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Senor EvilMonkey
United Kingdom
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I don't have a scanner so here you go...

The Epic 2-4 player game of adventure and fear for all the family.

You have discovered an ancient chart of a lost valley. It shows that the valley was once occupied by a fierce tribe that had collected a vast wealth of treasure and then used dinosaurs to help protect it.
No humans live there now, although the treasure remains hidden in a temple at the top of the valley - and the dinosaurs are still guarding it!
Recently the chart showing the way into the valley and the route to its treasure was stolen from you and you know that the other expeditions have set out to unravel its secrets.
As your party presses onward, a volcano that has been dormant for centuries rumbles and threatens to engulf the landscape in lava.
The race is on. Who will win the fabulous riches of the temple and how many will die in the endeavour?

Gameboard, 2 mountains, volcano cone, 16 explorers (4x green; 4x orange; 4x brown; 4x cream), swamp monster, 6 T-Rex dinosaurs, Pteranodon bird, 30 red lava pieces, 12 treasure coins, 2 dice, pack of 54 adventure cards, press out sheet with: temple, pteranodon's nest, 12 bullets.

Object of the game:
Short game: To be the first to get 1 treasure coin out of the valley.
Long game: To be the first to get 3 treasure coins out of the valley.

Playing the game:
Each turn always consists of two parts:
First: Take a card, read it aloud, and follow the instructions if possible. Put it onto a discard pile unless instructed to keep it.
Second: EITHER Move any ONE of your explorers of your choice on land by throwing 1 die if you are NOT carrying treasure, 2 dice if you ARE carrying treasure;
OR if you are moving in a river, in the swamp, or stepping out of water onto land, do not throw the dice but simply move 1 space only.

Each explorer may enter or leave the valley by any of the four arrows.
He may go in any direction, but may not move into the same space more than once in a turn.
He may not move into a dinosaurs lair or into the swamp. The edge of the swamp is marked by the grey arrows, so he is safe to go onto the 'flowery' spaces just outside them.
Notice that there are two dry crossing places on one river, but only one dry crossing on each of the other two rivers. Cross at these places when moving on a normal dice-throw.
If an explorer wants to wade a river, he ends his turn in the water regardless of any points left on the dice.
An explorer moves only 1 space if he starts a turn in a river or in the swamp.
Explorers may share spaces.
Explorers may not move into a space occupied by a dinosaur or the swamp monster!
Explorers do not need an exact throw to get into the temple or out of the valley.

Being Captured:
If an explorer has been captured, he may not leave the lair so long as the dinosaur is in it with him.
An explorer may escape from a dinosaur's lair by following the footprints:
EITHER on a dice-throw when the dinosaur is absent; OR if you draw a 'dinosaur fight' card at the beginning of your turn - your explorer moves onto one of the footprint spaces next to the entrance, then you throw the dice to move him as normal. If you draw this card and none of your explorers are in lairs, you must move an opponent's explorer out of a lair. (Ignore this card if no-one has been captured.)

Dying of thirst:
If you draw a 'short of water' card, you must move one of your explorers into a river or onto a space next to a river that turn (unless, of course, you are already there!). You do not have to arrive by exact count.

Always try to move dinosaurs strategically to clear your own path or to menace opponents.
Dinosaurs move according to the cards.
They may leave their lairs on any spaces marked by footprints.
They may not enter the Swamp or the Temple or leave the valley. They may move freely on all other land or water spaces. They just stomp across rivers regardless!
During the game, they may move BY EXACT COUNT into any lair if it is unoccupied or occupied only by humans.
They may not share the spaces with each other.
They capture all explorers on any spaces they move through or land on.
If they capture any explorers, they immediately go with them straight to any lair unoccupied by another dinosaur (but there may already be humans there!).
Any explorers eaten alive by dinosaurs are naturally removed from the board for the rest of the game!
Dinosaurs may not take captured humans to a lair that has been cut off by lava.

You 'win' these when you draw a bullet card.
You can use them whenever you want - before a move or after a move.
You can use them singly or all at once in any combination. E.g if you have three bullets, you can move one dinosaur three spaces; or three dinosaurs one space each; or one dinosaur one space and another dinosaur two spaces, etc.
You can use a bullet to land a dinosaur on another explorer, so capturing him and taking him immediately to its lair.

Swamp and swamp monster:
The swamp monster moves only on the grey arrows.
Any explorers landed on by the monster are eaten and removed from play.
If an explorer has the bad luck to fall into the swamp, or to be deposited there by the Pteranodon, his only way out is to move one space per turn via the grey arrows until he reaches dry land beyond the blue arrows. However, there is one 'escape from swamp' card, which allows the fortunate explorer to get out immediately to the stepping-stone exit or the river-space exit - whichever is nearer.
A crafty move: if you get a 'fall in swamp' card, you can take one of your explorers from outside the valley and plave him in the swamp. It might be quicker to reach the temple by moving out of the swamp at one space per turn instead of crossing the entire board on normal throws.
The 'fall in swamp' card does NOT permit you to take an explorer out of a dinosaurs lair (whether or not the dinosaur is at home!).

