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The Orzhov welcome you. Please leave your belongings with the Obzedat. They are not yours anymore.
Hi, I'm a european crested tit, and a very small punk rocker!
Part 11 - In which guns are shot.

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The goat's devilish bleats finally wake Raz up and he raises his head to look at the infernal mammal. Several days have passed since he last stood up and he's cold, so he builds a fire using Fortiflore.

After heating up he takes a look to the East and finds a Shortcut he finally understands how to use thanks to a nice BGG poster! He dives in the jungle and thinks about second chance, then looks North to the bountiful pond and utters a loud effing word, as he sees two juvenile rockworms slaughtering a white hare that had come to quench its thirst. Tough luck! Not feeling up to the challenge but still hungry, he scouts South and comes up some ripe fruits, when East he finds monkeys ready to bully him in case he dares come their way. He first fails to tame then with no consequence, and then succeeds and nets an XP.

At peace with the jungle he gobbles down the fruits and adds some Fortiflore on top so as not to become nauseated, then decides to hunt anyway and reaches the pond. The rockworms don't dare attack him but they're sucritinizing as he uses his blowpipe and hides behind a Fragonia bush to draw 3 cards, spots a boar and takes it down. He becomes bloody as he skins the creature. And now he's in quite a pickle... He takes his tribal stool out of his satchel and sits down comfortably to think and...

Let's sit this one through.

... And suddenly he's on a small islet in the middle of the ocean! Okay, so he's mad but this is beyond madness!

Coming to he notices a grave near the shore and inspects it, then decides to dig it out. Because reasons. Since he's mad there's no ghost as they're scared of the man, and he notices a note mentioning some kind of turtle and telling him to follow the creature. He also finds the last piece of the Continent's fresco!

Why do I have the feeling it's trying to tell me something?

Deciphering the hidden message, he finds a new clue to a place where an ophidian stone would be hidden, which he finds very snakey. He stores the clue in his journal and takes a peak East where he comes face-to-face with a turtle before the creature awkwardly waddles to the ocean. He follows the creature and that's when he notices another impressive idol looming over the islet. But this one is in a very poor condition.

Feeling like crafting a club he goes back to the grave to use some wood in order to build his item, then goes back the idol and meditates. Although he should be used to it by now he's still dismayed to hear a hissing voice in his head and no one in sight. The guardian's voice tells him to open the Black chest he's carrying, and so Raz decides to try. Arming his gun, he fires a bullet at the thing while hitting it with his club, and thanks to his Valiant heart, despite the fact that the box tries to curse him with three cards, manages to crack the thing open! Discarding the remains of the chest he takes a hideous shrunken head in hand and, stomach heaving, puts it in his satchel.

All guns blazing!

All this heaving made Raz's stomach hungry. Inspecting the shore, he notices some half-buried turtle eggs and decides to eat them, gaining 5 cards. Grabbing a nearby leaf he then crafts a Warpaint, then inspects the coast. He wishes he could remember a Raft to leave the blasted place but unfortunately the discard pile holds no such thing. So he reaches the other coast to take a look but it's even worse. Unable to make up his mind he goes back to East coast and suddenly, the idea of a raft gets in his mind, so he stays on the West coast instead. Now that's handy! He crafts a Woven cord, then makes a fire, eats 24 cards with Eubellis on top, then uses the grave's cross to craft a raft and sticks a Spear on it. He then remembers that Knowledge is power and scholars 3 of them cards to net 6 XP, then reaches the beach and rests, spending 15 XP as an offering to the guardians, which frightens him no end. And somehow, despite making a great sacrifice, he no longer feels like a Good samaritan. Makes sense to you? Good!

Putting his belongings on the raft, he starts waddling away from the shore and to the Continent, and barely makes it but makes it!

Weehee, I'm off and never will be back!

The snowy coast on which he lands makes for a good halt to end this 80 minutes session.

Part 12 - In which civilisations end!

Spoiler (click to reveal)
It's too cold on this snowy coast to rest. Hoping for some heat, Raz takes a look at the ocean and notices a fishing spot. It's been a while since he last ate fish - actually, has he? - so he uses his spear to try and reel some fish in. He draws 4, gets 2 empty-handed, tosses back a platypus and catches a Golden fish. He then builds a fire, cooks the swimmer and eats himself 18 cards, before fishing some more, but he only gets 1 card despite the spear. Luckily, it's a Blue fish, and Raz eats 12 more cards.

