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Subject: Yet another solo variant (as the Ogre) rss

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Stephan Beal
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Hi, fellow Ogrers,

(Copy/pasted from a post in the Ogre G+ community.)

Another solo variant of Ogre, inspired by one of the recently-posted scenarios in the 6E scenario contest forums, in which the (solo) player fields the Ogre and enemies, cleverly-hidden or invisible to the Ogre's damaged sensors, suddenly appear around it each turn as it moves.

Here's basically how it works:

- use any Ogre/GEV map and either the Ogre or GEV rules. (i use the Ogre rules and Basic Scenario to keep it simple.)

- Set up the Ogre's target CP on one end of the board.

- Select a defensive force and place the units in a cup. The classic counters are recommended because they cannot be differentiated by touch. Force size is the same as would normally be used for the scenario in question (e.g. 12 armor and 20 infantry for the Basic Scenario).

- The Ogre enters the field on the opposite side of the map from its target and moves however far it likes/can.

Turn sequence looks like the following:

- Ogre moves.
- Ogre attacks
- Defenders appear (see below)
- Defenders (except those which just entered) move
- Defenders attack
- Defenders 2nd move (GEVs only)

Appearance of defenders: if the cup has any units left in it, draw 3 random units from the cup and determine their placement: roll 1d6 for direction, where 1 is north. Distance will be the unit's firing range (1 for INF, 4 for an MSLT). If the unit cannot be placed there (stacking limits, a crater, off-map, etc.), try to place it next to that. If all else fails, pick a new direction.

Once all new defenders have entered the board (up to 3, unless there are fewer than that left in the cup), move all other defenders: they will try to move such that they are exactly at their own firing range from the Ogre, with little regard for other factors. Units move in order from fastest to slowest (GEVs first, INF last).

Once all movement is done, the defenders attack. Defenders place all priority on the Ogre's treads, and will continue to attack (only) treads until the Ogre is immobilized. This behaviour helps ensure that fewer defenders stay on the board at once (as the Ogre keeps its guns to clean them up with).

After all have fired, GEVs take their 2nd movement phase and will move as far as possible away from the Ogre.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

In my initial test run, the Mark III Ogre killed the CP but only had 1MP at that point. The defenders had 4 armor, but the Ogre wiped out 3 after hitting the CP, leaving him to crawl back with a defending MSLT to slowly pick him off. The Ogre would not have made it off the board, and ceded.

When using a Mk V (untested), the defenders should draw 4-5 units per turn instead of 3.

Happy Ogring!

Follow-up points/clarifications:

- When INF are drawn from the cup, place their highest-numbered side in play.
- Defenders never combine fire with each other.
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