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Subject: First time solo with the Goddess (it has some spoilers) rss

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Ahura Mazda
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(I played the first curse solo with Victor Frankenstein. Please excuse some innaccuricies or gaps, but this was 2 sessions, the first between 1 and 5 am and the second between 1 and 4 pm)

Professor Frankenstein awoke startled from a strange dream with a weird temple to some obscure goddess. He looked around and was immediately startled. He was near a cliff with the wind blowing. But that was impossible he told himself. He had went to bed in his laboratory as usual, how on earth was he "here", again?
He knew the place, he had been to this very island some months ago n some wild goose chase with his friend Howard. Howard was convinced this was where it all would go to hell. Or to put it better, where all hell would break loose on earth.
Of course, after weeks of searching around, they had just given up, packed their bags and went home. Lovecraft, terribly disappointed, himself gloating over the triumph of science over some mumbo jumbo.
But, if he was back here, could Howard also be around?
Victor looked around and tried to remember where he was exactly, but to no avail. His memory was probably rattled. Things were out of place, or maybe he had not explored this part.

Victor thought about checking out the view from the cliff, but dismissed the idea, given he was afraid of heights.
He looked north and saw some stones jutting out from the water. The remaining direction were all a bit foggy, a strange mist coveing them, but retracting as he approached.
He decided he would try to swim out of there, maybe he would be lucky enough to find some wood adrift and float back to civilization.
As he pushed further north he noticed a shark's fin jutting out from the water.
He started to swim back furiously to shore and made it just in the nick of time... he was quite rattled with the near death experience, unfortunately.

He decided to go west instead and pushed against the receding mist.
For a man of science such as him to be out in the wild proved difficult, but his creative genius paired with his observation skills proved stronger. He noticed some reed that he could turn into some ropelike vine.
He kept walking, being caught by a geyser and scalding his right arm.
On he walked until suddenly he saw a submarine. He thought he must be hallucinating, but he got closer and it was indeed a submarine.
Nearby he also noticed a grave and his heart jumped. He hoped it was not his friend. He went closer and said a little prayer in his own skeptical way and tried to dig it up to certify himself it was not Howard.
It wasn't, which reliefed him, but he found something curious inside, which he took. Maybe it would serve him in the future.
He decided to take care of his wounds and he immediately felt better, physically and mentaly.
After that he approached the submarine and even managed to get it in the water, but upon enetering he understood he was not ready to try to get something like that moving. He was an inventor not some pilot and he knew nothing of submarines or boats. He exited the submarine and decided to go over to the north shore.
He still remembered his close encounter with the shark, but now he had found a life jacket on the submarine and he felt more prepared to take to the sea.
He swam with all his strength. On and on he went, until he managed to find a small island with some turtles.
He spent some time analysing the turtles, which payed off, and then decided to keep walking.
Apparently this was a small island and he managed to get over to the other shore in no time. Nearby there was a strange statue and yet another grave. He approached tentaively. He gave once again a small prayer and started digging. This time he was better prepared, but alas he found the body of his friend Lovecraft.
He decided he would apply all his efforts to get his friend back. Though he was mangled, Victor put his friend back together, piece by piece and then, using his scientific methods, and a lot of luck, since there was a thunderstorm just passing by, he managed to give life once again to his old friend. He is alive, he thought, but in his heart, he felt his friend was now a mindless monster.
He got up and, his friend in tow, decided he needed to get going, despite the brief rest.
They then went swimming further north to a beach near a forest. Unfortunately there were not many options and they pressed west.
Victor was getting tired, so they set up camp and reassessed the situation.
Fortunately Victor was still going strong, he hard crafted some items and combined some others into truly useful stuff.
His dreams were agitated and he thought he saw some strange map of some canyons and a bridge and further west of it the strange temple ofmhis previous dreams.
He woke up with a feeling he knew where he needed to go. He hoped he was getting closer.
His way west was closed, so he needed to go south and only then west.
He pressed on, with his goal now more "in sight", now waisting time on small searches.
West he went until he got to a stone bridge. THE stone bridge. He was on the correct path.
He checked himself before crossing. He wasn't coming back through that way. He brace himself and slowly crossed the bridge.
As he crossed it he started getting scared, but he knew he needed to see this through.
He took some more time going south and then west, but he finally got to the strange temple.
He went to his knees in awe thinking how something like that could be real.
After praying for sometime he noticed something wrong with the statue. He fell over and in his dream he saw something disturbing. The temple had a statue with ruby eyes, butnthe one he had seen had none. Henalso saw some robed figures going inside the hearth, while others took a different path.
He woke up startled and tried to calm himself, but the godess' voice was too much to bear, his mind finally faltered and he fell over writhing in agony.
(frankenstein died after discovering the temple, bu he had no rubies and took several states one after the other which made him die.

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