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Subject: An Unseen Forces Campaign, Part I - Abhoth rss

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Juha Loukaja
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So, back again for another shot at an Elder Sign campaign. Why? Because I found that adding Unseen Forces into the mix not only added a shitload of fun stuff to the game, but it made it a whole lot more varied and interesting in the process. So while I certainly COULD have gone on with my previous campaign, just adding the stuff from x game forward, I decided to start over.

I will be using all and every card from the Unseen Forces expansion. That includes the Master Mythos cards as well. Of course, with the introduction of UF, purchasing Elder Signs is out of question, so my focus will probably be getting eight trophies to be able to bless the investigators, giving them a semi-permanent additional die to roll in future adventures.

Rules will be the same as last time - I will randomly pick four investigators from the pile of available ones; no investigators are replaced if/when devoured during a game. If I give up, all remaining investigators on the current game are devoured. Next game will be played with a completely new team. If I win, but any of the investigators are devoured in the process, they will be replaced before the next game. Given that the pool of investigators is so large after adding Unseen Forces, I see no reason to have any means of getting investigators back to the pool, so they’re gone forever once they’re devoured.

I will also randomly pick an Ancient One each game. If I lose, I will fight the same Ancient One again with a new team.

Abbreviatons used
CT = Clue Token
UI = Unique Item
CI = Common Item
SP = Spell
TR = Trophy
ES = Elder Sign
DT = Doom Token

Available investigators
Amanda Sharpe
“Ashcan” Pete
Bob Jenkins
Carolyn Fern
Darrell Simmons
Dexter Drake
Diana Stanley
Gloria Goldberg
Harvey Walters
Jacqueline Fine
Jenny Barnes
Jim Culver
Joe Diamond
Kate Winthrop
Leo Anderson
Mandy Thompson
Marie Lambeau
Mark Harrigan
Michael McGlen
Monterey Jack
Rita Young
Sister Mary
Vincent Lee
Wilson Richards

Undefeated Ancient Ones
Shudde M’ell

Round One

Meet the team
Dexter Drake: 2x SP (lock die), 1x UI (red die)
Michael McGlen: 2x CI (yellow die)
Sister Mary: 1x SP (lock die), 1x CI (yellow die), 1x UI (change die to Lore)
Gloria Goldberg: 1x SP (other world), 1x CI (yellow die)

Fairly good mix I’d say, no characters I absolutely abhor, which is of course a good thing. Michael is valuable if there’s lots of Terror effects in play, Sister Mary can use locked dice and Gloria will have the red and yellow die for free on Other World adventures, which is extremely good, since Unseen Forces has those revamped, and the rewards have gotten significantly better compared to the base game. Dexter I have nothing to say about, he can be a bit hit and miss. Unseen Forces has added lots of useful spells, though, so he’s not so bad as he used to be when all you could get was pretty much lock 1 or 2 dice.

So, who’s our opponent, then? Drum roll here, please... Abhoth! One of the new introductions in Unseen Forces. Well well, this will be interesting. Monsters also have a much larger role in Unseen Forces, it’s really easy to get flooded with them unless you’re careful. Doubly so with Abhoth, who has three monsters of his own, which gets placed at midnight. If at any time all three of them are in play when you have to place another, you immediately lose. Ouch. Doom track is 9 tokens, and we need 11 Elder Signs to seal him away.

Initial museum layout
The True History - Tasks: 3-Inv & Lore & -1 SA, 2x Lore & -1 SA
The Storage Closet - Tasks: -> 3-Inv, 3-Inv, 2x Lore
The Hidden Temple (Entry: +1 DT) - Tasks: -> 5-Inv, 3-Inv & Lore & Peril
Mysterious Tome - Tasks: 3-Inv & Terror, 2x Lore
The Elder Sign - Tasks: -> Lore & -1 SA, Lore & -1 ST, 2-Inv & Lore
Visiting Antiquarian (locks yellow and red dice) - Tasks: Lore & Peril, Lore

From the get go, I think there’s one place in particular that I need to clear: Visiting Antiquarian. It locks both the red and the yellow die, which is BAD news. No midnight effects either so far, so it’s pretty much a no-brainer to go there with Dexter, as he’ll get an additional spell reward as well. Also worth noting, there’s three adventures with a total of four Other World rewards, so we have a really, REALLY good chance to make use of Gloria if we play our cards right.

