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Jeremy howard
United States
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21 Days is the currently on Kickstarter and is already funded. My impressions are about why you should contribute to this games already earned success.


In 21 Days you relive the events recorded in the found logbook, over a period of 21 days. The purpose of the game is to have (at least) one of the survivors rescued by a ship on the 21st day. You do this by following the events described in the logbook and having the survivors choose and perform actions on the various locations on the gameboard.
21 Days is a cooperative game, designed for 1 to 4 players. My favorite part of the game is the solitaire module, where your trusty dog named Scruffs assists the survivors.


21 Days is a dice placement game and every event is resolved by placing and rolling dice. Your characters, represented by stacked dice, are place on a raft surrounded by all sorts of danger at the start the game. As each day passes, the sharks that circle your raft and draw closer. Eventually you will have to deal with a shark attack. Anything can happen, a piece of the raft may float away, a giant octopus could appear and steal a die from the player, or a player could fall into a school of jellyfish. As the logbook days pass, the events get darker and darker. When you are able start placing dice, you can do the following by placing your dice:

1.Hunt for fish: Heal your survivors during the round.
2.Draw bottle card: These are items that help you regain pieces to your raft, move you up the track, extra hope.
3.Gain hope: place dice on one of three spots and roll to gain hope tokens that unlock each characters asymmetrical powers. Hope also helps you yell for help in the last round.
4.Move your raft: Roll to move closer to the line of sight of the rescue ship on day 21.
5.Change location and Interact with nature: Place a die to interact with turtles for hope tokens or take advantage of some dolphins who can alter the result of your dice.

I won’t walk through every detail on your actions, but this is a general description of the characters actions. I should mention that each survivor (9 survivors and 4 crew members) has an asymmetrical power that can be activated by hope tokens. 21 Days really puts pressure on you to make some hard choices. You may lose a survivor to events or by sacrificing them for the greater good of the group. You may hit the 21st day, you will desperately yell for the rescue and hope will quickly drain. Only one characters must survive to tell the tale, or the log book will be the only thing that remains.

Solitaire play

In my opinion, 21 days shines best as a solo experience. You have a dog companion, named Scuffs who is a substitute for one of the survivors on your raft. Scruffs ability is to roll for bonuses on every turn, based on his good health. Scruffs powers are a welcomed substitute for one of the survivors. Scruffs gives you the false notion that the game is easier with his bonus rolls, but you will see after a couple unfavorable rolls that you start to lose hope just like the cooperative game. Scruffs cannot place dice everywhere like the other survivors, so your dice placement becomes a strategic situation. In my multiple playthroughs, I used Scruffs and other times I didn’t just to give even more replay to the game.


Intense and high and level of difficulty
The artwork is draw dropping art on every card, board, and the dice(check the KS update)
The game has a variety of events that hit the theme and create tension
Scruffs…..Well designed and provides even more replay to the package.
If you love to chuck dice this is your game.
High risk high reward.


The Logbook cards get a little too dark with all the icons bunched on them.
You have to hit a lot of 6’s to get the best results and to move on the track. If you don’t roll a lot of 6’s, you have to gather to of hope tokens as a substitute.


If you are into a game like Robinson Crusoe, you will dig this game. There is some similarity in the difficulty and survival aspect, but the daily threat of sharks, octopus attacks, and jelly fish events that occur totally break away from that. 21 days is beautiful, plays smoothly, and presses you to make some risky choices early on. In closing, back this game! I could go on and one about the little details, but even with the prototype, I see big things on the horizon going into the final days of the Kickstarter.
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Maxim Y
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Thank you! Have you tried multiplayer mode? I wonder what is the best number of players?
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