When you draw a 'pteranodon swoops' card, you may use it EITHER to move one of your explorers to a good, safe space; OR to move an opponent to a dangerous, empty space.
The pteranodon can rescue explorers from the swamp, from guarded and unguarded dinosaurs' lairs, and from spaces which have been cut off from lava.
It can take explorers from outside the vallet and put them in good places (e.g. in the middle of the swamp, near a dinosaur or near the volcano, or on a space or lair cut off by lava).
It cannot land an explorer on an occupied space or in a liar.
The pteranodon always returns to its nest after use. It never takes explorers to its nest.

Lava is dangerous stuff! It can maroon dinosaurs and explorers, cut off river crossings and dinosaurs' lairs, and much more!
One piece of lava occupies one space.
The first piece of lava is laid at the top of the volcano cone. The next piece, and further pieces are laid one per turn.
Once lava reaches the board, it is laid three pieces per turn.
Lava must always be laid on spaces next to previously laid lava.
Lava may be laid on any spaces EXCEPT in the swamp.
No explorer or dinosaur may land on or pass over space occupied by lava.
If you can put lava on a space occupied by an explorer, he is killed and removed from the game!
When all 30 pieces of lava have been laid, you may reposition three pieces of lava on empty spaces adjacent to other lava each time you draw a 'volcano erupts' card.

The Temple:
The Temple is a sanctuary. Only explorers may enter. Any number of explorers may be there at the same time.
You do not have to get an exact throw to enter, but once your explorer enters, your turn ends.
Explorers may enter Or leave by a cave, if you have the relevant card.

Each explorer may carry only one coin at a time. He will need to take it out of the valley, then go in again to fetch another if you are playing the long game.
If one of your explorers falls into the swamp, or is captured by a dinosaur, or carried off by the Pteranodon, he must leave the coin on the space he was occupying. If he dies whilst trying to get water, the treasure is left at the end of his unsuccessful move.
An explorer may claim abandoned treasure by landing on it by exact count.
If one of your explorers lands on another explorer carrying a coin, you may NOT steal it from him. (You must find other ways of making opponents abandon their treasure!)

The Winner:
The first player to bring the required number of treasure coins out of the valley is the hero of the adventure and wins the game.
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Senor EvilMonkey
United Kingdom
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Adventure Cards.
3 x Danger Ahead! Three Dinosaurs move 2 spaces and three move one space each. All captured expolorers are taken to any Dinosaur's Lair. (Move the Dinosaur and explorer to any available Lair. If the explorer was carrying a coin, it is left on the square from which he was carried away).

1 x Dinosaur Attack! One Dinosaur moves 3 spaces and three other Dinosaurs move 1 space each. Each captured explorer is taken to any Dinosaur's Lair. All captured explorers there are eaten alive! (Move the Dinosaur and explorer to any available Lair. All explorers in that Lair are removed from the game. If the explorer was carrying a coin, it is left on the square from which he was carried away).

3 x Dinosaurs fight and their attention is diverted. One explorer can escape from any Dinosaur Lair by moving one space outside.

4 x Encounter grazing Dinosaurs! Three Dinosaurs move one space each. Each captured explorer is taken to any Dinosaur's Lair to await his fate. (Move the Dinosaur and explorer to any available Lair. If the explorer was carrying a coin, it is left on the square from which he was carried away).

1 x Escape from Swamp. If one of your explorers is trapped in the Swamp, he can escape on this turn by moving to any space immediately beyond his nearest exit from the Swamp.

5 x Expedition disturbs the undergrowth. All the Dinosaurs move one space each. Each captured explorer is taken to any Dinosaur's Lair! (Move the Dinosaur and explorer to any available Lair. If the explorer was carrying a coin, it is left on the square from which he was carried away).

6 x One member of your expedition loses his way and falls into the Swamp. A maximum three spaces ahead of the hungry Swamp Monster! (If the explorer was carrying a coin, it is left on the square from which he lost his way).

6 x Pteranodon Swoops! One explorer is carried anywhere on the board but not into or out of the Temple, or out of the Valley. Any treasure carried by the explorer must be abandoned. (If the explorer is carrying a coin, it is left on the square from which he was carried away).

6 x Restless Dinosaurs! Three Dinosaurs move 2 spaces each. Each captured member of an expedition is taken to any Dinosaur's Lair to await his fate. (Move the Dinosaur and explorer to any available Lair. If the explorer was carrying a coin, it is left on the square from which he was carried away).