Initial Mythos: No immediate effect, but all adventure cards have an additional doom penalty today. Yikes!

First Night
Said and done, Dexter goes to Visiting Antiquarian in an attempt to free the locked dice. His first roll contains a Lore and a Peril result, so he fulfills the first part of the task. The second roll contains two Lore results. Dexter completes the adventure with flying colors.
Replacement: The Hidden Passage - Tasks: -> 3-Inv, Peril & 3-Inv, Lore
Reward: 2x TR, 1+1 SP (lock die), 2x UI (red die)

Michael decides to go for the Mysterious Tome, for the Other World reward. My reasoning being, there’s not a whole lot of skulls needed (he can change Terror to Peril once per roll), so he might as well try to open a gate to an Other World for Gloria. To be safe, he uses his CI to add the yellow die to the pool. First roll is a failure, netting no Lores and no Terror either. He focuses one of the 3-Inv rolled, discards a die and rolls again, getting the needed Terror. Now all he needs is 2x Lore. Third roll fails miserably, presenting no Lore results. Fourth and fifth roll are much the same, no Lore would show itself, and Michael has officially failed the adventure, netting Abhoth his first Doom Token, PLUS an additional Doom Token because of the Mythos card in place. Great.

Sister Mary, then. It will not be easy to repair what Michael did, but she will try. She goes to the Elder Sign adventure, using her CI to add the yellow die to the pool. She gets THREE Lore results on the first roll. Too bad she isn’t Amanda. Still, she decides to lock one of them on her SP before fulfilling the first task, 1x Lore & -1 SA. Next roll doesn’t get her any Lore, so she discards a die and tries again. She gets another Lore this time, and fulfills the second task - 1x Lore & -1 ST. Last task is 2-Inv & Lore. She rolls the remaining three dice, and miraculously, she gets a Lore, a 2-Inv and a Peril! She fulfills the last task without using the spell secured Lore, netting us our first Elder Sign, as well as reducing the Doom Track by one.
Replacement: Repugnant Tome (Terror: Discard 1x SP or get devoured) - Tasks: -> 2x Lore, Lore
Reward: 2x TR, -1 DT(!!), +1 ES, 2x CT

Gloria firstly uses her SP to open a gate: Lost Carcosa - Tasks: 3x Terror, M(5-Inv). Not really exciting, even though the rewards are great and she gets the red and yellow dice for free - she has no rerolls available making it a huge gamble, and with the added penalty of one DT for failure, she plays it safe and instead goes to the Lost and Found. She decides to roll three dice: 2x Inv and 1x Peril, so +1x CI (replace adventure) and -2 SA. Could be better, could be worse.

Midnight: Child of Abhoth (Peril, -2 ST, Curse) gets placed on Lost Carcosa, replacing 5-Inv task.
New Mythos: +1 DT unless at least one investigator has a spell - we have several.
Lingering: All adventures have their Terror effect replaced with “discard all Terror results” tonight

Elder signs: 1
Doom track: 1
Dexter: 5/5, 2+0 TR, 3x SP (lock die), 3x UI (red die)
Michael: 3/7, 0+0 TR, 1x CI (yellow die)
Sister Mary: 6/2, 2+0 TR, 1x SP (lock die), 1x UI (change die to Lore), 2x CT
Gloria: 4/4, 0+0 TR, 1x SP (replace adventure), 1x CI (yellow die)
Total attempted adventures: 3
Total succeeded adventures: 2
Total failed adventures: 1
Monsters killed: 0

