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Subject: Bad Santa Hex rss

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Raymond Gallardo
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Bad Santa Hex

A Hex variant with a huge luck element by me, Raymond Gallardo!


On your turn, you play three of your counters. None of the counters may be part of the same group. Randomly pick one of these counters. Replace this counter with your opponent's counters. (If you are the starting player, play only two counters on your first turn.)

Winning conditions remain the same.


• Standard Hex board and counters. I'd recommend a board that's at least 11x11 big. The rules assume that you're using black and white counters.
• A standard, six-sided die.
• Three reservation counters. Ideally, they're double-sided; one side is black, the other white. The counters are labelled (on both sides) as follows:
• 1·2
• 3·4
• 5·6

You can make your own counters with this image (there's a 600dpi image available; PDF is forthcoming):

1. Print out the image and mount it on cardboard.
2. Score the image down the vertical middle line with a deep cut that doesn't cut the image in half.
3. Fold along the score and glue the two halves together.
4. Cut out the hexes; the blank hexes are there to help you align your ruler and utility knife.


Each player chooses a colour (black or white) and takes all the counters of the corresponding colour. Randomly pick a start player.

Your turn consists of two steps:

1. Place the three reservation counters on three unoccupied cells on the board as if they were your own counters. None of the reservation counters may belong to the same group. A group is one or more friendly, connected counters (including reservation counters that you've placed on your turn).

2. Your opponent rolls the die. Your opponent replaces the reservation counter that corresponds to the die roll with one of their counters. You replace the other two reservation counters with two of your own counters.

Note: If you are the start player, play only two reservation counters on your first turn. If the die roll does not correspond to any of the reservation counters on the board, reroll it until it does.

The objective is the same as Hex: If at the end of your turn there's a connected path of your counters that link your sides of the board, you win!


Try Bad Santa Y. Or Bad Santa Poly-Y. Or Bad Santa Cross! Bad Santa Go might work too!
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