 - Sunday - travesty
#068 - 2006-11-20 - Monday - gnu
#069 - 2006-11-21 - Tuesday - epochs
#070 - 2006-11-22 - Wednesday - iguana
#071 - 2006-11-23 - Thursday - eating
#072 - 2006-11-24 - Friday - automatic
#073 - 2006-11-25 - Saturday - tractor

The First Tanga 24-Hour Puzzlethon!
#074 - 2006-11-26 - 07 PM - #01 - crush
#075 - 2006-11-26 - 08 PM - #02 - Nintendo
#076 - 2006-11-26 - 09 PM - #03 - Ouroboros
#077 - 2006-11-26 - 10 PM - #04 - queen
#078 - 2006-11-26 - 11 PM - #05 - questionable
#079 - 2006-11-27 - 12 AM - #06 - ring
#080 - 2006-11-27 - 01 AM - #07 - cartridge
#081 - 2006-11-27 - 02 AM - #08 - fudge
#082 - 2006-11-27 - 03 AM - #09 - mistake
#083 - 2006-11-27 - 04 AM - #10 - potpourri
#084 - 2006-11-27 - 05 AM - #11 - young
#085 - 2006-11-27 - 06 AM - #12 - spider
#086 - 2006-11-27 - 07 AM - #13 - egg
#087 - 2006-11-27 - 08 AM - #14 - scram
#088 - 2006-11-27 - 09 AM - #15 - Maine
#089 - 2006-11-27 - 10 AM - #16 - harpoon
#090 - 2006-11-27 - 11 AM - #17 - soprano
#091 - 2006-11-27 - 12 PM - #18 - catacomb
#092 - 2006-11-27 - 01 PM - #19 - manger
#093 - 2006-11-27 - 02 PM - #20 - ink
#094 - 2006-11-27 - 03 PM - #21 - seaside
#095 - 2006-11-27 - 04 PM - #22 - delicious
#096 - 2006-11-27 - 05 PM - #23 - lament
#097 - 2006-11-27 - 06 PM - #24 - tangerines

#098 - 2006-11-27 - Monday - sweet
#099 - 2006-11-28 - Tuesday - holster
#100 - 2006-11-29 - Wednesday - genius
#101 - 2006-11-30 - Thursday - shampoo
#102 - 2006-12-01 - Friday - colt
#103 - 2006-12-02 - Saturday - audio
#104 - 2006-12-03 - Sunday - blip
#105 - 2006-12-04 - Monday - god
#106 - 2006-12-05 - Tuesday - ledge
#107 - 2006-12-06 - Wednesday - kindness
#108 - 2006-12-07 - Thursday - glamour
#109 - 2006-12-08 - Friday - Woodstock
#110 - 2006-12-09 - Saturday - belfry
#111 - 2006-12-10 - Sunday - unearth
#112 - 2006-12-11 - Monday - goat
#113 - 2006-12-12 - Tuesday - spades
#114 - 2006-12-13 - Wednesday - taffy
#115 - 2006-12-14 - Thursday - blog
#116 - 2006-12-15 - Friday - martini


#001 - 2006-09-14 - Thursday - porcupine (poor + Q + pine cone - cone)

#002 - 2006-09-15 - Friday - ivory (the product names start with every letter except i-o-r-v-y)

#003 - 2006-09-16 - Saturday - hamburgers (Warhol-Dali-Monet-Rembrandt-Rubens-Rockwell-Goya-Michealangelo-Miro-Picasso)

#004 - 2006-09-17 - Sunday - Marlin (Nebraska postal abbreviation is NE, Missouri's is MO, (Finding) NEMO's father was Marlin)

#005 - 2006-09-18 - Monday - diamond (spatula-patio-radio-di+almond-diamond)

#006 - 2006-09-19 - Tuesday - nine (using the non-"TANGA" letters gives you FOUR PLUS FIVE)

#007 - 2006-09-20 - Wednesday - opera (use "Cleopatra", use the last number of each set of three unless it is the least of the three; 314=O (cleOpatra), 752=nothing (because 2 is the lowest of the three numbers))

#008 - 2006-09-21 - Thursday - Checkers (count the number of times the word for each picture ("none"/nun, "some"/sum, "all"/awl) appears in the paragraph; that tells you which letter to use under the picture, which gives you DOG; Checkers was the name of Richard Nixon's dog; also, the background is checkered)

#009 - 2006-09-22 - Friday - Irving (remove all the letters that are in BLUE or YELLOW - BLUEYOW)

#010 - 2006-09-23 - Saturday - Tang (using the letters on the pictures that are NOT flipped/reversed gives you ASTRONAUT PUNCH, which refers to Tang brand drink mix)

#011 - 2006-09-24 - Sunday - oak (1 earth A - 2 shoes C - 3 kings O - 4 seasons R - 5 fingers N - 6 cans (six-pack) T - 7 (cardinal) sins R - 8 slices E - 9 lives E = ACORN TREE)

#012 - 2006-09-25 - Monday - scorpion (take the first letter of each word; a clue is that not all of the colors are represented)

#013 - 2006-09-26 - Tuesday - cramp (form-insure-promote-secure-ordain; 3rd letter of "secure" to 1 C, 5th letter of "insure" to 2 R, 4th letter of "ordain" to 3 A, etc.)

#014 - 2006-09-27 - Wednesday - philter (counting the spots on the faces gives FIRST BOOK OF BIBLE = Genesis, which is also a "pop music act" with "prominent members" PHIL collins and peTER gabriel = PHILTER; note that the "p" and "e" are not repeated, as you use "the different letters")

#015 - 2006-09-28 - Thursday - monkey (the only pictures not repeated are the MONK and the KEY; the "You know it brother!" helps you identify the picture as a monk, and the bananas help you put them together to get MONKEY)

#016 - 2006-09-29 - Friday - dime ("second" is repeated several times in the text; if you take the second letter of Jerachnid's words, you get TEN CENT COIN, which in the U.S. is a dime)

#017 - 2006-09-30 - Saturday - arrow (coat-cot=A, crane-cane=R, crab-cab=R, boat-bat=O, wheel-heel=W, which is ARROW; it provides "direction" plus, "burlap" is often used for archery targets)

#018 - 2006-10-01 - Sunday - I (the letter in the middle of "SIX" (6) is "I," which is a word)

#019 - 2006-10-02 - Monday - motel (take the next-to-last letters from each of the five words and then anagram the letters)

#020 - 2006-10-03 - Tuesday - cherry (the line on the symbol on Jerome's shirt suggests that you should read from the lower-right corner to the upper-left, which gives you RED FRUIT WITH PIT)

#021 - 2006-10-04 - Wednesday - crocodile (put the words of the pictures CRAB-ROCKET-IPOD-TILE into the spaces and then use just the ones on the white circles)

#022 - 2006-10-05 - Thursday - stereo (count the places of each of the gaps and then use that number to determine which letter of MONSTER to use; so it's 4-5-6-7-6-2; or course, you "listen to" a STEREO)

#023 - 2006-10-06 - Friday - bra (Abraham Lincoln is missing from the five-dollar bill; the capital of Nebraska is Lincoln (see puzzle #004, 2006-09-17), the 3rd-4th-5th letters of Nebraska are BRA)

#024 - 2006-10-07 - Saturday - annoyed (none of the letters will disappear, as it's a single picture; anagram the seven letters)

#025 - 2006-10-08 - Sunday - Clarence (the monster is saying "ampersandsemicolonexclamationpoint"; use the numbers to determine which letters of that to use to form the answer)

#026 - 2006-10-09 - Monday - granola (determine the name of each picture and then use that letter (third, second, etc.) of the word; ciGar-bRead-kayAk-kNife-broOm-ruLer-trAin)

#027 - 2006-10-10 - Tuesday - leg (pair the 14 items so that each pair relates to a body part; alphabetize the body parts and "leg" is the middle one: EYE-hurricane-needle, HAND-clock-poker, HEAD-pin-bed, LEG-journey-table, MOUTH-river-jar, NECK-sweater-bottle, TOOTH-saw-gear)

#028 - 2006-10-11 - Wednesday - obvious (like the creature says, the answer is "OBVIOUS"; plus, the circles represent the "O", it's a "B" meter, and the candy canes form a "V"...)