It's time to go back to the jungle now. Carefully treading so he can avoid sea urchins, Raz examines his notes and finds an Untitled score. Reaching the jungle he scouts South and finds some Ripe fruits. He then makes it deeper in and crafts a Walking stick to help his way around. Looking West he scratches himself yet again but doesn't get poisoned this time, which is a relief. Instead he makes it to the pond and crafts a Deadfall trap. It's time to hunt!

Hiding himself in the Fragonia he uses the trap and draws 5 nice cards, finds a boar, and slaughters it. He then scouts South and suddenly feels like taking a break. Which the deadfall traps helps him to. Because it's super comfy. And because he'll fail if he doesn't use it.

Rested, he reaches the heart of the jungle and upgrades his stick by also turning it into a bow, then scouts South where he actually reaches a dead end. Trying to figure out a way isn't worth it so he scouts East instead, where insects that look life leaves try to swarm him. He's not fooled though, they're skulled this time, and dangerous!

I wonder if I could do a leaf insect fight between the skulled and non-skulled ones?

To the carnivorous plants, where the vegetation makes moving around costly, he crafts a rope, scouts South, where this time he turns around in circles. Although he only notices 10 differences he knows there are really 11 and he finds his way again, and reaches the temple where he inserts the sculpted flower and goes deeper underground, there's too much pressure in this town.

In the temple, the first thing he sees is a freaking rockworm, so in and out and back in he goes and this time's his arachnophobia makes him go a little bit overboard, but he manages to sneak by the spiders and reaches the shrooms. While he scouts East it would appear that he didn't sneak well enough and a spider bites his arm. Luckily, the wound heals nicely while he reaches the capharnaüm of metallic cages where he found the stool. But looking North he steps on a pressure plate and an impressive piece of stone stands in his way, preventing him from going any farther!

Now Raz is in quite the pickle. Since he's inventory's full, he eats some raw meat (4 cards) to make some room for a Rudimentary flint, builds a fire and cooks the rest of his meat and eats 18 more card.

Not quite satiated, he still decides to go West past the shrooms and sneaks by many sleeping bats. The pattern of the room where he arrives then, the one with the porticullis, seems strangely familiar to him. Taking the mysterious clue from his stachel, his mad brain makes the connection and suddenly he's in possession of the mysterious Ophidian Stone the fresco depicted! He's in awe, and pairs it with the tribal stool.

Time's of the essence though and it's the right moment to move on. Remembering the totem in the labyrinth, Raz opens the porticullis with the rope he crafted earlier, then enters the dark halls where he intentionally takes the wrong direction, and runs into some sort of slimy... creature? The thing is quite resilient but can't resist a good lead load and a Bolas to the fa... Wait, it's got no face. Oh, no matter, it's dead alright, and Raz can collect a new trophy! And some XP too.

Someone's in a sticky situation...

His job done though, Raz goes back to the room he found the stone in and scouts North, only to find another stone. That one preventing him to go any farther. Apparently he stepped on another pressure plate. By the noise though, that removed the previous one, and he hurries back to the metallic cages to check. And the way there is open now!

Going any further's a real balancing act, but thanks to a handy Forewarned and Balance, he makes it on the other side of a collapsed bridge without trouble and reaches a new part of the temple.

He scouts North and amidst wooden wheels that look derelict is a bleeping juvenile rockworm! So he takes a look West where he notices a seepage, where he cleanses his bloody self at last. After acknowledging the bleeping adult rockworm roaming North in an ominous crystal room, Raz decides to check West and try the corridor, but not before he soothes his nerves and gets rid of Frightened.

Walking in the dark though he trips on a rope and the whole corridor collapses! Luckily he makes it out before being crushed but this tires him aplenty and he loses 4 cards for his misfortune.

There's no time to lose now, so he goes where the juvenile worm is hanging out and, before the beast finds courage enough to bother him, tries to get the gears going. Third time's the charm and a warming sensation fills him as he notices scorching lava going through the room. He gains XP and fire, and decides it's a good time and a good place to get rid of the shrunken head. Taking it out of his satchel he holds it over the magma but a voice tries to prevent him from dropping it. He puts all his will into it, drawing the 15 cards remaining in his deck, with Scholar and a Forewarned in hand, but he only gathers 11 or the 13 required successes! Oh Lord!

Putting his last efforts into it, Raz discards his tribal necklace to add 2 more cards to the total and... Gets no success! The voice is stronger than his own mind and he puts the head back in his stachel... And suddenly is back on the islet, with the collapsing idol looming over him!

He's quite flabbergasted and completely disheartened now and he eats his ripe fruits without putting his mind into it, gaining 6 cards back.

