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Subject: Rebellion in Japan Episode I: A Period of Civil War rss

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Angry Augury
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Many, many months later I’m finally getting this beauty of a game back out for a second play. Sadly, my original partner has left the country but, in a pleasant turn of events, I get to try this out with my pal, MerkabaZA, who had moved away years ago. It was fun to not only welcome him back to the gaming table but to be able to play this game with another huge Star Wars fan.


Empire - MerkabaZA

Rebels - me

Starting Systems:

-Beginner's Set Up-

Rebel Loyalty


Bothawui - 1 Corellian Corvette, 1 X-Wing, 1 Y-Wing, 3 Rebel Troopers, 1 Airspeeder


Rebel Base - 1 X-Wing, 1 Y-Wing, 3 Rebel Troopers, 1 Airspeeder

Rebel Base Location – Dantooine

I struggled a bit to decide where to go, but I figured to put it slightly behind enemy lines on a planet that wasn’t worth going to unless you were specifically searching for the Rebel Base.

Imperial Controlled

Saleucami - 1 Star Destroyer, 2 TIE Fighters, 2 Stormtroopers, 1 AT-ST

Mandalore (subjugated) - 1 Death Star, 4 TIE Fighters, 2 Stormtroopers, 1 AT-ST

Coruscant - 1 Star Destroyer, 1 Assault Carrier, 2 TIE Fighters, 3 Stormtroopers, 1 AT-ST, 1 AT-AT

Corellia - 1 Assault Carrier, 1 Stormtrooper

Sullust (subjugated) - 1 Star Destroyer, 2 TIE Fighters, 2 Stormtroopers, 1 AT-ST

Mustafar - 1 Assault Carrier, 2 TIE Fighters, 2 Stormtroopers, 1 AT-ST


We did the Beginner’s set up for the planets again as 1.) it was the first time playing for MerkabaZA and 2.) it’s just faster and we had no time to spare. However, we did opt to use Action Cards as Lolai and I realized after the trial game we played that they are very simple and there was no reason not to use them as intended.

I explained the rules in probably 30 to 40 minutes with examples and then we were off! …To the aquarium with my wife. Merky was visiting for the last time so we wanted to do a lot of things. But after the aquarium we were back home and then we were off! …To a galaxy far, far away!

My starting Action Cards happened to be both the R2-D2 ring and the C-3P0 ring, which I attached to Princess Leia and Mon Mothma respectively.

Rounds 1 to 3 Summary:

The end of Round 3 was the moment where I exclaimed, “Oh, crap! I haven’t been taking pictures of the board for the session report!

So, yes, this report is a lot sloppier than usual. Thus is the life of an out-of-practice session writer. *sigh*

By the end of Round 3, a lot had happened. The Empire now had control of Kashyyyk and Bothawui with Toydaria and Cato Neimoidia under subjugation. Sullust was still under subjugation but it had also been converted to Rebel Loyalty. Mandalore had been completely blown away by the Death Star in a display of Imperial might.

The Empire had recruited Soontir Fel, Admirel Ozzel and Boba Fett at this point.

On the Rebel side of the war, Mon Mothma had been busy and managed to convert the planets of Geonosis, Utapau and Mon Calamari to the cause. Sullust, too, but it was under subjugation as mentioned previously. The only starting planet still under Rebel influence was Naboo. I guess the good Emperor wasn’t too sentimental about his home planet.

The Rebels managed to recruit Obi-Wan Kenobi, Lando Calrissian and Wedge Antilles.

The Rebellion Influence marker had also moved down to 11 by this stage. The second round gained a point with "Regional Support" while the third round saw a gain of two points with "Rebel Assault" and "Defend the People". The biggest play came during the third round when the Rebel Fleet amassed at Naboo joined up with fighters orbiting Malastare to launch an assault on Sullust. The aim was to destroy the lone Star Destroyer guarding the planet and the campaign was a success.

