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Adam Skinner
United States
New Hampshire
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Well, last night I was finally able to play Blue Moon with someone! Will was very hesitant at first. I was like "You interested in playing a game with me?" And he was like "Sure, but I've got to do this stuff...and I was hoping to play my guitar tonight", so I was like "np, it's cool". I could have always done something else. But then he was like "How long is the game" and I said "about a half an hour", so he said he was in. Pretty much just throwing me a bone. Hey, I'll take that!

So after a little while we sat down. I put the game board (pretty much just a card organization tool with nice graphics) and gave him Hoax. I took the Vulca. I read some of the rules overview, but left out the thematic text because I figured it might be a little geeky for him.

I gave him the Hoax because they were less straightforward. Vulca are a "big muscle" kind of set, or so I'd heard, while Hoax rely tend to rely more on inter-card synergies and reward tactical play. That is, of course, more interesting, and makes for a funner game. So I gave it to him. As it turned out, there was a goodly amount of that kind of stuff in Vulca, though there were also some killer power cards.

There was a lot of back and forth in the game. We were still learning the rules, and I wasn't quite certain how to total up the card values, but in the end the definition of "active" card cracked it for me. A card is active when it shows on the board, and it is inactive when it does not. Since you're forced to play a character card every turn (or retreat), any previous effects and power numbers on the character cards that came before it are nullified. So while special power text on a character card is nice, it is fleeting. Much more effective are the support cards, which stay for the whole round. However, there are a number of "discard your opponents support cards" and "your opponent may not play support cards" support cards or special text on character cards. The leadership cards (played before any of the others) also have some interesting effects.

Through most of the game, Will had the dragons. I'd pull them from him, but only twice did I have any on my side. He played a "I get two dragons if you retreat" card and I ended up retreating, so he got the two. I wasted mine.

He won with a single dragon. It was close and tense, and actually near the end of the game I thought I had him, but it wasn't so.

Throughout the game he enjoyed reading the flavor text on the cards. I read some of mine aloud to him as well. I'd read most of them while I was looking over both of the sets. They reveal a cool little story line. He also commented that he didn't expect to like this, but he really enjoyed it (even before he won). He was interested in reading the full manual (it's not terribly long, but it's always good practice to read the game manual after you've played the game to make sure you were playing correctly), so I made sure to leave the game out and accessible for him today.

We're both definitely interested in playing again. I think I'll be adding some more decks to Blue Moon =)


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