Meditating under the idol again he takes the Ophidian stone from his satchel and time passes by rapidly, for he doesn't know how long. Until a boat shows up, saves him, and carries him back to New York.

Trying to get back to a normal life despite having 7 curses still weighing on his shoulders and being completely mad, Raz powerlessly witnesses the destruction of civilisation while remaining the only living person around. He's made it back, he's alive, but he's alone, mad, sevenfold cursed... How long before he's drawn back to the 7th Continent?

Spoiler (click to reveal)
The End.

- Advanced skills purchased: 22

- 050 cards in the satchel: 10

- Trophies: 3

- Curses lifted: 0/7 (1 chest broken, 1 sparkling gem found, 2 offering to the guardians, 2 sanctuary secret sheets found.)

- Side quests fulfilled: 3 + the history of the Continent.


Well, that was a very abrupt and disappointing ending to Raz's story. But it was probably the best way it could end after the terrifying failure he just experienced.

Overall, writing Raz's story really enhanced my gaming experience. There were times when he was doing the same thing over and over again, flipping the same cards over and over again, and it was hard coming up with things to say, but I really enjoyed writing those reports and I hope you enjoyed reading them too.

As for the game itself, I'd say it was on par with my previous experiences: involving, interesting, challenging, but it always fell short of achieving greatness. Most of the outcomes (Path of Repentance, History of the Continent substory) are really disappointing, and a bad draw can really mess you up big time (hunts, lifting a curse, not flipping Repentance cards...)

In retrospect, in regards to the shrunken head, I should have eaten the Ripe fruit before attempting to destroy it, but I figured drawing 15 cards should guarantee me the 11 successes I needed to pass, since I had 2 free stars in head. But I flipped into 3 half-stars I couldn't complete and at least 4 curse cards

Playing 7 curses at once and going blind for 3 of them was my best experience, as I had to manage a difficult action deck. But I couldn't have made it that far without card 888. It's a very nice way to fix the game in my opinion, it makes it more manageable without breaking it and it still is challenging as long as you don't abuse the save system.

I still haven't been able to lift the Voracious Goddess and I still don't have a clue where the other Sparkling Gem is after all this time, which is quite amazing (and I'm not asking you to tell me ).

The rockworms have really been the bane of my existence and I strongly dislike the expansion, which in my opinion doesn't add anything worth it to the game. I didn't see much of the weather expansion aside from the very annoying heavy rains.

The Path of Repentance though is a nice addition to such a playthrough, especially if you can banish a curse card early on. As with a regular playthrough, the first steps are really the main difficulty in the game. You don't have a lot of tools at your disposal and you don't have the strength the advanced skills add with their 7s and successes. As such, the first hours are more survival-oriented, stressfull, and not necessarily interesting to me. The game really becomes interesting after 3 or 4 hours.

There are still a lot of secrets I haven't unveiled and that makes this game very, very replayable.

I was disappointed though with the second KS campaign and the lack of new add-ons. The stretch-goals are, for the most part, great (the not most part being traitors and VR), but I'm afraid the Flying Roots is as bad (yes, bad) as the Devourers, and the Pokemon expansion is more gimmicky than anything, like the Elements. We'll have to see.

Prodigy + Immortal + cards 777 and 888 should make a 12 curse playthrough more manageable and enjoyable though.

As for my character, Water Knows The Way and Nerves Of Steel were not good addition. Scholar and Gourmet never left my hand if I could avoid it, and Mad Scientist had its uses but was not the best option. I should have settled for Prepare For The Worst instead.

I won't deny that I made mistakes, and some while hunting - I'll never get the hang of that! - but still, I had fun.

Overall though, the game remains a 6,5/10 for me. It's good but it's flawed. It still calls to me but it annoys me. I probably wouldn't have gone that far if I didn't tell you Raz's story.

As is, I'm willing to give the 7 curses another shot, but I wouldn't know how to make a new story covering the same ground interesting. If you're interested to read it, though, let me know.

Fun fact: during part 12, the postman rung at my door to give me Kingdom Death: Monster! I suspect that game cursed me and is the reason why my playthrough ended. It is asking me to play it. That's fine. I've sleeved the cards already, now I only have to assemble the minis and read the 265 pages of the rulebook

I'm currently playing Pandemic  Legacy but I won't write session reports. I might do for Arkham Horror: the Card Game though as we'll enter a Dunwhich campaign. Or for Kingdom Death: Monster if I ever get into it (I might proxy minis with T7C's standees and Dark Souls boss minis!)

If you're interested in that, let me know.

Thanks for reading and cheering me during this epic playthrough!

Have fun gaming,

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