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Subject: Scenario #2: Cameronians Crossing rss

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Chris Bryer
United States
Los Angeles
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On this last Saturday afternoon three of us got together for the 2nd of our regular meetings to game the ATS. We played this interesting scenario as we are all learning the game and decided a medium sized, combined arms session would be fun and informative.

I played the Brits and my two buddies played the taking the infantry and one taking the two Panthers.

This scenario is essentially a meeting engagement with the victory conditions stating that the Brit must exit 15 stacking points (that means infantry as opposed to AFV's) at a specific hex and the 2 hexes adjacent. Naturally, this is right thru the German onslaught.

A couple of things are important here. One is that although the Brits have 6 AFV's (2 Churchill IV's and 4 Churchill VI's) only the IV's can carry APDS and in quite limited supply. In this case I had 4 rounds total. The reason this is so important is that they are the only rounds that have any chance at all of killing a Panther's frontal armor and even then must be inside of 15 hexes (750 meters) or even better 10 hexes to have a fair shot. Also note that the AFV's of both sides dont enter until turn 3 and 4 of 8 total turns.

The first turn is basically both sides bringing on their INF forces and trying to get to advantageous terrain to either avoid fire altogether or lay strong fire while remaining under good cover. There is a ravine which runs across the entire center field of battle that is a major obstacle for infantry and a bigger one for AFV's. Unless the AFV's pass an imobilization roll they must bottleneck to cross the one bridge across.

We both did a little damage but not much in our first two turns and were thinking that this session was gonna get very bloody and soon. On turn 3 we brought on our respective armor...I have 1 Chrchill IV and 2 VI's to his 2 Panther's. Unbeknownst to my fine German tanker this C-IV had 2 rounds of APDS. The Germ won initiative in the Movement and Combat phase and brought on one Panther look extermely ominous and scaring the bejesus out of my forward troops which by that time were in or jusr crossing into the ravine. Knowing I had little choice if I wanted to have any shot at moving my men to where they were supposed to be I brought the lone C-IV out and placed him in a position to take a good shot at 450 meters in the next turn.

Sure enough I won the initiative and took my shot. I needed all the dice gods to line up or I would still bounce off that beasts frontal armor. Well, 'lo and behold luck was with me because although the Panzer V didnt burn like I hoped he would he was knocked out leaving me with 6 AFV's on his remaining kampfwagon.

In subsequent turns we both wore down each others forces until I made a fatal mistake of going into close combat with too many men and leaving myself with only 15 stacking points worth of units with any chance of getting off the map. What a huge mistake. I think we were all having so much fun gunning for each other I forget to keep my eye on the ball and lost sight of the objective. We had to shut down right before we finished but I think it's fair to say the Germans pulled off a victory as every roll would have had to go my way and that almost never happens.

All in all we learned a lot, had a ton of fun and re-confirmed that both Scottish Corridor and Cameronian's Crossing are fantastic.
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