Second Night
Dexter goes to tackle the The True History. He uses one of his UI to add the red die to the pool. A 2-Inv, 1-Inv and a Lore, and a SA loss of 1 gets the first task done. The next roll fails to net any Lore results, and I’m getting a little nervous. After discarding a die, I roll again, getting a Wild on the red die. Using it and the stored Lore from Sister Marys’ spell, he completes the second task, losing another point of SA in the process.
Replacement: Lights Out - Tasks: -> 3-Inv, 2x Peril, 2x Lore
Reward: 2x TR, 1x ES, 1+1x SP (lock die, fully restore any investigators SA), 2x CT

Michael, still sore after his last fuck up, tries to decipher the Mysterious Tome once again, also using his remaining CI to add the yellow die to the pool. First roll fulfills the first task of 3-Inv and 1x Terror with two green dice. Second roll gets him one Lore, which he focuses and discards a die, then rolls again. And fails. And discards another one, then fails again. Last die, last chance to get redemption. On a Lore roll, he will complete the adventure. And he succeeds!
Replacement: The Graveyard (Terror: Discard Terror results) - Tasks: Peril, Terror, 7-Inv
Reward: 2x TR, 1x Other World: Another Dimension - Tasks: Lore & M(1-Inv), Terror & Peril, 1x SP (lock die), 1x CT

Sister Mary SHOULD go to Lost Carcosa to get rid of the Child of Abhoth, but she’ll get devoured if she does. She could go to Another Dimension as well, but if she fails for whatever reason, she’s, again, devoured. She does, however, have two CT’s, so I’m pretty confident we can pull through on Another Dimension. It’s a bit risky, but worth it if she manages to do it. First roll completes the first task. Now all she needs to do is get one Peril and one Terror with four dice and two CT’s available. I believe in you, Mary! And she nails it on the very next roll, with 2x Peril and 1x Terror, leaving no doubt.
Reward: 2x TR, 1x ES, 1x SP (discard to bless 1 investigator), 1x CI (change 1 investigation to its highest value)

Gloria goes to Lost Carcosa, not only to get rid of the Child of Abhoth holed up there, but also to try to get the two Elder Signs that is the reward. She’ll get cursed once she disposes of the Child, but Mary can fix that on her next turn. The first roll is really disappointing, though, netting us only 1x Terror, and nothing of use to rid the Child. She focuses the Terror and discards the yellow die (no Terror results on that one!), and rolls again. She gets the remaining two Terror results. Now all that is left is to get a Peril. Third roll has a Wild result on the red die, thus, she completes the adventure, albeit getting cursed doing it, but still.
Rewards: 2x ES, 1x SP (fully restore any investigators ST), 1x CT

Midnight: Child of Abhoth (Lore, -2 SA, Curse) gets placed on The Storage Closet, replacing 3-Inv task.
New Mythos: +2 DT -> +1 Monster - Chthonian (7-Inv, Clock, -1 ST), gets placed beneath Repugnant Tome
Lingering: Next midnight, all investigators get 1x SP

Elder signs: 5
Doom track: 3
Dexter: 4/5, 4+0 TR, 5x SP (4x lock die, 1x fully restore any investigators SA), 2x UI (red die), 2x CT
Michael: 3/7, 2+0 TR, 1x SP (lock die), 1x CT
Sister Mary: 6/2, 4+0 TR, 1x SP (bless any investigator), 1x CI (change investigation to its highest value), 1x UI (change die to Lore), 2x CT
Gloria (CURSED): 4/4, 2+0 TR, 1x SP (fully restore any investigators ST), 2x CI (yellow die, replace adventure), 1x CT
Total attempted adventures: 7
Total succeeded adventures: 6
Total failed adventures: 1
Monsters killed: 1