Rounds 4 to 5 Summary:

The end of Round 4 and the final recruiting phase saw the return of An Old Friend, Han Solo. His action card stated his could recruit Lando or Chewbacca so at the beginning of Round 5 he made his way to Kashyyyk to meet up with Chewie. Unfortunately, the Empire managed to delay Captain Solo so he was not able to return at the end of the round with the rest of the Leaders.

Round 5 saw a couple big plays. The Empire attempted to capture the delayed Han Solo with Boba Fett, but Lando swooped in from another system thanks to his Action Card and helped Han evade the bounty hunter. Wedge was thwarted in thinning out the occupation forces on Sullust with a Hit and Run mission while Obi-Wan led a lone Rebel Transport carrying two Rebel Troopers and an Air Speeder on a ground assault to Cato Neimoidia. The Rebel Transport was sacrificed to the Star Destroyer and TIEs in orbit but, with no leader to oppose the ground assault, the small Rebel force managed to clear the subjugated planet and score 1 Influence with the "Crippling Blow" Objective.

The Rebellion lucked out that Lando saved Han from capture so that yet another point could be earned with the Objective, "Leave No One Behind". Now, as Round 6 was about to begin, the Rebel Influence marker sat firmly on space 9. If there were no setbacks, the Rebel Alliance would only need to survive three more rounds at most.

Rounds 6 to 7 Summary:

MerkabaZA, now comfortable with the rules of the game and more confident with a strategy, was starting to feel the pressure. He realized that he needed to find the Rebel Base soon or the game was going to end. My luck, as the Rebel Player, had been in overdrive. I managed to get a number of great cards that could provide a lot of great opportunities combined with a LOT of pure luck dice rolls which put me in a very favorable position. The most recent “victory” for me came with putting back a stack of the Empire’s Probe Cards on top of the Probe Deck, slowing down the information of the base’s location. Although the Empire was nearing the end of this set-back, it was enough of a hinderance that the Empire knew it had to make a choice of where the base might be and commit to it, even without good intel.

Hoping that his guess was good, the Empire began its crawl north-west. The Death Star and its escort of TIEs blew up Yavin IV in Round 6, causing yet another ripple of fear throughout the galaxy. It was now next door to a second fleet in Toydaria, led by a Star Destroyer. The single Mon-Cal cruiser and lone Trooper on Mon Calamari could see where this was leading.

As Round 7 began, I had a clear idea of what I needed to do. If the Death Star made a u-turn and headed to Dathomir, he could be heading towards Dantooine. So I decided to place the mission to move the Rebel Base as a fall back. I didn’t know if the Empire had any mission that could possibly push back the Influence Track so I had to cover all bases. Looking at the Star Destroyer and single TIE Fighter on the 1 space of the build track, I had the Demolition mission that, if played on Corellia, would destroy exactly that much if completed. So I put Chewbacca to work on that. Next choice was Infiltration with Obi-Wan to draw things out and to get him in the field. Then I had Misdirection, to try to use up the Empire’s Leaders in opposition of it or to protect Mon Mothma for her mission, should it succeed. And, thus, my last mission was Public Uprising that would allow me to launch a surprise attack on a subjugated system. Which, if I could win, would give me one more point on the Influence Track and set this up as the final round of the game.

My first move was putting Obi-Wan into play with his Infiltration mission, which went unopposed. I always put Obi-Wan out first because I was hoping to get him captured to use Noble Sacrifice to gain a free Influence Point. Although MerkabaZA used many of his leaders for moving in on a final attack on Mon Calamari, including moving the Death Star to Felucia, he did attempt to capture Obi-Wan with Boba Fett.

And I opposed it.

Like an idiot.

The one thing I was hoping to happen all game—Obi-Wan getting captured—was right there in front of me and I completely blanked on it. So, I sent Han Solo in to stop it. And he did, with a shockingly good roll. I didn’t even notice my blunder until long after it happened. Oh well…

My plan to Demolish Corellia also went up in smoke as the Empire resolved a mission that allowed them to pull the Star Destroyer off the build queue and place it on the board, this time in Selucami. He also brought over his fleet from Toydaria. If the game lasted another round, that poor ship and trooper on Mon Calamari would be obliterated.

