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Car Wars: The Card Game is a pretty good example of well-themed “take that” game. It is not deeply strategic, nor is it particularly tactical. It is a lot of fun though.

The game comes with 6 large cards to represent the cars and a 110 card deck of assorted attacks, defenses, and special abilities.
The layout of the cards is very good and does a great job of helping with the bookkeeping in the game.

The gameplay is pretty simple. Each turn you draw back up to six cards. You may then either attack, play a special or discard at least one card.
If you attack, then you choose another player to hit with your attack. That player can then respond with either armor or specials in order to negate, redirect, or reduce the effect of your attack.
Each vehicle has 12 points of armor on each side – typical attacks do 3-6 points. Once a side is breached (by taking 12 points of damage) additional shots on that side affect the driver who is killed when he takes 5 points.
The winner is the last player who remains alive.

This review is part of a series of reviews I’m doing as I evaluate games my wife may use in her classroom or that I’m using with my Boy Scouts. Apart from the normal review, I try to identify the kinds of intelligence that the game will use. For an explanation of multiple intelligences, see: my blog post at: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/786097

Linguistic Intelligence
There is quite a bit of text on some of the cards, so reading and comprehending is helpful, but not strictly an advantage.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
You definitely need to be able to add the numbers up in order to do 12 and then 5 points of damage.

This is a “take that” game and it lends itself to an “attack the wounded” strategy. Being able to convince other players not to attack you when you are the most wounded is a valuable skill and relies heavily on interpersonal intelligence.

Like all “take that” games this one can lead to bullying and the feeling of being picked on. Having enough maturity to realize this is not personal is mandatory

Age Appropriateness
The theme is obviously troublesome for some, since it is basically “kill the other guy”. The “take that” element compounds this and makes it a game best played by children who are at least 10 in my experience. Even so, I have seen allegedly mature gamers become very angry during this game.

I love this game. My scouts really love it. If you don’t mind the shooting theme, this is a great game. The rules are simple and the theme is very appealing to kids in the 10-16 age range (as well as many adults). It is not a huge strategy game, but it makes up for that by being quick, having easy rules, and executing an interesting theme exceptionally well.

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My father was once friends with a gentleman who used to act as scoutmaster for a local boyscout troop, and he began "volunteering" me to the fellow for the troop's yearly summer camping trip since their safety rules required a certain quota of adults, either parents or volunteers, to go along. So of course I took along some games, and Car Wars: tCG was definitely a success. After a long, hard day of earning merit badges and dodging mosquitos, the scouts were generally more than ready to shoot some cars up. Great game.

Although I did find that, when 5 or more of the kids were playing, I needed to institute a rule that no one could attack anyone in the first round. Prior to that house rule, it was not uncommon for the scout going last to find himself dead before even drawing his first card of the game. That didn't sit quite right with me; everyone should at least get one turn of play before being destroyed. All in all though, they loved this game. I think I may even have donated one of my extra copies to the troop when I was no longer able to volunteer.

Another game I used to take along with that the scouts couldn't get enough of was "Wrasslin'", a card game of professional wrestling.
It's gameplay is similar to Car Wars: tCG, but a little more complicated. And since it's about professional wrestlers mixing it up in the ring rather than about road warriors shooting each other's cars up, you don't have to worry so much about complaints of the violence from parents. (Not to say that Wrasslin' isn't darn violent too.)

Both games go over with kids really, really well. And, as you say, with many adults too.
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One of my favorites
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