Third Night
Dexter goes to The Storage Closet to get rid of the Child of Abhoth hiding in there. He uses one of his UI to add the red die to the pool. He’d need Lore to fulfill two of the three tasks before him, and first roll gives none. He decides to save his CT, spell securing a 3-Inv for the second task, discards one die and rolls again. The red die shows a Lore, fulfilling the Childs’ task (he also loses 2 points of SA). Now, I’m unsure whether he should add the curse right away or after the adventure is over. After some pondering, I decided to add it right away, so Dexter will roll five dice next time - four green and a black. After all, it’s a requirement of the monster. The roll didn’t give us what we needed, that is a 3-Inv, but luckily, Dexter stored one on the last roll, so he uses that one. The black die did not match any green die either. Also, since he has lots of lock die spells available, Dexter decides to lock one Lore result onto a spell for the next task. The next roll doesn’t give any Lore results, so he uses one CT and rerolls all three green dice. The black die wasn’t matching any greens this time either. With the reroll, he gets the second Lore. But he decides to see if he can’t keep the one stored on the spell, and focuses the one just rolled, discards one and rolls the last green with the black die. Alas, it’s an investigation result, so he uses the focused and the spell stored lores to complete the adventure, thus also clearing the curse. I know now that this is incorrect, he should have stayed cursed[/b]
Replacement: [i]Rite of Passage
- Tasks: -> Peril & -1 SA, Lore & -1 ST, 3-Inv & Terror
Reward: 2x TR, 1x UI (red die), 1x CT
Other World - Plateau of Leng (Terror: -1 SA) - Tasks: M(Lore & Terror), 2x Terror & Peril

Michael decides to go to The Hidden Passage, since the penalty for failing is -2 ST, and he has a lot of that available. He also has a CT to use if he comes close to completing the adventure, but no additional dice unfortunately. The first roll is no success, but he gets a Peril which he needs on the second task, so he spell secures that, discards one die and rolls again. Still no 3-Inv, so he uses his CT as a last resort to reroll four green dice. Still no 3-Inv, but a 2-Inv and a 1-Inv. Better than nothing, he fulfills the first task but must roll the next rolls perfectly if he wants to succeed. And he actually manages to get 2x 3-Inv, fulfilling the second task with one of them and the spell secured Peril. It’s up to the last roll, then, to see if he manages to complete the adventure. One green die, and one Lore needed. Alas, he rolls a Terror, which he could change to a Peril, but that’s of no help, and he fails the adventure, losing 2 points of ST in the process.

Sister Mary firstly uses her spell to bless Gloria, making her get rid of her curse. Then she takes a huge risk again, going to Repugnant Tome. It’s a pretty easy task (2x Lore, 1x Lore) and she has a CT and a UI that can change a result to Lore. But should she roll a Terror, she has no spells to discard, and will get devoured. First roll, and she gets a Terror... and ONE Lore. But she needs two of them, so she uses the UI to change the Terror result to Lore instead, thus fulfilling the first part of the task. On her second roll, she again rolls a Terror... and a Lore! What I didn’t realize was that there was a monster lurking underneath the card, the Chthonian that got placed a couple of nights ago. So, with three dice and two CT’s remaining, she sets out to get 7-Inv. It’s a miserable roll, with only a 1-Inv and 2x Peril. She could use her second last CI to improve the one investigation to a 3, and reroll the two remaining, or reroll all three. She uses the CI, then burns one CT on a reroll of the two Perils. A Terror and a 2-Inv. She can’t not reroll the Terror, lest she gets devoured. She needs at least a 2-Inv. And by the skin of her teeth she pulls through, rolling a 2-Inv! Dear god, that was a tad too close for my liking. The killing of the Chthonian also urged the clock forward, so it’s midnight again.
Replacement: The Director’s Safe - Tasks: 3-Inv & Peril, 2x Peril
Reward: 2+2 TR,m 1x ES, 1x Other World, 1x Monster - Color out of Space (locks yellow die), Lore & -2 SA, gets placed on The Abyss, covering Peril & Terror
Other World: The Abyss - Color out of Space monster, 2x Lore & Peril

