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Subject: Solo play variant - help with rules rss

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Ed Burrows
United Kingdom
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I’m hoping someone can help with a question regarding the Solo play variant posted a few years ago by GameRulesforOne.

I have spent many hours trying to get my head round the rules and, having given up on several occasions. I'm giving it one last shot!

My problem is that I cannot reconcile my understanding of the rules with some of the influence placement examples described later in the document.

I am therefore appealing to anyone proficient enough in the solo play rules to point me in the right direction.

Here goes…

The examples use the images in the official game rule book to describe situations prior to influence placement and then the actions the AI would take depending on the number of Ops it had at its disposal.

The first example uses the image of the South America position on page 15 of the official rules.

The scoring position in that image is;
• USSR: 3 points - 2 for Presence in the scoring region and +1 for BG countries controlled (i.e. Venezuela)
• USA: 2 points – 2 for Presence in the scoring region

Thus, prior to placement of any additional influence, USSR is leading in the region.

The example states that if playing as USSR the AI should either place 1 influence in Argentina (thus gaining control and spreading out countries controlled) OR, if the event is [mine], coup Columbia to gain domination.

The first part of this makes perfect sense. It is that latter bit I don’t understand.

Firstly, the rules state that “Influence placement is considered before attempting a coup/realignment. The AI won’t gamble if an improvement can be guaranteed.”

In this example, the placement of influence DOES guarantee an improvement to USSR’s scoring position (i.e. from 3 to 4) since another BG country is controlled. So why then, is a coup being mentioned as an option?

Secondly, the example (and the ‘Reminder’ in the intro section to the examples) states that the coup option is considered if the event held by the AI is mine.

Again, this appears to be at odds with the rules which state that in a scoring round, if the AI is tied/leading in a region [which it is], a coup is only an option if;
1. Placing OP’s do not improve scoring position [which they do, as mentioned above]
2. If the event is [mine] the AI will try to send it to space but if it cannot, it will use the Ops to coup/realign in the SECONDARY region [Columbia is in the Primary region???].

So again, as far as I can understand, couping Columbia is not an option.

I have, therefore, got to a point where I can only conclude that either the examples are wrong (highly unlikely given their provenance) or I am missing something (likely, but perplexing given the time I have looked at it). If there are folks, cleverer than I, who have fully grasped the rules, I would appreciate some guidance.

(I had asked the question to the rules designer a while back but did not get a reply hence this plea for help!)
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Gianluca Spessato
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I understand your frustration,but because english isn't my mothertongue (I'm italian), I find really difficult and time consuming try to explain the concepts you needs help. I can say that the solo variant is really nice and interesting, with many situations where you really enjoy to play the game in solitaire and not head to head. I found really useful read (and play) this post: and the part 2. There are some little errors here and there, but this is a nice tutorial. Hope this helps you, but, anyway, don't desperate and try to play this solo variant, it deserve your time and your efforts!
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Gianni Vacca
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The one issue that prevents me from playing this variant is that I haven't understood how scoring rounds are determined.
Can anybody explain it to me?
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