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This report is for my second game of Flash Point: Fire Rescue. I played solo, with the basic rules and three ordinary fire fighters with no special talents. I’ll call them Red, Yellow and Blue for simplicity’s sake and because I’m not feeling overly creative today.

This is the site at the start of the game:

Round 1:
After Red’s first turn, an explosion happens in the kids’ room that causes an additional fire and damages three walls:

Yellow discovers a woman at the dining room table.
Blue decides there isn’t enough time to fight his way through the house to reach the person stuck at the loo, so he starts smashing an outer wall.

Round 2:
Red extinguishes some fire, but a new fire breaks out in a central area that was already reaching critical condition.
Yellow carries the woman towards the dining room exit.
Blue finishes smashing the toilet wall and carries an injured male outside -> first victim rescued!

A new alarm goes off for the dining room, near the piano.

Round 3:
Red keeps extinguishing fire.
Yellow carries the woman from the dining room table out of the house -> second victim rescued!
An alarm comes in for the living room.
Blue enters the house again through the wall he smashed in, with the intent of extinguishing the fire in the kids’ room.
A fire breaks out in the dining room, adjacent to the piano.

Round 4:
Red extinguishes fire in the living room and finds a woman.
Yellow puts out some smoke and finds another woman near the piano.
Blue puts out two fires in the kids’ room.
A new fire breaks out in the kitchen.

Round 5:
Red extinguishes a fire and starts carrying the woman towards the living room exit.
Yellow carries the woman found at the piano out of the house -> third victim rescued!
New POI in the living room.
Blue extinguishes more fire in the kids’ room.

Round 6:
Red continues carrying the woman towards the door.
Smoke appears in the bath, next to a POI.
Yellow does some extinguishing.
New fires break out in the bedroom.
Blue keeps making his way through the house, trying to reach one of the POIs.
But then an explosion occurs in the kids’ room (again!), making two already damaged walls collapse:

Round 7:
Red and the woman reach the exit -> fourth victim rescued. Then he returns to the living room. An new alarm for the same room just came in:

Yellow enters the kitchen and extinguishes two fires.
Blue decides he’d better return to the kids’ room to keep that site under control.

Round 8:
Red reaches one of the POIs in the living room – it’s an injured person!
An explosion occurs in the bedroom, causing one new fire and three damaged walls. (I made a mistake here, I should have removed the door between bedroom and bath instead of putting a damage marker on the wall.)
Yellow smashes the wall between kitchen and bath so he can reach the person who is reportedly stuck there faster.
Blue extinguishes fire in the kids’ room.

Round 9:
Red carries the injured person outside -> fifth victim rescued!
Another explosion occurs in the kids’ room, despite Blue’s best efforts at containing the fire there. With some walls already collapsed, the fire spreads into the toilet and the game room:

Yellow discovers that he tore down the wall in vain – false alarm in the bath. At least he manages to put out some smoke.
A new fire breaks out at the toilet. Fortunately, Blue is there and manages to put it out, together with another nearby fire.

Round 10:
Red does a little smoke removal and discovers a man.
Yellow walks from the bath over to the living room and finds a cat. He also puts out an adjacent to make sure the kitty wouldn’t be harmed.
Blue does some more extinguishing in the toilet area.
Another explosion in the bedroom. This part of the house is getting more and more destabilised:

Round 11:
Red walks towards the exit with the man, puts out some smoke.
Yellow follows, carrying the cat.
Fire breaks out at the exit.
Blue keeps extinguishing fire.
Smoke appears in the living room, where Red is with the man.

Round 12:
Red puts out smoke, carries the man out of the house -> sixth victim is rescued!
An explosion occurs at the entrance – it doesn’t look good for Yellow and the cat:

Yellow puts out a fire, but decides to stay put for now. Doesn’t want to go too close to the remaining fires while carrying his feline friend:

Good decision, as another explosion soon shakes this area, causing an additional fire and damaging three walls. If Yellow had made that one additional step to area 3/2, or hadn’t put out the fire, the cat would have died:

Blue is still busy extinguishing fires to prevent further structural damage at the far side of the building.

Round 13:
Red re-enters the house and extinguishes a fire to help Yellow.
A fire breaks out in the kitchen, at a POI. A first death – but wait, thankfully not; turns out it was a false alarm.
This is the current situation:

Yellow extinguishes two fires to keep himself and the cat safe:

Blue runs into the dining room and puts out some smoke.

Round 14:
Red puts out two fires in the living room.
Yellow walks towards the door with the cat but has to stop at the doorstep.
Blue discovers that two POIs in the dining room are false alarms. New alarms come in from the kids’ room and the bath. All that running, and for nothing! And now he has to run back to the kids’ room.

Round 15:
Red has a hunch that there isn’t much time left, and that the house might come crashing down any moment. He walks towards Yellow, who hands him the cat. Red carries the cat out of the house -> seventh victim rescued, cat finally safe!
An explosion occurs in the kitchen. More fire, and two walls suffer damage. Time is indeed running out fast, the next wall damage will make the house collapse:

A new alarm comes in from the dining room, near the piano again.
Yellow puts out a fire, then moves out of the way in case there is another explosion in the kitchen. Good idea, because there actually is another fire there. Luckily, in one of the few spots that does not cause an explosion.
Blue investigates the piano POI – turns out it is a false alarm. He keeps walking and discovers a woman in the kids’ room:

Round 16:
There is an explosion in the game room:

A giant hole is blasted in wall between game room and toilet:

This is the straw that breaks the camel’s…erm…house’s back. Everything comes crashing down. What a tragic end, and how ironic it had to be the game room!
Three fire fighters are still in the house, so are two other people and a dog.*

Finally tally:

* Turns out it was just a stuffed animal, not a real dog!

Lessons learned:

E I need to pay better attention not to put a damage marker on a wall that has a door.
E I should double and triple check that I have replaced POIs.
E I need to take better notes if I don’t want to end up all confused when trying to write my session report. If some parts don’t align properly, it’s probably because there were holes in my notes. It might be good to note the coordinates where something happens, and to write down the number of each image so I don’t have to keep guessing which image goes with which note.
E I should probably not write another turn-by-turn report if I don't want to drive myself and everyone who might try to read this crazy.

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Peter Kossits
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The cat thanks you!

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