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Subject: Owen Walks in the Dark rss

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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Owen moved down the corridor with the steady stride of one who knows he
is meeting his destiny. The Paladin, the chosen Lightbringer of Cendara,
Avenger of the Dorns approached the room where the Dark Mirror was located.

Even though the Mirror was not activated yet Owen could sense the stench of
Evil it emitted. Drawing his sword he pushed the door open into the waiting arms
of A Blood Guard and his Sergeant. Ambush ! Owen acted by reflex and attacked
cutting down the Blood Guard Warrior The Sergeant counterattack but was brushed
aside by Owen.

The Blood Guard Sergeant press his attack and manage to wound the paladin. Owen fought
on and the combat became an endurance test between the two evenly matched opponents.
Finally Owen managed to get through the Sergeants defensives and strike a mortal blow.
The dead blood Guard body yielded a Lesser Healing Potion .

Owen lost no time in advancing through the room to locate and smash the Dark Mirror
and then checking the chests that occupied the room taking a Dagger of Sure Strike and
a Dwarven Shield.

Owen could see other chests further back in the room and briefly considered checking
their contents but he was under the March Ward above him was the March Gate the
main entrance to Steel Hill and the whole district was heavily patrolled by the Blood Guard.
The Paladin's Quest had been successful and it would serve no purpose to risk capture
or death besides the Lord of Rags would need to know the results of his Quest. Owen
opened the door to the corridor and quickly disappeared in the maze of passageways.

Another Quick Game- The Cards fell right, the Mob Boss equipment card wasn't a
weapon so the Mob had no advantage and the Event Cards didn't generate a Monster
so Owen had a fairly easy time of it. Which was a good thing as the Paladin's Shadow,
Free Class & Signature Skills are all geared to supporting others thus in a I Hero Game are

As mentioned in my other Quest Session Reports I running each Hero
through the Tutorial Quests which I set in the world of the
Midnight RPG-Steel Hill Source Book.I gave each Hero a back
story to go with the setting Here's Owens (and also Elias):

Owen and Elias

Owen trembled inside the ancestor ring as the spirit of Cendara spoke to his mind.
The spirit told him that he was to entrusted with a vital mission that he was to become
a Paladin of the faith and a light bringer to oppose the Shadow.

The Dorn warrior was stunned that Cendara one of the legendary First Dorns had
chosen him for this honor. He had watched as the Dorn resistance in the North
had been overcome or subverted by the Shadow. Then he was recruited by the
Cult of Cendara to oppose the Shadow forces and restore Dorn honor.

Finding his voice he managed to ask what was his task, the spirit answered "Go
South" and the power of the ancestor circle ceased as Paladin Owen collapsed.

Owen regained conscience gripped by confusion of his rapture, "Go South" what
did that Where? to What Purpose? Was this some kind of test to his
faith? Regardless he thought it was the will of Cendara so stopping only to
gather his few belongings he started South .

Elias sat on the fallen tree drawling deeply on his pipe sending smoke up into
the air and watching as it slowly formed a vision. The picture of a Dorn Warrior
moving through a barren landscape shimmered in the air and then fell apart.

The Druid relaxed the appointed one, the light bringer was coming , he could
have a few days of peace before the young Paladin came. Elias reflected he
had few such days since becoming The Cleitefir- the man of feathers leader
of the Druid order.

Elias roamed the Northlands disrupting the plans of the Shadow forces but
Steel Hill was in need of special attention. Under the traitor Prince Aushav
the mines and foundries of the city had become the supplier of Izrador's
war machine. The steady stream of weapons that poured out to the Shadow
forces must be disrupted but the Druid with many responsibilities could not
just concentrate on the city.

Elias was weary the ritual to summon the spirit of Cendara had been costly
as had keeping the protective wards over The Lord of Rags resistance
fighters. Morgatha, the Orc sorceress of the Mother of the Blooded Claw Clan,
constantly probes for any resistance to the Shadow in Steel Hill. The Druid
knows Likewise Prince Aushav is ruthless in the use of the Blood Guard
to stamp out any hint of rebellion and the Legates of the Order of the Shadow
hunt down those who not kneel to Izrador . Only the bitter hate all parties
have for each other keep the Shadow forces from uniting to overwhelm
the resistance.

The young Paladin the Cleitefir has had Cendara send to him will serve as
a resident symbol of light and hope in Steel Hill and fulfill the aid promise
he made to the Lord of Rags.


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