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The Orzhov welcome you. Please leave your belongings with the Obzedat. They are not yours anymore.
Hi, I'm a european crested tit, and a very small punk rocker!
After a two days break, Raz awakens once again on the 7th Continent and realizes that he doesn't know where exactly because he forgot to save the terrain card. Gathering his wits he remembers that he saved on the abandoned camp, which totally wasn't smart, and puzzles it out thanks to a good memory of the card numbers. Well, what a woolhead. Anyway.

After coming to, Raz plans his next moves, which totally revolve around meat. Razoupaf may be a vegetarian, but Raz can't afford that luxury, and he needs to hunt, and fast. He might have some meat left in his woven basket but that will only sustain him for so long. So he decides to move West, where Fragonia can help him hunt.

The mood was good until Raz realized that what was laying in the grass was none other than the body of his former companion and possibly love interest Susan. How did she get there was beyond him but what was not was that she needed a decent grave, which he carefully and lovingly dug for her. Somehow, it felt to him like Déjà-Vu, burying a former lover like that. Don't ask. I beg of you, don't ask.

After this gruesome task Raz remembers and crafts a walking stick before looking North where he notices a swarm of friendly-looking leaf insects. As they're not skulled, he deems it safe to take some of them on his arm and they seem to enjoy the fact that he's still soaked in dry blood. Maybe he's not gonna take a bath after all, that tickling is pleasing.

There is still a lot of snow up North, and Raz doesn't want to feel the cold so he heads East, remembering and crafting some Bolas along the way, then hunts thanks to said Bolas so he can draw 3 150 cards (remember, I'm using a variant where green hunt cards are discarded, not banished). Not feeling confident he can conceal himself well enough to get the boar, Raz scores another White Hare.

Having satisfied his primeval instincts, Raz decides it's time to move East, thinking he would reach the rocky region through the swamps since he really doesn't like the jungle and there's something he wants in a well over there, and also he could pay hommage to a Goddess, try and speak german, reach a necropolis, ring a bell, and that kind of fancy stuff. He's quite knowledgeable for a castaway you see. But lo and behold, two juvenile rockworms chose that moment to furrow out of the ground. Since Raz can't fight them he goes back North-East instead, through snow that's still thick.

Honey, guess what's for diner! Explorer?

But this time the obstruction to where he wants to go is a wall of thorns, to the West, blocking the way to the mount where poison lies, so Raz decides to fail making a fire and gets the idea of a rope, and looks North, where he once more feels threatened, the poor guy. Once more though, it's all in his head, along with the idea of a bow to defend himself that just pops up at that time. Crafting the bow, he pairs it with the walking stick then heads North to craft some woven cord before looking east, where the very paranoid Raz thinks some spider is running along his arm. Which sorry but it definitely is not happening. What is though is that he gulps down some antidote to rid himself of poison. What is happening too is some meditation before the still impressive idol that rests in the snow, and during this meditation, it feels to Raz that he hears some whispering voice telling him he's been chosen for some dreadful task.


Feeling cold because of both the prospect and this task, and the snow, Raz decides it's a good time to build a fire and gobble down some meat and replenish 28 cards! And also burn the wall of thorns. He then heads back under the cliff, East, to craft a deadfall trap and hunt. The insects allow him to draw 4 150 cards, in which he scares yet another white hare, lets a goat alone because these can be nasty, and sneaks by a vulture.

Now that the snowy mount is accessible Raz heads back there before looking West where he finds some bamboo tube laying around and grabs it to craft a shovel with, then keeps on going West where he would have gotten lost if I didn't once again remember the number of differences and cheated the game once more, gaining 2 free XP. That's when Raz made it in the swamps again.

Your old tricks don't scare me, forest!

What would the awkward man do but run headfirst in a mud-dwelling moray I ask you? Well, nothing. But he's still sneaky enough that the thing doesn't notice him, so he makes it West but as he goes North, things go from bad to worse. Luckily enough, none of the aggravations concern him and he breezes through the swamp to some toxic place where dead horses lie, grabbing some spoiled meat because hey, he's already nauseated, so what could go wrong? He then uses his shovel to dig a whole in the poisoned forest and... Gets poisoned again. Darn! His vigilance is discarded and so is the almighty Scholar! That's a loss!

While heading further North he notices some swampfolk but not being able to meet their requirements he decides to ignore them. North is a really disturbing mass animal grave and West is nothing but a quagmire, so Raz heads back to the hut to think, remembering his scholarship in the process. The old man is still there and watches Raz grabbing his head to think. Which infuriates Raz. Who kills the old troll ER I mean man. Shock, horror, and shame! Inspecting the still warm corpse, Raz finds a clue to one curse. Wow. He takes some time to think and study his notes, realizing that Vampoline can really soothe your mind, then goes back to the idol to eat 28 cards back, then goes back under the cliff to gold hunt, drawing 4 250 cards. Incredibly useful, the insects, which helped him hunt, also help him sneak by a Boar he slaughters, losing a few cards to blood. He remembers panpipes to sooth his mind, crafts them then tries his luck through the pile of dead animals.

Close call but he succeeds thanks to Scholar, Mad Scientist and Panpipes, and finally reaches the rocky area and the well, where he lays camp and calls it a day.

Let's get high.

Whew, epic 60 minutes session!
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