Midnight: Child of Abhoth (Peril, -2 ST, Curse) gets placed on Plateau of Leng, replacing Lore & Terror. investigators get 1x SP each. Dexter: lock die, Michael: lock die, Sister Mary: Discard 3 monsters, Gloria: lock 2 dice
New Mythos: +1 DT
Lingering: Lock yellow die

Elder signs: 6
Doom track: 3
Dexter: 4/5, 6+0 TR, 5x SP (4x lock die, 1x fully restore any investigators SA), 2x UI (red die), 2x CT
Michael: 3/5, 2+0 TR, 1x SP (lock die)
Sister Mary: 6/2, 6+2 TR, 1x SP (discard 3 monsters)
Gloria: 4/4, 2+0 TR, 2x SP (fully restore any investigators ST, lock 2 dice), 2x CI (yellow die, replace adventure), 1x CT
Total attempted adventures: 10
Total succeeded adventures: 8
Total failed adventures: 2
Monsters killed: 3

Fourth Night
Gloria goes first this night. Since we have the discard monster spell, we’re not in a hurry to get rid of the Children for now. Her special ability is severely handicapped with the yellow die being locked down. She could go for either Other World, but both will see her devoured on failure, and she only has the one reroll available. She does, however, possess the double die lock spell, which could come in handy, and she could save the monster tasks for last since there’s no arrows on either adventure. With this reasoning, she heads out to The Abyss to take on the Color out of Space. After a REALLY disappointing roll, she’s forced to reroll her entire pool with her only CT. The roll is a little better, still not producing any Lore results, however. She locks down a Wild and a Peril which she needs for the final task, and discards one green die and rolls again. She gets a single lore, which is enough, of course, to fulfill the last task on the adventure. Now it’s only a matter of getting a single Lore to be able to get rid of the monster. She rolls her remaining three green dice. Three rolls later, we can only lift our hands in the air - there was no Lore results left in the dice, obviously. She fails the adventure and suffers a penalty of -1 ST and -2 SA.

Dexter decides to use his spell to heal Gloria to full SA. Then he attempts the same place as her, using one of his UI to add the red die to the pool. The first roll has him get a single Lore and a Peril. He needs one more Lore to fulfill the latter task, and one Lore to kill the monster. He uses one of his two CT’s for a reroll. He gets another Lore result, and as a bonus, a Wild. He secures the wild on a SP, then rolls the three remaining green dice to try and get the last Lore needed to complete the adventure. He gets it the very next roll, killing the Color out of Space, taking two points of SA damage in the process.
Reward: 2x ES, 1+1 SP (discard monster, change die to anything), 1x UI (red die)

Michael will still try to complete The Hidden Passage, for the reward of 2x ES. First roll succeeds, getting him a 3-Inv and a Peril, which he needs on the second task, which he secures on a Spell. The next roll is not so glorious, though. 3x Peril and a Terror. He discards a die and tries again. A 2-Inv, a Peril and a Lore. The Lore would be needed in the last task, but right now he’d need a 3-Inv... well, there’s nothing to do but discard another die and try again. And fail again. 1-Inv and Lore. He discards his second to last die, and rolls a last time, rolling a Peril. He suffers a penalty of -2 ST, again.

Sister Mary decides to try to break into the Director’s Safe. She fulfills the first task easily, and now has three dice left to get at least one Peril. She can still use Michaels spell locked Peril also. She gets one of the needed two, and decides to discard a die, focus the one she has, and try to get the last one by herself. And she actually does!
Replacement: We Need to Find Help (lock green die) - Tasks: M( ), 2x Peril, Lore, 3-Inv
Reward: 3+0 TR (draw 2 additional adventure cards and claim them as trophies), 1x UI (red die)

Midnight: Child of Abhoth (8-Inv, Curse) gets placed on We Need to Find Help
New Mythos: +1 DT, then resolve all midnight effects again -> Child of Abhoth (Lore, -2 SA, Curse) gets placed on The Graveyard. Draw new Mythos: No immediate effect.
Lingering: 2x monster next midnight

