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Subject: Basic Training Scenarios [and proud Daddy moments] rss

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Darin Sunley
United States
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This represents my first pass at an idea that has been brewing in my head, on-and-off, for a few years now - micro-scenarios, analogous to the chess or bridge puzzles you see in newspaper columns, with typically less than 6 counters per side, playable on half a map or less, to illustrate interesting tactical situations or teach basic play mechanics.

Attack Run Training: Level 1

Uses the Ogre Map. The defender gets a CP, in 0811, and a Howitzer, in 0815.
The attacker gets 3 heavy tanks, entering anywhere along the southern edge of the map on Turn 1.

Victory Conditions:
CP and all defending units are destroyed: complete attacker victory.
CP is destroyed and at least one tank escapes from the south end of the map: attacker victory.
CP and all attacking tanks are destroyed: marginal attacker victory.
CP survives and at least one attacking tank escapes: marginal defender victory.
CP survives and all attacking tank are destroyed: complete defender victory.

Variants/Training Level Progressions:
Level 2: A mobile howitzer defending against 3 HVYs.
Level 3: 3 HVYs defending against 3 HVYs.
Level 4: 3 HVYs defending against 3 GEVs.
Level 5: 3 GEVs defending against 3 GEVs.

Proud Daddy Moment:
My 3.5 year-old daughter Sicily successfully navigated a Combine tank platoon up to the defending howitzer in the Level 1 scenario, demonstrating the cognitive skills, fundamental to almost all gaming, of reading movement rates off of the counters, taking turns, only moving her pieces the correct distance each turn, and taking the disabling of one of her tanks in stride.

Bonus points for appearing to understand that a single tactical action (drive up to the howitzer as fast as possible) has to be broken up into discrete actions carried out over several turns.
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Ruben Rigillo
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I'll try it!!!!!!
(.....look at my middle microbadge..)
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May I be of....assistance?
Love the idea of this and the motivation for doing it! I will definitely give this a play.
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