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Subject: Arkham - november 2nd, 1926 rss

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Tiago Perretto
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Thinking about my next move.
So, if my only options are these, then I shall...

"I won't not go back to sleep, so I will write something about what I saw, because when the day comes, I hope the pictures are gone, as when the mists of dreams vanish. But I need to remember, but only on paper. Well, it started with me, walking along a beach, but it was in the dead of night and I couldn't see the sea - there was only a darkness on both sides; on the left, there was silence, on the right, the huge sound of the waves, and in the middle an extensive, infinite strip of sand. I didn't looked back, perhaps knowing that there was nothing there - no way to turn back.

The sand trail went straight and I followed it, until it leaned towards the sea. The sand became wet and sticky, but there was nowhere else to go. The tide must have retreated, so I went ahead, but began to sink into the sand, first no further than the ankles, then struggled to keep going, being covered to the waist. I had to go on and then I saw some kind of reef or island; from there came the rhythmic sound of voices. They sang something, calling someone. I was close, but sunk even more into the wet sand, way up to the neck. Finally I heard a name repeated often; the voices clamored for Dagon, Dagon, Dagon.

Then the tide came back and I panicked, afraid to move foward and trying unsuccessfully to return. Salt water came quickly and covered my mouth, nose and face. I tried to keep my breath, then in the black tar sea I saw a fish creature of humanoid forms. It came towards me and I lost control and yelled, swallowing water, salt and seaweed.

I woke up frightened, dripping sweat and suffocated. I coughed, gasping desperately for air. I fell out of bed and crawled across the floor, still coughing and not breathing. Until something came out of my throat. It was a little shell, mixed with dark sandy silt. God, what is happening here? Where have I been?"

Extract from the diary of Dan Lameko.


This november 2nd, a holiday here in Brazil, I went for something a little crazy. The night before I knew I would play some AH the next day, thus I went to check my previous plays and see what AO I haven't faced in a while, or the one I played the least overall. Then I notice that I was near my 200th play, so I though: why not to a marathon to see if I could reach the mark on this All Souls' Day. I had to play 9 games - a lot when considering the length of play of AH. Could be done? Well, I went for it.

All the plays bellow share the same set up - Kingsport as the extra board, since I used it the least. I added Father Dagon, as the Herald, even without Innsmouth, just for the effect when the Terror track rise. And the Miskatonic University, as the Institution - but this one truly made no difference whatsoever in any of the plays (in some it could have, however after a while I mostly forgot about it).

Ancient One: Atlach-Nacha

Investigators: Daisy Walker, the librarian, and Marie Lambeau, the entertainer

Spoiler (click to reveal)

To start the one I considered the most difficult to win "normally". Marie got the Call Ancient One spell. I cooked a plan: I would stack up monsters, use the spell the awake Atlach and try to win in a epic battle (in normal battle I consider the win result as a draw). I didn't considered possible, with 2 investigators, to rush for a no gates or seal win, which are the "noble" victories.

I think my plan could have worked. I did get some beasts with Marie, yet money went in the drain and the investigators had sub-par weapons. This lead to some unconsciousness and madness. Still, I was doing fine: Marie and Daisy passed their personal stories, and Marie was blessed.

I was near, until Marie got the Obsessed madness. Now she couldn't use the Call Ancient One spell, as everything was "her precious" and she couldn't use an item that would be discarded after the use. Damn! With this wrench in my plan, I lost tempo and Atlach awoke due to too many open gates. The final battle wasn't one-sided: both investigators were devoured and Atlach still had 6 doom tokens.

Ancient One: Ithaqua

Investigators: Michael McGlen, the gangster and Joe Diamond, the private eye

Spoiler (click to reveal)

This match started with a portal opening in the head of Joe. And to where? R'lyeh, of course. But he was not alone in my magnetic attraction of portals, because the same thing happened with McGlen in the next Mythos. After leaving R'lyeh Joe was all mangled, the meetings there having sucked the stamina and sanity of the detective.

Is rare to open a portal in Hibb's Road House. Now open there in the Science Building and in the Historical Society is something almost, uh, history.

