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Subject: Thrust Upon Them: January (**Spoilers for January Herein!**) rss

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West Frankfort
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"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em." - Malvolio, reading from a letter by Maria, Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare

And so we begin, with the last bastions of humanity floating on the sea and named after towns on the Simpsons:

From the Journal of Pretty Boy Floyd, Brockway Administrator, January 17th, 71 AF

We don't know what we're doing, and we wish it were anybody but us. I've decided to keep this journal to document what we're doing to save humanity - maybe if we fail, whoever is left can use it as a guide for what NOT to do. The others didn't want me to, but I took pictures of everyone on our new leadership; maybe if they can see our faces, they'll be able to empathize with us a little better.

Axe Smasher, Instructor, North Haverbook

Axe is young, but he knows his stuff - even better, he's good at teaching it to you

Joe Dirt, Laborer, Ogdenville

Named after one of the heroes of the Before Fall era, Joe certainly lives up to the name. I've never seen anybody work so hard, turning nothing into something.

Duke Cletus, Farmer, Brockway

Another young kid...and one that's already seen too much. But she's still so talented. We've got to do a better job of looking out for her.

W0FU, Radio Operator, Ogdenville

Like all our other radio operators, he's taken his call sign as his identity. We're going to depend on his ability to dispatch supplies sooner rather than later

Pretty Boy Floyd, Administrator, Brockway

And I guess there's me - not a lot to say. I've been an administrator in Brockway for a while now; the fact that they're trusting me to do this suggests that I haven't screwed up too bad.

So, after playing the prologue game, we jumped straight in, throwing supplies down - three in every city, three in Brockway and Ogdenville, and extra cubes in Cairo, London and Washington.

The game strips things away pretty evenly to start, although the middle east, Sao Paulo and London start looking a little shaggy. We get an early supply center in Tripoli; our first epidemic is at the bottom of its stack, so we get a full round to prepare. However, Sao Paulo starts getting hit hard (interestingly, it did during the prologue as well), and by the time we build our second supply center in Washington, it's got two plague cubes (our Farmer managed to drop some supplies there, preventing outright disaster) and our Farmer is Demoralized.

And then we hit a lull, as we barely keep things going, trying to get enough information to recon in North America and/or build our third supply center, when we get another epidemic that strips Istanbul of its cubes. By the end of the next round, Sao Paulo has got another plague cube. We finally have all the cards we need, we just have to distribute them. We remove two Cairo cards from the infection deck, which ends up saving us, I think.

Sao Paulo outbreaks, putting a plague cube in Brockway. Istanbul gets a plague cube, as does London. We enter the final two turns - Pretty Boy builds a supply center in Jacksonville...and we do not draw anything that puts out a plague cube. Joe Dirt performs recon in North America, and we open...a crapload of stuff, but most importantly, a sticker to add to North America!

At the end of the game, we elect to give Pretty Boy Floyd the Architect ability (allowing him to build supply centers cheaper), and we add a sticker to a London infection card which states that if it has 2 or more supply cubes, we don't remove any.

I suppose, at the end of the day, we haven't managed the situation too badly. Axe taught me how to build sturdier walls for the supply centers with less material. I'm incredibly guilty that we put Duke in harm's way like that, but she's a tough girl - I think she can survive this. I wonder if the families that lost people in Sao Paulo, Brockway, London and Istanbul would even listen to us if we explained how we tried to make the best use that we could of our limited supplies. My guess is no. But we've reconnected Chicago to our grid...that's something. Maybe it's enough. I'm going to bed.

Cities on the Grid:
Chicago (Population 2)
Washington (Population 4)
New York (Population 3)
London (Population 2)
Tripoli (Population 4)
Cairo (Population 3)
Istanbul (Population 2)
Lagos (Population 3)
Sao Paulo (Population 2)
Jacksonville (Population 4)

Ogdenville (Population 3)
Brockway (Population 2)
North Haverbrook (Population 3)
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Lutz Hartel
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Monorail, Monorail, Monorail! 😃
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