Elder signs: 8
Doom track: 5
Dexter: 2/5, 8+2 TR, 6x SP (4x lock die, 1x change 1 die to any result, 1x kill monster), 2x UI (red die), 1x CT
Michael: 3/3, 2+0 TR
Sister Mary: 6/2, 9+2 TR, 1x SP (discard 3 monsters), 1x UI (red die)
Gloria: 6/3, 2+0 TR, 1x SP (fully restore any investigators ST), 2x CI (yellow die, replace adventure)
Total attempted adventures: 14
Total succeeded adventures: 10
Total failed adventures: 4
Monsters killed: 4

Fifth Night
Gloria will have to do something now. I was really lucky not to lose due to being lax with the Children last night, what with the “resolve midnight effects again”. Just to be on the safe side, she uses her CI Museum Map to get rid of The Graveyard, discarding one of the Children with it, replacing it with Don’t Fall Asleep (Terror effect: -1 SA for team) - Tasks: Terror, 2x Terror. She then uses her other CI to add the yellow die to the pool, and takes on We Need to Find Help in an attempt to free the locked green die. Her first roll is nearly perfect, scoring a Peril, a Lore, and some 3-Inv and a 2-Inv. She uses Michaels locked Peril to fulfill the last task of 2x Peril, Lore and 3-Inv. Now, she needs to roll at least 2-Inv on both dice, so she can fulfill the Child of Abhoth task of 8-Inv, with the help of the locked Wild of course. The yellow die is a 3-Inv, but the green is a Lore, and thus, it only adds up to seven. She discards the green die in a last attempt to roll the 4-Inv on the yellow die. And miraculously, the roll succeeds and she gets the 4-Inv! She uses the wild and the 4-Inv to get rid of the Child, also getting cursed, but clearing the curse when she clears the adventure (this is how I think it goes, if I’m interpreting the rules correctly). And again, I learned later that this is NOT how it works, you can't cure a curse completing an adventure where you got it in the first place.
Replacement: Lingering Curse (Terror: Lose all but 1 SA and ST) - Tasks: 3-Inv, 2x Lore & Peril
Rewards: 1x SP (5 TR), 1x CI (change die to Peril)

Now that all but one Child is in the bag again, we can breathe a little easier. Still, we only have four Doom Tokens left before Abhoth awakens, so we should hurry and get those Elder Signs!

Dexter goes to Plateau of Leng. He uses a UI to get the red die. His first roll contains all he needs for the latter part of the task, that is 2x Terror and 1x Peril. He also has a spare Peril, which he locks on a Spell for next round, to get rid of the Child (which he could get rid of with his kill monster spell also, but which is better saved for a worse moment perhaps). Rolling the remaining three green dice, he gets the last Peril he needs to kill off the monster, and finishes the adventure (taking -2 points ST killing the monster and getting cursed). The curse is of course lifted immediately because he completed an adventure. Still not true...[i]
Reward: 2+0 TR, -1 DT, +1 ES, +2 CT

Michael has been somewhat of a burden. He hasn’t really done anything to contribute to the greater good. Will this round see that change? He still attempts to find [i]The Hidden Passage
. I bet no one is surprised that he failed. Again. -2 ST.

Right before midnight, Sister Mary realizes that Don’t Fall Asleep is on the table still, with a midnight effect that will not kill anyone, but nearly, if left unchecked. She uses her UI to add the red die to her pool, removing it from the spell Dexter had it on. First roll gets two Terrors, which leaves one. Second roll presents an additional 2x Terror, so she easily dispatches the nasty Midnight effect.
Replacement: Night Watchman (locks green die) - Tasks: 2x Peril, Peril & -1 ST
Reward: 1x ES, 1x SP (lock die), 1x CT

Midnight: Child of Abhoth (Peril, -2 SA, Curse) gets placed on The Hidden Temple
2x Monsters - Maniac (Peril) gets placed on Night Watchman, and Shoggoth (Lore & Terror & -1 SA) gets placed The Hidden Passage
New Mythos: +1 DT -> 1x monster - Ghoul (2-Inv) gets placed on Rite of Passage
Lingering: No lingering effect