#029 - 2006-10-12 - Thursday - wombat (remove the last three words of "What am I supposed to do?" and you have the WOMBAT saying "What am I?")

#030 - 2006-10-13 - Friday - anticipation (this was the last puzzle (of 30) before the official launch of the site; each of the pictures was from one of the previous 29 puzzles; the new picture (3 in and 3 down) has the following words on its axes: ANT-ICI-PAT-ION)

#031 - 2006-10-14 - Saturday - Tanga (Originally, there was no puzzle, as Tanga was preparing for its commercial debut. They later changed their site and put up the option to type the name of the site ("Tanga") to get a Tanga Point. That's not exactly a puzzle, but it's what the entry was for this date.)

#032 - 2006-10-15 - Sunday - flute (the clues are all birds: flaming-o, (b)eagle, toucan (two can), turkey, wren (the first two-thirds of "wrench") - put them in order on the crossword grid and use the highlighted letters)

#033 - 2006-10-16 - Monday - sodium (the last flag is the clue/codebreaker; read all of the letters in blue, followed by all of the letters in white and then all the letters in red - which gives you TABLE SALT METAL; table salt is sodium chloride)

#034 - 2006-10-17 - Tuesday - Sephia (each of the pictures on the bottom is made up of two of the top pictures; take the letter between those two top pictures; lupin/lupine=lou(the cop)-pin=K, catcher=cat-cher=I, Pinky(of Pinky & The Brain)=pin-key=A, hamster=ham-stair=M, dolphin=doll-fin=O, Kiefer(Sutherland)=key-fur=D, captain=cap-ten(10)=E, tentacle=ten-tackle(box)=L; which gives you KIA MODEL and then you Google all the different models and find out the answer is a past model (SEPHIA))

#035 - 2006-10-18 - Wednesday - Friendship (the picture is a stamp, which is supposed to suggest that the numbers are postal (ZIP) codes; each of them is for a city by the name of Washington, except 04547, which is Friendship, Maine - you get all these cities by Googling the numbers and "zip code" or "postal code" - since Washington is X-ed out, you want the non-Washington answer: Friendship)

#036 - 2006-10-19 - Thursday - pet (draw lines that connect items that start with the same letter - first with "A" then "S" then "K" (from "ASK!" in the clue); going apple-anvil-axe-ahnk-arch-Alaska-ant-armadillo-ark-alligator draws a P; going seven-star-soup-skate-sun-(sock-stamp)-spider-snowman-Santa-snail gives you an E; and kiwi-koala-(ketchup)-king-knot-kangaroo-KoolAid gives you a T)

#037 - 2006-10-20 - Friday - creature ("who could use" is the clue; you need the names of the professions that use the items: palette-artist, wrench-plumber, tractor-farmer, handsaw-carpenter, mop bucket-janitor, stethoscope-doctor; then work out how these have to go into the crossword puzzle: the "across" words are "artist" and "carpenter", the "down" words are "farmer", "doctor", "plumber" and then "janitor"; then just put the selected letters in numbered order)

#038 - 2006-10-21 - Saturday - praline (the answers to the clues are pesto-tornado-double-bleach-china-names-escape, note that there is overlap in letters between each, so the letters to put on the circles are pestornadoubleachinamescape, and then the letters on pink circles spell "praline")

#039 - 2006-10-22 - Sunday - Underdog (the answers to the clues all have "over" or "under" in them; the rest of the words are in the columns of letters; so "Girl toss" = "underhand" and "hand" is in column #11 with a "C" under it, so the first letter is C; then the following answers are overdrive-A, undermine-N, overtake-I (column #3), undertaker-N (column #9), underwear-E, underscore-S, overstate-U, overeat-P, underbelly-E, undercoat-R, understand-H, oversight-E, undertow-R, overshoe-O; which gives you CANINE SUPERHERO = Underdog -

#040 - 2006-10-23 - Monday - crock (the answer clues are all names: Brad-Peg-John-Chuck-Mark-Buck-Sandy-Rod-Olive-Graham(Gram)-Bill-Sue)

#041 - 2006-10-24 - Tuesday - pincher (the "something you might find in your pocket" is a penny and all the clues refer to the back (the "tails" side); the numbers (answers) tell you which letters of "NICE REAL ELEPHANT" to use; there are 12 columns on the building = P, 2 Cs (America, cent) = I, 1 couch (stateSOFAmerica) = N, removing the C from cent gives Ent and Scrabble value is 3 = C, 13 latin letters = H, 6 words that are not latin = E, 5 letters in Brian (Eno is one in reverse) = R)

#042 - 2006-10-25 - Wednesday - moon (each of the pictures is a rebus for a sign of the zodiac: cancer-libra-sagittarius-scorpio-virgo-capricorn-taurus-gemini-pisces-aries-leo-aquarius; you then have to put the signs into traditional chronological order: aries-taurus-gemini-cancer-leo-virgo-libra-scorpio-sagittarius-capricorn-aquarius-pisces; and then write the letters associated with each sign (in that order) - opluxerfrbouisrgpmguvertspcthestranbtpyeghlimlerisctope - and then take every first letter of three ("yup-nope-nope"); you get "ourbiggestsatellite" which is the moon)

#043 - 2006-10-26 - Thursday - employee (draw a grid 12 wide and three high, write the answers to the clues in the 12 columns of your grid: Cub-ole-Loa-log-ill-eye-EPA(terrible clue for this, by the way)-foe-mop-ade-ply(as in 3-ply toilet paper)-sex; you'll see the words COLLIE, POODLE, and BEAGLE in the grid; cross those out (as they are "leaving") and then apply the "Fliponacci sequence" to the remaining letters, working left-to-right, top-to-bottom; so you get E from column #7, M from #9, P from #11, L from #2, O from #4, Y from #6, E from #8, and E from #10)

#044 - 2006-10-27 - Friday - Bowie (the words that fit in the crossword puzzle are the ones the Student says after "That would require"; after all, the Master said the Student would have to come up with the definitions AND what the student said was "Exactly" right; so the across words are, from top to bottom: truly-too-much-intense, and the down words are, from left to right: far-yours-thinking-for; then fill in the letters for each of the colors around the edge - starting with black, since that's not in the puzzle; so the gray is C and the dark green in H and the peach is I, etc., which gives you the clue CHINA GIRL SINGER; "China Girl" was a song by (David) Bowie)