6 x The Swamp Monster is disturbed! He moves one more space round the swamp. Any explorer trapped in the swamp on that space is eaten! (The eaten explorer is removed from the game).

7 x Volcano erupts! Lava flows relentlessly forward. One space on the mountain but on reaching the valley three spaces. (Any Dinosaurs or explorers struck by the creeping lava are killed and removed from the game).

2 x You have discovered a chart of a secret passage to the temple. Keep this card until one of your explorers reaches a cave. He can use it to go directly to the Temple (or leave the Temple through the secret passage). Travel one way only. Return this card after use.
(It does exactly what it says on the tin!)

2 x You have found a gun! Keep this card until one of your explorers reaches an abandoned ammunition dump. Find 3 bullets. Return this card. Use bullets on any of your turns. One bullet frightens a Dinosaur one space away. Return each bullet after use.

2 x Your expedition is short of water. One of your explorers must reach the river on this turn or one member of your party dies. (Although the card/rules do not specify which explorer dies, there is a line in the rules saying that if an explorer carrying a coin "dies whilst trying to get water, the treasure is left at the end of his unsuccessful move" suggests that the explorer attempting the river run dies is he fails to make it).

1 x SPARE CARD (Absolutely no use in the game, you can't even use it to replace a missing or damaged card as it has 'SPARE CARD' written in large text across the centre?!)
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Andreas Johansson
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I spent 200 GG and all I got was this lousy overtext!
I spent 200 GG and all I got was this lousy overtext!
I dunno if we played it wrong, or if there was a rule difference in the Swedish edition, but we always played it that you always rolled two dice for movement, and then chose two explorers, each using one of the die rolls.
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We house ruled 2D6 movement without treasure, 1D6 with treasure- more nerve racking then the other way around! goo
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Help, I'm being held prisoner in an overtext typing facility! I don't have much time, they could find out at any m
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The Swedish 1988 edition indeed has some differences:

* Objective is 1 coin for short game, 2 for normal, 3 for long.

* Each turn you roll two dice and move two different explorers. You can forgo one or both rolls to move an explorer in an unguarded lair, in the swamp or in the river (but not move the same explorer twice).

* Exception: you may not move an explorer in the swamp on the same turn it got deposited there.

* The possibility of moving from one river space to another is not mentioned.

* Using both dice to move a single explorer with a treasure is an optional rule. An alternative optional rule is that an explorer with a treasure deducts 1 from its movement allowance to a minimum of 1.

* Moving an explorer out of an unguarded lair is a single step, not part of die roll movement.

* Spaces adjoining lairs are not marked on the board, but are shown in the rules. Each lair has two exit spaces, including the ones next to the volcano.

* It is spelled out dinosaurs cannot pass through each other's spaces.

* There is no mention of moving dinosaurs back into lairs except as a result of normal capture, nor of any lava-based restrictions on lair selection.

* Read literally, the dinosaur rules section says the "Dinosaur attack" card remains in effect the whole turn - which would mean subsequent captures triggered by gunshots are also fatal. The card itself is not worded in this way, though.

* It is not spelled out that a lair can have explorers in it when moving a dinosaur there with captives, just that it must be "vacant".

* The "falls into the swamp" card also discounts pieces already in the swamp and outside the board (so the "crafty move" is disallowed).

* The "Escape from swamp" card uses up one of your die rolls if used.

* It is also said that the "falls into the swamp" card is the only thing that allows moving three explorers in the same turn. This could be taken to mean that moving one of your own explorers by pteranodon also eats one of your rolls, or that you can't move two explorers and then play a "You have discovered a chart" card on an eligible third, but this isn't spelled out anywhere else.

* You can only place lava on "empty" spaces. It isn't spelled out exactly what counts as empty, but nothing is said about for instance returning treasures to the temple, so it could be read as absolute.

* There is no mention of leaving a treasure "at the end of his unsuccessful move" when dying of thirst.

* Bullet cards must be cashed in for bullets on either of the two ammo crate spaces (as mentioned in the cards list), arriving by exact count.

* You must enter the temple by exact count.

* The "You have discovered a chart" card is used after moving onto one of the board spaces adjoining a lair, not from the inside.

* The possibility of ending the game because lava is making it impossible to traverse the board is acknowledged, but not clearly defined. Also the possibility of all explorers dying.

* If the main objective wasn't met for either reason, the tiebreakers are in order: number of treasures, number of remaining explorers, and having vacated the board sooner. It isn't stated whether leaving alive and dying are equivalent for the last one.

* There are 56 cards instead of 54 (but no spare).

* The "Dinosaur attack" card kills all explorers in all lairs with a dinosaur after the move is over.

* There are 6 "Expedition disturbs the undergrowth" cards instead of 5.

* "Pteranodon swoops" cannot move an off-board explorer onto the board.

* There are 5 cards moving the swamp monster 1 space and 2 cards moving it 2 spaces.
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