My Misdirection mission was opposed and failed as well, thanks to it looking too dangerous for the Empire. So there was still the threat that Mon Mothma would be stopped in her crucial mission. I decided to forego Chewie’s Demolition, as it would be a waste to take out one lowly TIE Fighter at most. I kept General Dodonna on the Relocate Rebel Base mission, too, as that wasn’t necessary now that the Empire went all-in for Mon Calamari. So I needed to do something else to buy time to get the Empire using more of its leaders before I pulled my “big play”. That caused me to use Lando to move the fleets from Naboo and Malastare together to meet in Rodia.

Finally, with all of the Imperial Leaders out of the Leader Pool, I had to try for the Public Uprising on the round’s most popular planet: Alderaan. Mon Mothma joined Han, Obi-Wan and Boba Fett in the crowded system to attempt her mission. Although MerkabaZA could not send anyone to oppose it, Fett was already there so I had to roll. Luckily, that wasn’t an issue and the mission was a success. I pulled in the Speeder and two Troopers to face the lone Stormtrooper squad subjugating the planet. It was a quick and decisive victory, which was followed by the Liberation Objective, moving the Influence marker down to 8.

With no way to push back at the Influence Track, MerkabaZA passed as did I, and the round—and the game—came to an end.

The final state of the galaxy was:

Imperial Systems

Felucia (Subjugated)
Kessel (Subjugated)
Toydaria (Subjugated)
Sullust (Subjugated)
Bespin (Subjugated)

Rebel Systems

Nal Hutta


Yavin IV


This was only my second game and my first time as Rebels but it was still as amazing as I remembered it being the first time I played. MerkabaZA also expressed how much he enjoyed the game, but I know it had to be tough for him coming in as a new player. These types of games are tricky and, though he’s not a novice, there is a lot of strategy that isn’t obvious without experience. Add on to that a rushed introduction, a break to visit an aquarium between explanation and gameplay, and the occasional missing rule detail and there were bound to be some issues. Still, I have to admit that he did not fall into the same trap that I did as the Empire in my first play and he actually had a much more solid strategy. His downfall came due to not just unfamiliarity with the game but also an unfortunate card draw/dice rolls whereas I was getting things that were immediately useful and advantageous.

This game made me think that it must really be difficult for the Empire to win if they are not playing efficiently from turn one. Not only that, but they have to be cognizant of the Objectives in the deck or they run the risk of just handing the Rebellion free points. As powerful as the Empire is militarily, it felt like they could not afford to make many mistakes while the Rebels didn’t need to be so cautious as long as their base remained hidden.

I wonder if the expansion changes this to any degree or if my opinion would change with more experience under my belt. In any case, I really enjoy this game (though I’m not into competitive games as much these days). I hope to play it again, but I don’t know when that might be nor with whom.

War Report:

Rebellion - 02 (Lolai, n107)

Empire – 00


Episode 0: Spark of Rebellion
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I think the discussion we had regarding our respective approaches once the game had ended really helped me see just how important it is to have a concrete idea of what you want to do as the empire from the very outset of the game. A lot of my issues popped up once I had to pivot my approach midway through the game which I think left me at a huge disadvantage.

Well played sir!
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Angry Augury
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MerkabaZA wrote:
I think the discussion we had regarding our respective approaches once the game had ended really helped me see just how important it is to have a concrete idea of what you want to do as the empire from the very outset of the game. A lot of my issues popped up once I had to pivot my approach midway through the game which I think left me at a huge disadvantage.

Well played sir!

Even though I only had that one other game under my belt, I think that experience put you at a severe disadvantage. I wouldn't say that the Rebellion was easier to play than the Empire, but I think I had a clearer sense of what to watch out for even if I didn't know what cards were in my decks. In your case, you weren't just feeling out the strategy but you had to learn the rules at the same time. Still, I felt you did really well for your first game and you avoided wasting time building things you didn't need. You had a focus but you didn't have the time to see it through.

I hope we get to play it again someday.
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