#045 - 2006-10-28 - Saturday - skyline (you may guess just by looking at the pictures, but the solution is: identify the pictured cities - ROW 1 - Cairo-Berlin-Taos (NOTE: When first posted, "Berlin" was a picture of "Shanghai" (whoops!); fortunately some folks were able to figure out it had to be Berlin and the puzzle was eventually corrected), ROW 2 - Boston-Kathmandu-Paris, ROW 3 - Tokyo-Dallas-Kyoto; the answers to the clues are formed by using the last letter(s) of the first city name and the first letter(s) of the second city name on either side of the clue number; so for clue #1 ("Garment"), you have caiRO-BErlin for ROBE, for #2 ("Fuzz") you have berLIN-Taos for LINT, and so on: ROB-LINK-SPAR-TONKA-UP-TONTO-DUD-RISKY-YODA-ASK; you *then* organize those answers alphabetically and put them into the columns of the crossword-like grid (the length of the answers should clue you in to the need to rearrange them), and then the lit/yellow squares give you the letters that are an *anagram* of SKYLINE)

#046 - 2006-10-29 - Sunday - stranger (find all of the six-letter words in the quote - tattoo-washer-engine-laurel-victor-enzyme; write them in order of appearance vertically (in the columns) of the grid; you'll then see that row 1 spells TWELVE and row 4 spells THIRTY; ignore those two "numbered" rows and then pick out the letters you need based on where the colored blocks are; the author's first name comes from AANOR and is AARON (Weissblum, the creator of these puzzles); the answer comes from the anagram of ATSGNER and is STRANGE)

#047 - 2006-10-30 - Monday - baseball (all of the clues can be solved with "ease" and adding a number of letters equal to the dots for the clue: Tease-GRease-PLease-RELease-easeL-WeaseL-eRaseR-easTeR-FeasTeD-BeCaUse-HeaRse-Lease; note that the first six and the last one "have a certain elegance," in that all the extra letters come before or after "ease"; then take the letters you added (which all come from the top line of letters at the bottom of the picture) to get the clue answers and read the letters under them (in the second line) - so the "T" from "Tease" gives you "Y", the "GR" from "GRease" gives you "OU", etc.; you end up with YOU HIT BART'S DAD IN THIS GAME; this is a reference to "The Simpsons" TV show, and "Bart's dad" is "Homer"; and one hits a homer in BASEBALL)

#048 - 2006-10-31 - Tuesday - scary (Note that this was the Halloween puzzle; the text in the middle refers to the text in the middle of the 2006-09-15 puzzle, which read "arrange the unrepresented to make something white" and had you look at brand names that each started with a different letter to find out which letters weren't represented; so now "un" becomes "over" and we lose the "white", which gives us "arrange the overrepresented to make something"; you will find there are 10 objects that start with the same letter as another object: Strawberry-Slinky, Cow-Cat, Astronaut-Apple, Rooster-Robot, and Yanni-Yoke; those five first letters are an anagram for SCARY; interesting red herring: if you take all the (mostly) white items - Hippo-Astronaut-Igloo-Robot-Ghost-Eye-License - you get HAIR GEL (well, I saw it, anyway!); here are the identifications of all the letters: Astronaut-Apple-Bananas-Cow-Cat-Dragon-Eye-Frog-Ghost-Hippo-Igloo-Joker-Kazoo-License-Mittens-Noose-Octopus-Pig-Quarter-Rooster-Robot-Strawberry-Slinky-Teepee-Umbrella-Vampire-Witch-Xray-Yanni-Yoke-Zipper)

#049 - 2006-11-01 - Wednesday - Myers (the answers to all the clues are have "Doctor" as part of the name: Kid's author-Seuss, Murphy character-Dolittle, Sellers character-Strangelove, Rapper-Dre, Sexpert-Ruth, Shoe brand-Scholls, Baby guy-Spock, Wacky DJ-Demento, 1965 film-Zhivago, Beverage-Pepper; these are worked into the crossword; "down" left-to-right: Seuss-Ruth-Zhivago-Dolittle-Demento-Spock; "across" top-to-bottom: Dre-Scholls-Pepper-Strangelove; putting the letters from the numbered boxes in numerical order gives you DR EVIL ACTOR, who was played by Michael MYERS)

#050 - 2006-11-02 - Thursday - sprightly (this puzzle can't be solved without reference to the previous day's Tanga puzzle blog - - (you might still have difficulty, as users can change their names) - "I just found out about the blog yesterday"; the clues are for user names that posted comments to the blog entry: #1 (president=w + imitations=fakes) = Fawkes, #2 (big shirt=XL + or + beginning of petticoat=p) = Xlorp, #3 (invented the internet=Gore + last letter=Z) = Gozer, #4 ($100 bill=Benjamin (Franklin) + 10=X(Roman numeral)) = benjaminx, #5 (swamp=bog + study=den) = Bogden, #6 (show got messed up afther) = Thosw, #7 (part of opera=overture>over antonym=under) = underture, #8 (U are, but what am I) = uloser (this user changed their name, so it wasn't there; xlorp or glsonn can also be used to get the final puzzle answer), #9 (tag + uu + why) = whutaguy; you then take the letter numbered for each clue: the 6th letter of Fawkes is S, the 5th letter of xlorp is P, etc.)

#051 - 2006-11-03 - Friday - scamper (each of the pictures is paired with one of the word clues to make a flower name: car (picture) + "country" (nation) = CARNATION, crow (picture) + "swear" (cuss) = CROCUS, "fine partner" (dandy) + lion (picture) = DANDELION, lye (picture) + "be without" (lack) = LILAC, Mary (picture) + "dense metal" (gold) = MARIGOLD, pan (picture) + "after Y" (Z) = PANSIE, "2" + lip (picture) = TULIP; you then alphabetize the flower names and then use the code to find the letters: 26 - the 6th letter of the 2nd word (crocus) is S, 45 - the 5th letter of the 4th word (lilac) is C, etc.)

#052 - 2006-11-04 - Saturday - Naugahyde (the answers to the first five clues are put in rows in the provided grid: meats-aloha-beret-akron-fruit; the bottom 10 clues are all answered with directions: up-right-up-up-up-right-right-down-down-left; you then start at the letter in the white circle (F from FRUIT) and move in the directions given: up to A (in Akron), right to K, up to E (in beret), up to L (in aloha), etc.; this gives you FAKE LEATHER and will tell you "The most well-known brand name of pleather is Naugahyde")

#053 - 2006-11-05 - Sunday - salt (the five clues at the bottom give you names of Pepperidge Farm "Distinctive Cookies": Milano-Bordeaux-Chessmen-Brussels-Geneva - see - this is supposed to clue you in to "Pepperidge"; take the first six letters of that - "Pepper" - and the partner is "SALT"

#054 - 2006-11-06 - Monday - Frank (the picture is the clue: you are looking for the letters that are between two eyes/"I"s; that gives you M (Limited), N (determining), N (administration), T (critical), S (promising), D (ridiculous), D (idiot); plugging those letters into the ?s in that order will give you MOON UNIT'S DAD; Moon Unit is the name of FRANK Zappa's daughter)