If the game lasted another 3 rounds, Ithaqua would have a problem on its hands, even with its laser sight. But this was not meant to be. Ithaqua woke up and, after the rolls to see which items would be destroyed by unimaginable cold, the investigators did pretty well: a rifle, the Tommy Gun, one spell (Wither) and a few other items survived.

The epic combat was exciting from start to finish, with Joe holding up bravely until the test of Fight was done with -8! Of the 44 points of damage needed to defeat Ithaqua, the last attack from McGlen (Joe fell in the next turn, but without being able to attack) led to the total of 42 points! Close, but not enough.

Ancient One: Ghatanothoa

Investigators: Jim Culver, the musician, Akachi Onyele, the shaman and Hank Samson, the farmhand

Spoiler (click to reveal)

The game started in a cruel fashion: a portal and a monster appearing in the first encounter of the game. In the third round Lola met the visage of Ghatanothoa and was devoured. Jim Culver took his place and did a good job. Hank Samson wasn't reduced to the role of monster basher, also engaging in the task of sealing the portals.

The somewhat restricted movement prevented the team from dispatching more threats. This became worst when the investigators failed to solve a Rumor, adding riots to the streets.

Ghatanothoa was enjoying itself. There were four portals sealed and Culver had enough clues to seal another, but found the biggest challenge of his life: walk two blocks. And no force on Earth or Heaven could helped him reach the portal to the Another Dimension.

Ghatanothoa, with the help of a very active Rift, awoke while Hank walked the Dreamlands (without a gateway to get her out of there). The investigators put up some fight (not epic though), but Ghatanothoa was taken only up to half of the Doom Track before all the investigators were dead.

Nothing new: a new defeat. But it wasn't the last one.

Ancient One: Zhar

Investigators: Wendy Adams, the urchin, Patrice Hathaway, the violinist and Sara Weinstein, the historian

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Victory by sealed gates (18 points)

After the drawing of Zhar as the Ancient One we knew the way to go: was necessary to overcome it before Zhar awakens - the Twin Obscenity is too terrible to face in battle. And the fortune was on our side: in the starting equipment came two Elders Signs (it was so long that I did not even saw one, let alone two). To tell the truth only one of the Elder Signs were drawn - Wendy starts with one guaranteed. In addition, Patrice begins with three clues.

A few rounds later there were three sealed gates, without using any of the Elder Signs. Resisting, the servants of Zhar were still crying out for their profane god, and more portal were opening. Zhar came up to 8 in the Doom Track, before being reduced to 7 when we use one of the Elder Sign.

Zhar made it back to 8 on the Doom Track, due to a new portal, but the other ones crashed into the seals - it still went to 10, due to a Rift wanting to be worker of the month.

Pratice ended up devoured in a unlucky encounter, and Sara came to help - which was great, since she brought 4 clues. Sara ended uo closing and sealing the sixth and final portal. Victory!

Ancient One: Cthugha

Investigators: Minh Thi Phan, the secretary and Roland Banks, the fed

Spoiler (click to reveal)

In the beginning of the second game, luck seemed to be on our side again, as, for example, Minh went like a crazy person to fight a Mi-Go and a Star Spawn, with no other weapon beside a spell that wasn't sure she would accomplish casting it (her Lore is only 4, and the spell casting modifier was -2). She destroyed the Mi-Go and, with the item that she gets from the cold dead body of the Mi-Go (a Braziers of Souls), she defeated the Star Spawn.

However, the work of the cult of Cthugha was very accurate, and the portals starting to pop everywhere. Then there was a Rumor - The Great Ritual, that to be resolved demands 3 spells, and by the time we have one, and two of the three investigators where in the Other World (and Roland manages to get lost in time and space to help). They failed to resolve it, meaning two Mythos cards were resolved every turn (the first card only for the gate, the second is normal).

From this time on the Terror Level raised almost 1 point every turn. In no time the Terror Level was at a fearful 9, when another Rumor arrived! This one failed if the Terror Level ever reach 10. Something that happened in the next turn. The penalty for this failed Rumor? All the investigators were cursed.

In the next turn Cthugha was woken up.

How was the final battle? Well, you may know that, in a four player game (I play in a way the two investigators count as 4), is necessary to get 4 success in order to damage the AO. Cthugha has 13 Doom Tokens, so 52 success were needed. We had two.

