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Subject: Fire Boils Water; Water Douses Fire (Vulca vs Aqua) rss

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chris carleton
bon accord
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My wife and I first found the Aqua deck to be rather tricky to play and we are still learning about it, but sort of have the hang of it now. We currently have five decks (Hoax, Vulca, Flit, Khind, Aqua), so we decided to have a round robin, in which the Flit were eliminated, likely because we still don't have the hang of them.

So we then took the remaining four races, and, to play them off against each other, the first place went against the fourth: Vulca vs Aqua. We decided to switch decks after each game, and also play for crystals to see who was the better player.

First Game:

Chris: Vulca
Penny: Aqua

The first two fights were pretty quick affairs, with Aqua initiating first in earth; then fire. The Vulca were ahead with two dragons.

Then Aqua initiated a third protracted fight, and I found myself running very short on character cards, which we haven't found to be a big problem with the Vulca deck. I could have retreated, but instead played a leadership card that allowed me to retrieve my active character card, and brought the score back to zero with a shield. Aqua countered and but I couldn't match it, and all the dragons were in the neutral zone again.

The Vulca initiated a fight in fire, and the Aqua played Irresistible Sirens, so I had to throw a character card out every round if I wanted to keep going. As it was late in the game, I decided to persist, and try to run the deck out; I even played a support card to allow me to attract and additional dragon, and attracted all three!

I hadn't completely emptied my draw deck, so Aqua initiated a final fight in earth, but quickly had to retreat. The Vulca won with four dragons.

Chris: 4
Penny: 0

Game 2:

Chris: Aqua
Penny: Vulca

As the Aqua, I started a fight in fire (fight fire with fire as the saying goes), mainly because I only was dealt a single character card, and did not draw another. The Vulca attracted one dragon.

The second fight was even quicker as the Aqua retreated again. The Vulca had two dragons.

Aqua initaited a longer fight in earth, and finished it with both Flood cards, to take two dragons and put them all in the neutral area again.

A quick fight in fire brought one of them back over to the Aqua; only to have it go back to the neutral area in a fire fight initiated by the Vulca.

The Aqua's mutant card can only be played if you have two fewer cards than your opponent. This doesn't occur too often with the Vulca, so when I got the chance to put cards on the bottom of my draw deck, I put the mutant under, and initiated a protracted fight in earth.

After a few turns, the Vulca played their mutant and changed it to fire.

My second last card was the leadership card that allowed me to shuffle my discard deck so I played it, then I played Yang, which allows you to play your next card as if it had the free icon. More importantly, I now had only four cards in my hand compared to the six in Penny's so I played my mutant.

The Aqua, with support now had 10 earth, the Vulca played their shield, but the Aqua countered with 7 earth and won the game by attracting two dragons.


Chris: 7
Penny: 0

As the Vulca had won more crystals in their victory, they will be going on to the finals.

After having played each of these decks more than a dozen times, I think that the Vulca are a somewhat more subtle deck than I originally thought, and the Aqua are not quite as tricky as I originally thought, although I'm not sure I completely "get" them yet.
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Gary Bradley
United Kingdom
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When I play the Aqua, who are my favourite deck, despite having the worst Mutant of all time (exception vs The Khind or Hoax but I digress), my strategies are simple: play as many cards as you can every turn, knowing you will replenish your entire deck eventually. If you get the chance to discard cards, throw away as many low power cards as you can. Seems to work.

Now the Flit...I just haven't got a clue how to play them.
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