#055 - 2006-11-07 - Tuesday - liberty (identify each of the pictured items: Texas, tuba, Ukraine, in-law, helmet, ant, otter, church; then take the first and last letters of each of those words: ts-ta-ue-iw-ht-at-or-ch (no, I don't think there's really any clue to tell you to take those letters of each word; it's just trial-and-error?); the arrows then tell you whether to start with the first (right-pointing arrow) or the last (left-pointing arrow) letter of each of the pairs; since the first arrow is left-pointing, you start with the "s" of Texas's "ts"; continuing gives you st-at-ue-wi-th-at-or-ch, or STATUE WITH A TORCH, which would be The Statue of LIBERTY)

#056 - 2006-11-08 - Wednesday - Nuggets (the key clue words in the text are "initial, "change," and "possible (first purchases)"; you have to take the first initials of the items you can buy with the coins you have (pictured in the backgrounds) without making change; the coin values left-to-right, top-to-bottom are: 25 cents (quarter), 50 cents (half-dollar), 1 cent (penny), 1 dollar (Sacajawea dollar), 5 cents (nickel), 10 cents (dime), 1 cent (penny), 10 cents (dime), 1 dollar (Susan B. Anthony dollar); rearranged, that is: $1.00 + $1.00 + 0.50 + 0.25 + 0.10 + 0.10 + 0.05 + 0.01 + 0.01; so you can spend the following amounts without making change: $1.02, $2.77, $0.51, $3.02, $1.95, $1.07; taking the first initials of each of the words for each of those items gives you BALL TEAM IN MINT CITY; you then get Wikipedia to tell you where the U.S. Mint facilities are located - - and then Google each of those cities to find sports team names; you keep trying to plug those in until you write "Nuggets" (from Denver, Colorado))

#057 - 2006-11-09 - Thursday - cue (the answers to the seven clues at the bottom are all related, in that they are all names of games: Monopoly-Othello-Sorry-Uno-Cranium-Risk-Twister; you then follow the number code, such as Monopoly has 231772, which means that the 2nd letter ("O") is the 3rd letter in the first word of the clue AND the 7th letter ("L") is the 7th letter of the 2nd word of the clue; doing that for all the game names gives you SNOOKER UTENSIL, which is a CUE)

#058 - 2006-11-10 - Friday - breathe (spell out the words that are created by sounding out the individual letters: bee-are-pea-jay-tea-why-see (some other variant words will work (be, pee, tee), but some won't (sea)); then take the numbered letter from each word - so the 1st letter of "bee" is "B" and the 2nd letter of "are" is "R" and the 2nd letter of "pea" is "E" and so on until you get BREATHE)

#059 - 2006-11-11 - Saturday - archives (the key words in the text are "shrink" and "dispensing"; you are dis-pens-ing, in that you are removing "pens" from all of the crossword answers: "sharpens" becomes "shar", "compensate"-"comate", "suspense"-"suse", "expensive"-"exive", "pension"-"ion", "ripens"-"ri", "Pensacola"-"acola", "pensive"-"ive"; you then put the "shrunk" answers into the crossword: Across, Top-To-Bottom = ion-acola-exive-suse-ri; Down, Left-To-Right = shar-comate-ive; you then take the letters on the numbered squares (in numbered order) to get ARCHIVES)

#060 - 2006-11-12 - Sunday - igloo (the answer to each of the five clues at the bottom can be found by taking one letter from each of the colors above - no anagrams are necessary - so a "stranger" is an "alien" ("a" from "orange", "l" from purple, "i" from "violet", etc.); that gives you the words alien-green-ruler-opera-groin; you then take the numbered (3-1-3-1-3) letters from each of those words - the 3rd letter of "alien" is I, the 1st letter of "green" is G, the 3rd letter of "ruler" is L, etc. - which gives you IGLOO)

#061 - 2006-11-13 - Monday - rest (the clues are the word "Finally" and the spiral graphic; you are to take the last (final) letter of each of the objects starting from the bottom-right (southeast) corner and travelling in a clockwise spiral; this gives you dresS-perU-bomB-everesT-staR-chinA-picniC-doughnuT-braiN-evE-cheF-peaR-polO-possuM-chesS-coW, or SUBTRACT NE FROM SW; the northeast picture is Eve and the southwest picture is Everest; thus (Eve)rest; REST)

#062 - 2006-11-14 - Tuesday - stop (the tiles need to be arranged to create letters; the easiest way to do this is to print them out in color and then cut them out; first, arrange the tiles with the red numbers, matching the numbers - just the red ones - to each other (so the tile with the red 8 on the left side will go to the right of the tile with the red 8 on the right side); the tiles should create the letter "S"; then arrange the tiles by the yellow numbers to get "T", and the blue/aqua numbers to get "O", and the black numbers to get "P" = STOP)

#063 - 2006-11-15 - Wednesday - unified (this is another spatial arrangement puzzle, like yesterday's, so it's probably best to print out the puzzle and then cut out the shapes formed by the Xs at the bottom (the ones over the numbers); those shapes fit together, Tetris-like, to cover all the letters in the grid (note that you do not need to rotate the shapes - keep each one in the same orientation as they are on the puzzle!); the letters covered by each shape are an anagram of a country; you then take the letter number of that country's name and use it to form the word that is the answer (this answer word does not need to be anagrammed; it's in the same order as the X-grids/numbers at the bottom, left-to-right-and-top-to-bottom; so, the solution: the first shape (the seven Xs over the 6) covers the last four letters of the first row (BEMU) and the last letter of the second row (G) and the last two letters of the third row (IL); those letters are an anagram for BELGIUM and the 6th letter in Belgium is U; the second shape (the seven Xs over the second 6) covers the first and third letters of the third row (RY) and the first three letters of the fourth row (GAN) and the first two letters of the fifth row (ME); those letters give you GERMANY and the 6th letter of that is N; the third shape (the five xs over the 1) covers the lower right corner and AYTIL gives you ITALY and the first letter is I; the fourth shape covers the upper left corner and gives you FRANCE for F; the fifth shape (five Xs over a 4) covers the third and fifth letters of the sixth row (PS) and the third, fourth, and fifth letters of the seventh row (NAI), giving you SPAIN and thus I; the sixth shape goes in the lower left corner and gives you DENMARK for E; and the final shape covers the remaining 11 letters (ZW-R-LSE-IDAT-N) for SWITZERLAND and the 11th letter is D; so you have U-N-I-F-I-E-D)

#064 - 2006-11-16 - Thursday - dragon (Strongbad is a character on the website and he answers email in short, allegedly humorous animated movies; you can see email #37 (one of the ones referenced in this puzzle) at - the other emails can be watched by replacing "37" in the preceding URL with the number in the clue (#1 will be "1", not "01"); you're supposed to watch the videos and listen for the clue phrase so that you can determine the missing word (represented by the x and o's), but you can more quickly search Google with "Strongbad" and the words of the clue; once you determine the missing word, you take the letter represented by the "x" in the clue; the answers are: Dollar-populaR-peAnut-orGans-awesOme-kNife, which gives you DRAGON; NOTE: my Google search for #37 gave me "generiC reality show", which threw me off; it was only by watching the video that I got "populaR reality show"; FUN NOTE: The background of this puzzle is a very subtle picture of Strongbad)

