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This report is for my third game of Flash Point: Fire Rescue. I played solo, with the experienced game rules on recruit level difficulty. I used two specialist fire fighters: the imaging technician (Red) and the rescue specialist (Yellow).

I still get a bit confused with all the tokens and resolving everything in the correct order, so if you notice anything that looks like I’m doing it wrong, I’d appreciate any corrections you may have.

The site at the start of the game:

Please ignore the rogue door in 5/3 – it got blasted out of its frame in a setup explosion and apparently I forgot to move it off the board until round 5 or so. shake

Round 1:

Red uses the IR camera on location 2/1 and discovers an injured man. He decides to take care of the hazmat in 3/1 first and carries it out of the house.
Smoke appears in 1/3.
Yellow removes the hazmat from 6/4.
Smoke appears in 1/4.

Round 2:
Red goes to the man in 2/1 but stays in this location rather than walk towards the door (3/1 didn’t look like a particularly safe spot for resting, with a huge fire raging in the kitchen and the door already blasted out). Instead, he uses the IR camera to investigate the other two POIs and finds out that there is a dog at the toilet (6/8), and that the alarm for the game room (3/7) is a false one.
A new fire breaks out at the kitchen table (4/5).
A new POI appears in the bathroom (2/5), adjacent to the only remaining hazmat site. Drat.
Yellow makes his way to the dog and reaches 6/8.
Smoke appears in 1/1, next to where red is holding the injured man.

Round 3:

Red carries the man out of the house.
Smoke appears in the bedroom (1/6).
Yellow decides there isn’t enough time to make it all the way back to the exit across the house with the dog, so he chops the wall down instead and carries the pet out.
Current status:

Rogue door still sitting at the dining room table.

More smoke appears in the bedroom (1/8).

Round 4:
Red uses the IR camera to find out the bathroom POI (2/5) is a false alarm.
He orders the ambulance over to his location so that the man he has just rescued can be treated. First victim is safe.
An explosion happens in the kitchen (4/3) and brings down the wall between kitchen and living room (between 2/3 and 3/3):

The fire fighters are informed about two new POIs – one in the living room (2/2), the other in the dining room (5/3).
Yellow orders the ambulance over to his position and gets the dog treated. Second victim is safe.
An explosion happens at the dining room table (6/1) and the wall between dining room and living room collapses.
New POI: At the toilet, again (5/8).

Round 5:
Red uses the collapsed wall to his advantage and hoses some water into the dining room (5/1). His IR camera tells him that the POI at the toilet is a cat. No idea how Yellow could have missed her when he was rescuing the dog – there wasn’t even any smoke that could have hidden her. But maybe she went there later. Either way, she needs to be rescued.
Red’s attempts at extinguishing the fire in the dining room (5/1) were unsuccessful – the fire quickly rekindles. Unfortunately, a hot spot there triggers a flare up in the kids’ room (6/6).
Yellow – who, thank heavens, is still at this side of the house – uses the hole in the wall to re-enter the toilet and carries the cat out:

Another fire breaks out in the dining room (6/3).

Round 6:

Red uses the IR camera to discover that there is a man in a highly dangerous situation in the dining room (5/3):

Red then extinguishes the fire in 5/1 (a second time - let's hope it'll stay out longer this time).
More smoke in the bedroom (2/7).
Yellow takes the cat to the ambulance and is happy to learn that the animal is unharmed. Third victim is safe.
Current tally:

Yellow then drives the ambulance over to the dining room entrance because with all that fire, the man trapped in the living room is going to need medical assistance for sure.
Another fire breaks out in the bedroom (1/8 – not sure why I made that fire and not smoke?), and another POI appears at the toilet (6/8). Seems to be a particularly popular place to hide from the fire!

Round 7:
Red enters the dining room and extinguishes two fires (5/2 and 6/1).
Smoke appears next to the piano (6/5).
Yellow, despite his inadequate expertise in this area, decides to put out a fire (6/3) to clear the way for the dining room victim.
The smoke near the piano (6/5) develops into a fully grown fire and spreads to the kids’ room.

Round 8:
Red, who is better at extinguishing fires than Yellow, clears the fire in 6/2. He uses his IR camera and sees a woman in the living room (2/2).
An explosion happens in the kitchen, at the oven (3/3). To make things worse, it is a hotspot. Another fire breaks out in the dining room (5/4). The situation is deteriorating rapidly:

Yellow carries the dining room man to the ambulance. Fourth victim is safe.
Then he drives the ambulance over to the game room side of the house, to be prepared for the rescue of another toilet victim.
Another fire breaks out in the living room (1/2) – it doesn’t look good for the woman there, she is now trapped by flames on three sides.
New POI in the bedroom (2/6).

Round 9:
Red finds a woman in the dining room (6/2 – where the heck did she come from? Managed to confuse myself with my own session notes and pictures, again) and carries her closer to the exit. Then he uses the IR camera to have a look at the toilet POI. Apparently Yellow shouldn’t have been so quick to drive over – it’s a false alarm!
Another fire breaks out in the kids’ room (5/6) and the new POI is in 5/1.
Yellow, who is informed he is no longer needed at the toilet site, drives back to the dining room area and saves the woman Red was carrying. Fifth victim is safe.
A fire at the dining room table kills a woman at the newly discovered POI (5/1). First death.

Two fire fighters and an ambulance – so close, but too late to save her.

Since this is also a hot spot, another fire breaks out, which hits the kids’ room (6/6), which, unfortunately, houses another hot spot. This triggers an explosion in the kitchen (3/3) which, coincidentally, is another hot spot. An explosion happens in 3/7. The aftermath of the chain reaction:

New POIs in the dining room (6/1) and the bedroom (2/8).

Round 10:
Red uses the IR camera to locate a woman in 6/1. He extinguishes the fire in 5/3.
Explosion in the kids’ room (5/6):

The building is getting closer and closer to collapsing. Another three damaged walls and everything will come crumbling down.
Yellow carries the woman from 6/1 out of the house, to the ambulance. Sixth victim is safe.
An explosion in 1/1 completely surrounds the woman in the living room with fire. Definitely not much time left to save her. And the next wall damage will mean certain collapse.

A new POI in the bedroom (1/7), however, diverts attention from the poor woman. Two people in one room and less fire make the bedroom the new prime target. But will the fire fighters make it over there in time?

Round 11:
Red leaves the house and both fire fighters jump into the ambulance. Red drives it over to the bedroom side. But an explosion in 3/2 shakes the house, and it finally collapses.

Final tally:

Two women, two men, a cat and a dog are rescued. => Loss
Two women die in the flames.
Two POIs were already placed, but not yet investigated. (Upon later examination, it turns out one was a man and the other a false alarm).
Two POIs had not yet been placed.
Two fire fighters escape alive, because, luckily, they hadn’t yet re-entered the house when it collapsed.

My previous Flash Point: Fire Rescue session report: In which a cat is rescued but the game room brings the house down (picture heavy)

Edit: Had to fix some typos and broken image tags.
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Man - that was one intense fire!
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