Elder signs: 9
Doom track: 5
Dexter: 2/5, 10+2 TR, 4x SP (2x lock die, 1x change 1 die to any result, 1x kill monster), 1x UI (red die), 3x CT
Michael: 3/1, 2+0 TR
Sister Mary: 6/2, 11+2 TR, 2x SP (discard 3 monsters, lock die), 1x CT
Gloria: 6/3, 2+0 TR, 2x SP (fully restore any investigators ST, 5 TR), 1x CI (change to Peril)
Total attempted adventures: 18
Total succeeded adventures: 13
Total failed adventures: 5
Monsters killed: 6

Sixth Night
Gloria again. No open Other Worlds, so no free extra dice. She uses her Heal Spell to fully restore Michaels’ ST. Then she visits the Lost & Found, rolling three dice. It’s a gamble, and this time it did so not pay off, resulting in three investigations. She takes all hits to her SA.

Dexter goes for the gold. He goes to The Hidden Passage, using his last UI to add the red die to the pool. First roll fulfills first task, and he spell secures the Peril and Lore he gets also on separate spells. The second roll fails, so he uses a CT and rolls again, getting the 3-Inv he needs. He uses the Peril secured on the spell, and fulfills the second task. Then he tries to get the Peril by rolling the remaining two dice. He fails, so he uses another CT to reroll both. He still fails to get the Lore, so he uses the Lore from the Spell he secured earlier. Now, he still has Shoggoth to deal with, so he needs a Lore and a Terror. He gets the Terror but not the Lore, so he uses his spell to change the Peril to Lore. He takes -1 SA damage, but completes the adventure, collecting the last two Elder Signs he needs.

Final stats
Elder signs: 11
Doom track: 5
Dexter: 2/5, 10+2 TR, 4x SP (2x lock die, 1x change 1 die to any result, 1x kill monster), 1x UI (red die), 3x CT
Michael: 3/1, 2+0 TR
Sister Mary: 6/2, 11+2 TR, 2x SP (discard 3 monsters, lock die), 1x CT
Gloria: 4/3, 2+0 TR, 2x SP (fully restore any investigators ST, 5 TR), 1x CI (change to Peril)
Total attempted adventures: 19
Total succeeded adventures: 14
Total failed adventures: 5
Monsters killed: 7

Final thoughts
Yes, I played it wrong with the curses a few times. Would it have mattered in the long run? Hard to say. Dexter and Sister Mary had lots of trophies available for blessing others, should the need have arisen. The only thing that would have done is of course delay the inevitable - my win Joking aside, I got a really good scare there on the end of the fourth night, with the Resolve midnight effects again Mythos card. I don't know if I'm supposed to add a Child of Abhoth again in conjunction with that card, but that's how I interpreted it, and I see no fault in it. It was extra scary, because I literally thought to myself, I'm in no hurry to get them off the board, I have spells to clear them away if need be - well, if there had been two on the board already instead of one, I would have lost right there and then!

[u]Team performance[u]
Michael was, of course, a big letdown. I didn't use him properly, he should have probably gone to search the Lost & Found instead of bashing his head against the wall, searching for The Hidden Passage. But I really, really wanted him to make up for the fact that he lost the first adventure. He didn't.

Sister Mary and Dexter were both team carriers this time. Quite surprisingly so. Gloria also did her fair share, but she was not quite as good as Mary and Dexter. I think it might have been good to actually have Dexter now, he can go through the Spell deck so quickly, you can really get the good stuff out of there, even if he was hogging those lock 1 die spells in the beginning.

I'm eager to continue my campaign, we'll see how far I get. The base game Ancient Ones probably won't pose any major threats, but the Unseen Forces ones really have some nasty abilities...

Until next time!
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Juha Loukaja
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Re: Unseen Forces Campaign, Part One
Part II is now up, read it here!
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