#065 - 2006-11-17 - Friday - someday (the clues give answers that are homonyms for classical composers; you then take the numbered letter of each name to spell out the answer word; so the answers are: Schubert(from "Shoo Bert," with "S" being letter #1 in the name)-chOpin(from "Show Pan," with "O" being letter #3 in the name)-Mozart("Moats Art")-bEethoven("Bait Oven")-hanDel("Handle")-bArtok("Bar Talk")-haYden("Hidin'"), which gives you SOMEDAY)

#066 - 2006-11-18 - Saturday - toad (this was a very tough puzzle, with many people guessing the answer based on the background picture but not knowing how to solve it; the puzzle-maker eventually apologized and gave clues TWICE! You have to interpret "Silently" to mean "without words"; that leaves you with "punctuation" (the general answer) and "comma" "comma" "period" (the specific answer); you then put those answers together and take the letters that fall on the Qs at the bottom of the puzzle: puncTuationcOmmacommAperioD, which gives you TOAD)

#067 - 2006-11-19 - Sunday - travesty (each of the clues has two parts, and each answer is the first part, which has the letter "a" followed by the second part; so for "compensate for a sound," "a sound" is a tone and "atone" means "compensate for; so the clue answers are: atone-atop-away-averse-avoid-about-ajar-apart; you then arrange those words in alphabetical order: about-ajar-apart-atone-atop-averse-avoid-away; and plug them in order starting at 12 o'clock - that is, the line with the "7" circle - and then going clockwise; all of the words will start with the "a" in the middle; you then take the numbered letters in order to get TRAVESTY)

#068 - 2006-11-20 - Monday - gnu (all of the clues give two-letter answers: to-id-or-we-us-al-if-as-at-mu-hi-go-so-by; you then take each of those answers, in order, and apply them to the letter grid like a multiplication table, where the vowel will be on the top row and the consonant will be in the first column; for example, for "to" you find the "T" in the first column (the "TPCLEAN" row) and then go over to the "O" column (from the first row), this gives you the "E" from "TPCLEAN"; doing that for each of the answers gives you: EXIST-ATOP-AWAKE; you then need to see those as clues and come up with two letter answers: BE-ON-UP; you then apply those answers to the grid in the same way as before and come up with GNU)

#069 - 2006-11-21 - Tuesday - epochs (first, identify all of the pictures: cake-xylophone-elephant-nickel-iron-apple-goat-hand-rose-owl-elephant-lion-camel; each chit with a picture that starts with a letter in HEXAGON goes into the hexagon and each that starts with a letter in CIRCLE goes in the circle; so the hexagon has Hand-Elephant-Xylophone-Apple-Goat-Owl-Nickel and the circle has Cake-Iron-Rose-Camel-Lion-Elephant; note that there are two "Elephant" chits and one goes in each container; then, for each color in each shape/container, you count up the number of chits and then use the grid like a multiplication table, much like you did on yesterday's puzzle; so, in the hexagon, there are four yellow chits (Apple-Goat-Owl-Nickel), which means that in the second row of the grid (HYSACE) - HY stands for Hexagon-Yellow - you go to the column under "4" (for the four chits) and get the letter E; the hexagon has two red chits (Hand-Xylophone), which means that in the third row of the grid (HRTPAL) - HR stands for Hexagon-Red - you go to the column under "2" (for the two chits) and get the letter P; and so on to get EPOCHS)

#070 - 2006-11-22 - Wednesday - iguana (if you do as the instructions say, you will have a 5x5 grid with the following five rows - ABCDE-FGHIJ-KLMNO-PQRST-UVWXY - and a die with "6" showing will be on the P, a die with the "5" showing will be on the U, and a die with the "4" showing on the V; the trick is that whenever the puzzle asks for a "#" the dice will be part of a 2x2 grid and the "#" will be the spot that doesn't have a die on it - this is what the figure in the puzzle is showing; for example, at the start, the space in the 2x2 grid (PQ-UV) without a die is "Q" (but since there is no "#" at the start, the Q is not part of the answer); the instructions then tell you which die to move (by the number showing - 4, 5, or 6) and the direction to move it - N(orth), E(ast), S(outh), or W(est); IMPORTANT: if a die is being moved to a space that already has a die, the moving die will *push* the second die; so the first line of moving instructions tell you to move the 5 die North (from U to P, which will move the 6 die from P to K), then to move it East (P to Q), then move the 6 die East (from K to L), then move the 4 die North (from V to Q, which pushes the 5 die from Q to L and the 6 die from L to G), then move the 4 die North AGAIN (from Q to L, which pushes the 5 die from L to G and the 6 die from G to B), then move the 4 die East (from L to M) and then North (from M to H) and then West (from H to G, which moves the 5 die from G to F); this gives a 2x2 grid (AB-FG) where the exposed letter (the "#") is A (since the 6 die is on the B and the 5 die is on the F and the 4 die is on the G); so "A" is the first letter; you then continue following the instructions to ultimately get ANAUGI; the instructions then tell you to "reflect," like in a mirror, which means you should read the letters backwards - IGUANA)

#071 - 2006-11-23 - Thursday - eating (this puzzle appeared on the Thanksgiving holiday; the crossword puzzle needs "Thank You" in the various languages ("thankyou"-USA, "merci"-France, "danke"-Germany, "arigato"-Japan, "grazie"-Italy, "gracias"-Spain; the "across" answers in the crossword, from top to bottom, are danke-grazie-thankyou-arigato and the "down" answers, from left to right, are gracias-merci; you then take the letters on the numbered squares, in order, to get EATING, which, for some, is what Thanksgiving is "all about")

#072 - 2006-11-24 - Friday - automatic (you need to cut out the squares and then arrange them in a 4x4 grid so that the matching sides spell the name of an animal; the top row will read PONY-FROG-TOAD, the second row GULL-BOAR-FISH, the third row WORM-WOLF-GOAT, and the fourth row SEAL-WASP-NEWT; once you have the grid, you need to read the letters in the middle of each piece, left-to-right and top-to-bottom, which gives you "ALPHABETIZE INNER 4"; the inner four animals are BOAR-PUMA-TICK-WOLF, or BOARPUMATICKWOLF; you then use the numbers in the puzzle to determine which letters to take; the 3rd letter of BOARPUMATICKWOLF is A, the 6th is U, the 9th is T, the 14th is O, and the 7th-8th-9th-10th-11th are MATIC, which gives you AUTOMATIC)

#073 - 2006-11-25 - Saturday - tractor (some people got the answer because the colors green and yellow are used by John Deere (similar to "Dear John"), a well-know manufacturer of tractors and farm equipment; the puzzle references "Dear John" letters, which are used to end a relationship, and the use of the word "former" suggests "ex," as in ex-boyfriend, ex-wife, etc.; it turns out that all of the answers to the clues make other words if you add "ex" to the beginning; a "Camping shelter" is a "tent" which becomes "extent" which fits the six spaces (AABAAA), "Dessert wine" is "port" which becomes "export", and then the following answers are (ex)act-(ex)crete-(ex)toll-(ex)pound-(ex)press; you then take the letters that fall on the B spaces in the answers to get TRACTOR)

The First Tanga 24-Hour Puzzlethon!