Ancient One: Rhan-Tegoth

Investigators: Lola Hayes, the actress, and Regina Atwater, the antiquarian

Spoiler (click to reveal)

I know is bad to count with luck in AH. But I would settle for it doesn't helping the other side. Rhan had all the advantages: three cultists were drawn during play, giving more than 1/4 of doom needed. To add to this, the Mythos No One Can Help You Now came and stayed for a loooong time. The investigators truly had no help.

When it finally went away, things moved fast: 4 locations were sealed - Unvited Isle, Unnamable, Silver Twilight Lodge and Black Cave. And the team, after some exchanges in the Science Building, had enough clues to seal the last two. However, Icy Conditions arrived. Regina could only move two places per turn, and simply couldn't reach the places she needed to be fast enough, specially with some monsters on the streets.

In this bleak scenario, Rhan awoke without much delay. It had 17 Doom to be taken, and because Regina failed her personal story, the investigators needed 5 success for each doom, plus the ones that would certainly come from the Rhan's attack. It was a futile battle, with Rhan winning handly with still 15 doom left. A total annihilation.

Ancient One: Mordiggan

Investigators: Tommy Muldoon, the rookie cop, and Dan Lameko, the freelancer

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Victory by sealed gates and no gates (26 points)

Tommy had a good day. Several, probably. I must confess that I did tried to get him devoured at first. I didn't know what this would lead to, but his personal story required it. Stark stuff, but I was willing. But Tommy started to destroy the monsters - after an early monster surge, with just one gate open, there were 6 monsters guarding the portal! Three moved to the street - Tommy killed them. Then he went for the other ones, killing them all, entering the portal to Unkown Kadath and sealing it. Damn, man!

I stopped trying to murder him. During this time Dan wasn't idle. Using the spell Curse of Darkness, he was able to open places and streets, reaching where he needed to be. Tommy, with the skills Disguise and Fortitude were a force to be reckon with, even if three times he was knocked unconscious, he kept coming.

Dan, after getting a Toomy Gun from Tommy, also helped in keeping tabs in the monsters. Tommy exchanged monster for clues, and the team was able to maintain pressure on the cult.

Mordiggan isn't a very demanding AO, and with Tommy and Dan at the top of their game, she was only able to reach 8 in the doom track, as Dan sealed the 6th portal, also taking out the last one in Arkham - giving a double victory for them!

Ancient One: Cthulhu (promo)

Investigators: Agnes Baker, the waitress, and Ursula Downs, the explorer

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Victory by no gates in Arkham (28 points)

Agnes started the with two Wither spells. This is all I need to mention about her, as all the rest is pure destruction. She yeld to no monster, crushing everything - sure, sometimes she needed to recover in the Hospital or the Sanatorium, since Cthulhu makes things trickier. But she had no fear and kept going.

Ursula was doing her part in spades: sealing portals and also killing some monsters, since this was needed for her personal story.

But the machine was in danger when The Great Ritual rumor - again! - returned to make things worst. The team had only two spells - the two Wither. I was very sad to let them go. Ursula went to Magical Shoppe, and got one spell - using all the money she had. Agnes, after healing, had $4 left, not enough. She tried the Newspaper, and luckly, after two rounds, she got some dollars. But, even better, Ursula fulfilled a mission, gaining clues, and with this fulfilling her personal story. She got 2 unique items, one of them that could give 2 spells! Using it, the team got what they needed and solved the rumor.

Giving all the attention to this, meant a Rift opening in Kingsport. Yet, this one didn't do much. Both the investigators got Blessings, and the crushing of monsters and problems continued. Finally, after a ton of hours, luck showed up, and two Strange Sightings mythos gave them the time to Agnes to close the last gate - it wasn't a seal, but it didn't matter, since the were no other open gates in Arkham. Victory! And tying my best score: 28 points!

Since it was pretty late and tiredness crept in, I considered this finish good enough to close the marathon. One game away from the 200th, but this give the incentive for a new Arkham Horror day!

Thanks for reading!

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Angry Augury
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Glad to see you still doing the Arkham Session reports. Love seeing what happens in these games.
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