#074 - 2006-11-26 - 07 PM - #01 - crush (all of the pictures are of three-letter words with "at" at the end: Cat-Rat-Uat(it's the Greek letter Tau, but it's printed backwards so you will spell it backwards)-Sat(Scholastic Aptitude Test)-Hat; the "slide one letter to the right" text is about the title of the puzzle: if you slide the "T" in "NOT" to the right, you get "NO 'AT' PUZZLE," telling you to ignore the "at"s in each of the answers, which leaves you with CRUSH)

#075 - 2006-11-26 - 08 PM - #02 - Nintendo (it helps to think of video games and to work through the various consecutive number options: onetwo, twothree, threefour, etc.; with a little luck, "nineten" will ring a bell and you will remove the "e" from "nine" and add a verb ("do") on the end to get NINTENDO)

#076 - 2006-11-26 - 09 PM - #03 - Ouroboros (you have to put the 10 words into the list so that the number of spaces (Xs and numbers) matches and so that each two consecutive words form a recognizable phrase: ice-house-work-horse-power-grid-lock-jaw-bone-dry(-and then back to "ice"); you then take the letters on the numbered spaces, in order, to spell OUROBOROS, the name of the snake that is eating itself - thus, the cyclical puzzle)

#077 - 2006-11-26 - 10 PM - #04 - queen (this was the first puzzle of the puzzlethon that was hard for a lot of people; if you cut the pieces out and put them together, you get a complete rectangle with the words "KANGAROO KEN COBB IS HOPPIN THROUGH THE DARK NIGHT, NEITHER PAW NOR TAIL MAKIN GROUND CONTACT"; if you keep the letters in order, but change the spacing, you get: "KANGA *ROOK* ENCOB *BISHOP* PINTHROUGHTHEDAR *KNIGHT*, NEITHER *PAWN* ORTAILMA *KING* ROUND CONTACT"; so the "missing (chess) piece" is the QUEEN)

#078 - 2006-11-26 - 11 PM - #05 - questionable (you need to arrange the words into known past American advertising slogans that fit the spaces of the Xs and numbers: BUILT FORD TOUGH - GILLETTE THE BEST A MAN CAN GET - PLEASE DON'T SQUEEZE THE CHARMIN - SILLY RABBIT TRIX ARE FOR KIDS; you then take the letters on the numbered spaces, in order, to spell QUESTIONABLE)

#079 - 2006-11-27 - 12 AM - #06 - ring (a "restless stroll" is a BORED WALK, or BOARDWALK, which is the highest value property on the American Monopoly board and it goes with PARK PLACE ("a place that starts with P"); they are the dark blue properties (thus, "the blues"); in between the two properties is the Luxury Tax space, which has a picture of a RING ("what you see"))

#080 - 2006-11-27 - 01 AM - #07 - cartridge (it's a simple rebus, though you may have to think a bit for the second part; the first picture is a (shopping) CART and the second picture is a RIDGE; put them together for CARTRIDGE)

#081 - 2006-11-27 - 02 AM - #08 - fudge (you need to find the seven rectangular picture pieces from the "frames" in the seven previous puzzles of the puzzlethon; the first rectangle is filled with "DV" from puzzle #1 (7 PM); second with "CE" from puzzle #6 (12 AM); third with "TH" from #4 (10 PM); fourth with "RE" from #2 (8 PM); fifth with "ET" from #5 (11 PM); sixth with "BY" from #7 (1 AM); and seventh with "ON" from #3 (9 PM); this gives you "ADVANCE THE RED LETTERS BY ONE"; the "red letters" are from the "frame" in puzzle #3 (9 PM) and are "ETCFD"; if you take the next letter for each, you end up with FUDGE)

#082 - 2006-11-27 - 03 AM - #09 - mistake (the answers to the clues all have "is" in them: list-deism-Wise-Visa-Kiss-Assisi-Risk; if you take the letters at the bottom and fill in the answers in order and then ignore those letters and all the "IS"s - that is, just take the letter that comes after "IS" in each word - you end up with DEISmASSISiKISsLIStVISaRISkWISe, or MISTAKE)

#083 - 2006-11-27 - 04 AM - #10 - potpourri (this is a simple sound rebus: say POPE-OR-E out loud and you will hear POTPOURRI)

#084 - 2006-11-27 - 05 AM - #11 - young (you have to arrange the letters in a "four by four" grid, such that all touching sides match with regards to color and number of dots; this will give you four rows: VILL-AGEP-EOPL-EHIT; you can change the spacing to get VILLAGE PEOPLE HIT, which would be "YMCA", which stands for Young Men's Christian Association; so "What does the first letter stand for?" - Young)

#085 - 2006-11-27 - 06 AM - #12 - spider (this starts with a rebus; that's a map of IRAQ and then a picture of NED Flanders from "The Simpsons"; say IRAQ-NED enough times and you will eventually get "arachnid"; guessing the various types of arachnids will give you SPIDER)

#086 - 2006-11-27 - 07 AM - #13 - egg (each of the clues can be answered by an object pictured in a "frame" of an earlier puzzle: hydrant (puzzle #2, 8 PM) - lunch pail (#10, 4 AM) - toaster (#6, 12 AM) - horse (#7, 1 AM) - piano (#9, 3 AM) - elephant (#3, 9 PM); each of those pictures contains two letters; putting the letters in the clue order gives EA-ST-ER--OB-JE-CT, which is an EGG)

#087 - 2006-11-27 - 08 AM - #14 - scram (the colors, red and green, are those associated with Christmas, and 1225 can be read as 12/25, or December 25 (Christmas); this gives you "Christmas" as the word for the green Xs and numbers; you then take the letters on the numbered spaces, in numerical order, to spell SCRAM)

#088 - 2006-11-27 - 09 AM - #15 - Maine (the animal is a gnu, which was the answer to the puzzle on 2006-11-20 (#067); the middle line is a rebus: GNU-IN-GLAND, or "New England"; the largest state in the New England area of the USA is MAINE)

#089 - 2006-11-27 - 10 AM - #16 - harpoon (the words in the "jokes" are odd, or a little "fishy"; if you take each joke and remove all the spaces, you can finds words for types of fish; for example, the first "joke" is "heyHALIBUTtered the dog; so the fish answers are: halibut-haddock-herring-perch-salmon-trout-flounder; the (episode) number in the title - 1241535 - tells you which letter to take from each fish name; so it's #1 from "halibut" or "H", #2 from "haddock" or "A", #4 from "herring" or "R", #1 from "perch" or "P", #5 from "salmon" or "O", #3 from trout" or "O", and #5 from "flounder" or "N" - which gives you HARPOON)

#090 - 2006-11-27 - 11 AM - #17 - soprano (the answers to the clues are: rum-out-amp-range-art-ring-robe; but all of these are saints, so the first one would actually be Saint Rum, or St. Rum, or STRUM; using that method, you get: strum-stout-stamp-strange-start-string-strobe; you then take the letter in the word indicated by the number; so #1 of "strum" is "S", #3 of "stout" is "O", #5 of "stamp" is "P", #3 of "strange" is "R", #3 of "start" is "A", #5 of "string" is "N", #4 of "strobe" is "O" - which gives you SOPRANO)

#091 - 2006-11-27 - 12 PM - #18 - catacomb (looking up "dogabrush" on Google gives only four hits, including this one: - all of the pages associate the word with catacomb; it's a play on words: CAT-A-COMB and DOG-A-BRUSH; so I figured CATACOMB was the answer and it was)

#092 - 2006-11-27 - 01 PM - #19 - manger (all of the clues give answers that are a three-letter word followed by "A" followed by the reverse (palindrome) of the three-letter word; so the answers are: NOT A TON - TAR A RAT - NET A TEN - GUM A MUG - TIN A NIT; you then take the letters on the numbered spaces, in numerical order, to spell MANGER)

#093 - 2006-11-27 - 02 PM - #20 - ink (the pictures are: MISSile-SINGapore-TELEvision-TUBa-BYzantium; so the whole clue is "TRANSLATE FIRST HALF OF THE MISSSING TELETUBBY" (I believe the third "S" in "MISSSING" is a mistake or a red herring); this clue refers to the "frame" of puzzle #6 (12 AM) of the puzzlethon, where three of the four Teletubbies are pictured; the missing one is WINKY-TINKY; the first half of his name is WINKY; the same frame on puzzle #6 (12 AM) also has the text "If you are asked to translate, simply remove first and last letters"; as the clue for this puzzle tells us to "translate," we remove the W and Y from WINKY and end up with the answer, INK)

#094 - 2006-11-27 - 03 PM - #21 - seaside (the first answers to the clues are: sighing-ankle-Tuva(Republic)-sexy-define-study-nope; you then have to remove two or three letters from each word; these letters will be together (consecutive) in the alphabet; so "ghi" comes out of "sighing" to leave "sing", "kl" comes out of "ankle" to leave "ane", "tuv" comes out of "tuva" to leave "a", "xy" comes out of "sexy" to leave "se", "def" comes out of "define" to leave "ine", "stu" comes out of "study" to leave "dy", and "nop" comes out of "nope" to leave "e"; these second answers - sing-ane-a-se-ine-dy-e - are put into the slots (the Xs and Os) and then the answer comes from those on the Xs, in presentation order: SEASIDE)

#095 - 2006-11-27 - 04 PM - #22 - delicious (Hangman letters have been appearing in the "frames" of earlier puzzles in the puzzlethon: M(#2)-S(#3)-I(#6)-A(#9)-L(#13)-I(#14)-O(#17)-C(#18)-U(#19); these letters anagram into MALICIOUS; you can "change the first two make a much nicer word" by making it DELICIOUS)

#096 - 2006-11-27 - 05 PM - #23 - lament (the two pictures serve as a rebus: PEN+ULTIMATE (Ultimate is a football-like game played with a Frisbee); this gives you PENULTIMATE (and this is the penultimate puzzle of the Puzzlethon), which is the word you use with the lower numbers - 598236 - letter #5 of "penultimate" is L, #9 is A, #8 is M, #2 is E, #3 is N and #6 is T, which spells LAMENT)

#097 - 2006-11-27 - 06 PM - #24 - tangerines (the "prime time" comment refers to the not-yet-used clue about prime numbers in the "frame" of puzzle #20 (2 PM) of this puzzlethon; prime numbers are defined as those that are only divisible by themselves and one, and "one" is excluded from the definition; if you take the letters showing in clocks that are pointing to a "prime time" - 2, 3, 5, 7, or 11 o'clock (either AM or PM) - you get TNREAGENSI - (these clocks were in every "frame" on every puzzle in the puzzlethon); those letters anagram to your "healthy snack" answer, TANGERINES)

#098 - 2006-11-27 - Monday - sweet (each of the eight lines of text consists of part of the names of two U.S. states (Nebraska/Tennessee, Illinois/Kansas, Kansas/Arkansas, Kentucky/Oklahoma, Washington/Tennessee, Kentucky/Illinois, Arkansas/Ohio, and Oklahoma/Nebraska; if you draw lines (on a map) between the two states in each line, you will see that everything goes around or through Missouri - this is the "inside" state; letters 4-7 of "Missouri" are SOUR, and the opposite of that is the answer, SWEET)

#099 - 2006-11-28 - Tuesday - holster (the answers for the crossword are all "lion," "tiger," "snake," "oh," or "no"; the "across" answers, from top to bottom, are LION-OH-SNAKE-LION-TIGER-SNAKE and the "down" answers, from left to right, are LION-SNAKE-LION-TIGER-NO; you then take the letters on the numbered squares, in order, to get HOLSTER)

#100 - 2006-11-29 - Wednesday - genius (the trick is realizing that there are 26 squares to fill in, the same number as letters in the alphabet; if you write out the alphabet in order and then take the letters on the numbered squares, in order, you get GENIUS, which must be what you are!)

#101 - 2006-11-30 - Thursday - shampoo (the first part of the puzzle is a rebus and the picture is a lawn, for B+LAWN+D, or "blonde"; the word clues are all for the names of blonde actresses: Pam(ela) Anderson (Pam is a spray used for cooking and Anderson's is a brand of windows) - Daryl Hannah (she starred in the movie "Splash") - Grace Kelly (you say grace at a meal and kelly is a shade of green) - Marilyn Monroe (Jack is another name for John and President John F. Kennedy "dated" Marilyn Monroe when he was in the White House) - Britney Spears (spears are a type of projectile) - Madonna (Madonna is another way to refer to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ) - Goldie Hawn (Au is the chemical symbol for gold); the numbers after the clue refer to a letter in the answer to that clue - the first number is either a 1 for the first name or a 2 for the last name; the second number tells you which letter to use - so for the first one, you take the 6th letter of the second/last name; the 6th letter in Anderson is "S"; in the case of Madonna, since she only has one name, the number tells you which letter to use (the 4th in "Madonna", which is "O"); finding the letter in each name will spell SHAMPOO)

#102 - 2006-12-01 - Friday - colt (the clues are like the clues you get in a crossword puzzle; the spacing (in relation to the grid at the bottom) tells you how may letters are in each answer: truth-cab-etch-you-totem-ease-slip-short-eye; the "VC" in the text at the top refers to "Vowel-Consonant"; you are supposed to color the vowels in the answers white and the consonants in the answers black; you will then see that the black consonants in the grid form the shapes of four letters: COLT)

#103 - 2006-12-02 - Saturday - audio (the picture is of an "I.V." - short for "intraveneous" - and guides you into thinking of names of Ivy League universities that will answer the clues: Brown-Columbia-Dartmouth-Harvard-Yale; there are eight schools in the Ivy League, so the three "missing" from the answers are Cornell (Ithaca, New York), Princeton (Princeton, New Jersey) and University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania); the "northernmost" of these (both geographically and at the top of the list if you put them in alphabetical order) is Cornell; the singer Chris Cornell is the lead singer for Audioslave (which is the answer to "In which northernmost of missing sings"); the "westernmost half" (or left half) of "Audioslave" is AUDIO)

#104 - 2006-12-03 - Sunday - blip (think of the cowgirls as being numbered, starting with 1 and working upwards; so the first row is 1-6, the second row is 7-12, third is 13-18, and fourth is 19-24; then read the blue letters under each of the even (2-4-6-etc.) cowgirls (because "Even Cowgirls Get The Blues"), which will spell OOPS SORRY I MEANT ODD BLACKS; you then do the same thing, except this time you read the black letters under each of the odd (1-3-5-etc.) cowgirls, which will spell REVERSE SDER ERAUQS TCEFREP; the reverse of "SDER ERAUQS TCEFREP" is "PERFECT SQUARE REDS"; so now you read the red letters under the perfect squares (1-4-9-16), which spells BLIP, which is the answer)

#105 - 2006-12-04 - Monday - god (each of the three sets of letters at the bottom is a series of keys on the computer keyboard that surround another letter; so the T-Y-H-B-V-F keys form a circle around the G key, the P-L-K-I-9-0 keys form a circle around O, and the X-S-E-R-F-C keys form a circle around D; making the answer GOD)

#106 - 2006-12-05 - Tuesday - ledge (you have to remove an "A" from the first line of instructions so it reads "RED COUNTERCLOCKWISE, READ CLOCKWISE"; this means you have to move the red patterns of each of the 4x4 grids to the next 4x4 grid in a clockwise direction; do NOT move the letters, just move the red spaces to the next grid, where they will have the same relative location; once you do that, read the letters in the (new) red spaces in each 4x4 grid, starting with the upper-left one and then going clockwise to each of the other grids; this should give you INNER CORNERS STONE TURNS VERB TO NOUN; the inner corners of the whole puzzle contain the four letters K-N-O-W; if you add LEDGE to that you go from the verb (KNOW) to the noun (KNOWLEDGE); since "it's what you add, not what you get", the answer is LEDGE; here's the start of how to move the red spaces, in case that is confusing: the second 4x4 grid (the upper-right one) has red spaces on the letters N-E-S-A-T-T-O-O; we're going to move those red spaces - but not the letters! - to the first 4x4 grid (the upper-left one); the red will be in the same relative spaces for the 4x4 grid, which means the letters in the first (upper-left) grid that are now in red spaces are I-N-N-E-R-C-O-R; note that you now have the first part of the "read clockwise" clue: "INNER COR"(NERS STONE TURNS VERB TO NOUN))

#107 - 2006-12-06 - Wednesday - kindness (the clues go together in pairs, one from the top and one from the bottom, to give one answer per pair: was aware/sounds like antelope = knew (a gnu is in the antelope family), goal/or terminus = end, ancient/war story = Iliad, Stimpy's/favorite bird = wren (which sounds like Ren, from the animated show "Ren & Stimpy"), rock band/or Hershey treat = Kiss, one palace/contains a country = Nepal ("oNE PALace"), I took two bites out of my sno-cone/and I was left with a breakfast pastry = scone (SNO-CONE minus two letters gives SCONE), baby bed/is slangy home = crib; you then need to organize those answers - knew-end-Iliad-wren-Kiss-Nepal-scone-crib - into the crossword; the "across" answers from top-to-bottom are Kiss-crib-wren-Nepal and the "down" answers from left-to-right are knew-end-scone-Iliad; you then take the letters on the numbered spaces in numerical order to get KINDNESS)

#108 - 2006-12-07 - Thursday - glamour (each of the clues gives an answer that contains an animal: DOGgerel-BULLy-CATastrophe-MOLEcules-COWard-BUGle-RATing; you then put these animal names into the X and O spaces to get DOGBULLCATMOLECOWBUGRAT; you then read the letters on the X spaces to get GLAMOUR)

#109 - 2006-12-08 - Friday - Woodstock (Chicken+doctor+9 = Hen+Dr+IX (IX=9 in Roman numerals), as in Jimi Hendrix, who was a featured player at the Woodstock Festival)

#110 - 2006-12-09 - Saturday - belfry (each of the pictures shows something that contains the letters O-W-L, an animal whose hoot sounds like "who"; the pictures are: bowl-yellow-towel-world-wolf-flower; if you take one O, one W and one L out of each answer, you are left with B-YEL-TE-RD-F-FER; you then put those letters - BYELTERDFFER - in the circular spaces at the bottom; starting with the circle (#1) containing B, follow the line to circle #6 for the E, then to circle #4 for L, circle #9 for F, circle #12 for R, and then following the line back to #2 for Y, giving you BELFRY)

#111 - 2006-12-10 - Sunday - unearth (each of the clues gives an answer that is a vegetable that grows in the ground, so you have to unearth them to "get what you need"; the answers are: carrot (car rot) - radish (Ra dish) - turnip (turn IP) - onion (on ion) - parsnip (par snip) - beet (be E.T.); you then take the letters on the numbered spaces, in numerical order, to get UNEARTH)

#112 - 2006-12-11 - Monday - goat (this one is a bit of a pun; the picture is of a stick of butter; you have to read that word as "something that butts"; after "ram" doesn't work, you'll eventually think of GOAT)

#113 - 2006-12-12 - Tuesday - spades (each of the clues gives an answer which is the name of a card game: Old Maid - Stud (as in Stud Poker) - Canasta (Asta is the name of the dog in "The Thin Man" series of films) - Hearts - Concentration - Poker (Omaha is one type of Poker); the text at the top tells you to take the first letters of two of the answers, the third letter of another, the last letter of the last word of the answer with two words, and the fifth letters of two of the answers; for this to make sense, though, you need to arrange the answers in the following order: Stud-Poker-heArts-old maiD-concEntration-canaSta - which I think you can only get by trial-and-error OR by solving the puzzle by guessing a card game and then reverse-engineering - and then the letters spell SPADES)

#114 - 2006-12-13 - Wednesday - taffy (I found that it helped to print out this puzzle and then cut out the gray shape (removing all the white, so it has three square holes and a notched corner); you need to find the letters in the grid that spell out each of the pictures at the bottom of the puzzle: CAT-DOG-BUN-BEE-OIL; for each, find the letters that are spaced such that they will appear in the three holes of the gray shape; the notched corner will them highlight the letter you are looking for in the final answer; for example, CAT can be found in the grid with the C in the 5th row (second letter), the A also in the 5th row (fourth letter), and the T in the 7th row (third letter); if you orient the gray shape so that those three letters show through the holes, the notched corner will highlight the T in the 8th row (fifth letter); this is the first letter of the answer; doing the same to the rest of the clues will give you AFFY, for the final answer of TAFFY)

#115 - 2006-12-14 - Thursday - blog (this puzzle can't be solved without reference to the Tanga website - - and you need to be logged in to see all five tabs for the solution; "diet soda" is referring to Tab, the first diet soft drink brand produced by the Coca-Cola Company - - there are five tabs (like folder tabs) at the top of the Tanga website ("Tanga Today", "Who Is Tanga?", "Daily Fun", "Blog" and "My Account"); the only four-letter word is BLOG, which is the answer; apparently, the background is from a can of Tab; note that if Tanga changes the website, this answer may no longer be obtainable)

#116 - 2006-12-15 - Friday - martini (the first picture is of Cuba and the second is of coasters, which can be read like a rebus as "Cuba (Gooding, Jr.) co-stars"; the initials are of titles of films that Cuba Gooding, Jr. appears in and the X and O spaces are filled in with the names of Cuba's co-star from each film: End Game/James Woods - Instinct/Anthony Hopkins - Men of Honor/Robert De Niro - Jerry Maguire/Tom Cruise - Radio/Ed Harris - Pearl Harbor/Ben Affleck - As Good As It Gets/Jack Nicholson; taking the letters on the X spaces gives you MARTINI)
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