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Subject: Playthough of the Exodus campaign rss

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Paul Dodds
United Kingdom
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"If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking."
The Exodus campaign with the New Worlds expansion concerns humanity's battle with the Cybers on the planet Quarthago IV.

Mission #1: H002
HQ reported that a remote outpost had recently given shelter to a defector from the enemy who claimed to be offering our side some "vital information". Before HQ could send someone to interrogate this individual the outpost was attacked and destroyed by the Cybers. The last communication received from the outpost was that some of the staff were heading to a nearby tunnel complex to hide. The complex is known to be inhabited by Void Spiders, and the Squad is being dispatched to find the survivors before the Spiders claim them all.

The mission went smoothly, and the Squad succeeded in recovering all the survivors, including the defector, and safely escorting them out of the tunnels. The commander of the Squad, Sgt. Alatriste, was incapacitated and will require treatment. He is temporarily being replaced by Sgt. Aguirre.

The defector revealed that the Cybers had installed a small facility with engines on a nearby asteroid with the intention of flying the damn thing into Quarthago IV! (8 VPs)

Mission #2: S003
HQ dispatched the Squad to the asteroid facility with the objective of finding and destroying the engines before the asteroid hits Quarthago IV.

The Squad found that the facility had been been abandoned by the Cybers with its functions being controlled remotely, but had since been occupied by a swarm of Flesh Eaters. Progress through the base was tough going, but the Squad managed to reach the engines with mere minutes before the asteroid would have been too close to Quarthago IV to prevent it crashing into the planet. A massive final battle with a horde of Flesh Eaters ensued that left everyone in the Squad badly injured and all the Specialists dead, but the Squad were able to destory the engines and save Quarthago IV. Thanks to some quick thinking from Technican specialist before he was killed, the Squad were able to locate the source controlling the asteroid to an underground complex on Reverte, one of Quarthago IV's moons. (4 VPs)

Mission #3: H006
HQ dispatched the Squad to Reverte to locate and destroy the groups that had been controlling the asteroid facility remotely. Sgt. Alatriste was back commanding the Squad having recovered from his injuries.

If there were any Cybers in the base, they were hidden deep. The upper levels had been occupied by Dark Gods Followers who were suicidally fanatical in their attempts to destroy the Squad. The Squad to fight their way down a long tunnel before their scanners started working and there able to get a better understanding of the layout. Unfortunately it transpired that the tunnel they were in was a dead-end and they would need to backtrack all the back way their insertion point in order to head down a different tunnel to access the lower levels of the base. By the time the Squad had back-tracked and fought through more Followers who had been attracted by the noise they were out of ammo, Prv. Bascue (Assault) was incapacitated, the Explorer was dead, and everyone else was badly injured. Sgt. Alatriste reluctantly took the decision to abort the mission. Fortunately Prv. Bascue quickly recovered from his injuries. (1 VP)

Mission #4: H001
Because of the previous mission abort, HQ had no intel to indicate the Cybers' next move. However, scans had detected another underground complex on the Reverte moon, close to the complex that had been controlling the asteroid. The Squad were dispatched to investigate.

This mission went much more smoothly, despite the Squad causing causing a cave-in when they used some grenades in combat. The complex was inhabited by Flesh Eaters, but the Squad had faced them on the asteroid facility and knew how to handle them. The exploration proved extremely useful when the Squad recovered some orders on the body of Cyber that had been killed by the Flesh Eaters. The orders revealed the location of a stockpile of nuclear devices hidden in a nearby canyon, and it appeared that the Cybers were going to detonate the devices soon. (4 VPs)

Mission #5: S009
The Squad were immediately deployed to the site of the nuclear devices with the objective of disarming the devices.

Once again the Cybers had departed before the Squad arrived, and the canyon had been occupied by some Cthonians. They were a particularly troublesome opponent. The Squad was able to successfully disable all the devices, but Prv. Bascue and Watson (both Assault) were incapacitated, and the Demolitionist and Engineer were both killed. Once again Prv. Bascue quickly recovered from his injuries, but Prv. Watson will be out of action for a while. A data device that had been mistakenly left behind by the Cybers revealed the location of hidden monitoring station on Quarthago IV that was gathering intel for the Cybers. (4 VPs)

Mission #6: S010
HQ dispatched the Squad to the monitoring station with the objective of recovering as much intel as possible on the Cybers' next move.

The Squad finally encountered the Cybers for the first time, and they proved to be one of the more straightforward foes after all the unpleasantness they had previously experienced! The mission went extremely well, despite the Squad being very low on ammo by the end of the mission. They were able to discover that the monitoring station had located a strange alien ship near Quarthago IV. The Cybers had hired a group of Mercs to strip the alien ship of any useful tech. (6 VPs)

Mission #7: S010
The Squad were immediately flown to the alien ship with the objective of finding the Mercs and stopping them getting any alien tech to the Cybers.

This proved to be another straightforward mission, although the Squad were aided by HQ equipping them with two Battlesuits. The Mercs proved no much for the now highly experienced and well motivated Squad. The Mercs tried to use the escape pods on the alien ship to flee with the tech they had recovered, but Sgt. Alatriste was able to get the jump on them with a well timed ambush and some well placed grenades to stop them fleeing. So quick was the defeat of the Mercs in the final encounter that the Squad were able to investigate the escape pod landing co-ordinates to determine the location of a huge Cyber underground research complex where the alien tech was supposed to be delivered. (3 VPs)

Mission #8: H007
The Squad's final mission before some badly needed R&R was to infiltrate the Cyber research base and kill everyone in it.

The Squad went in as tooled up as possible, and took a couple more Battlesuits. The Cybers had turned over much of the underground complex to the Beast Masters, who the Squad knew from experience to be a formidable foe. These Beast Masters proved to be particularly tenacious and made the Squad's progress extremely slow. Towards the end of the mission Cpl. Anropov (Flamer) was incapacitated and the Squad lost their Medic. The Squad had been detected on their entrance to the tunnels and needed to locate everyone before the base could be evacuated. Unfortunately, the Beast Master's slowed the Squad down to the point that they were unable to fully explore the complex before all the key personnel had escaped, and the mission ended in failure. (-1 VP)

VICTORY LEVEL: Major victory
Despite not being able to kill all the key Cyber staff in the final mission, the Squad had prevented the Cybers from crashing an asteroid into Quarthago IV, foiled their plans to set off some nuclear devices, and had prevented any alien tech reaching their scientists. HQ were extremely satisfied with the performance of the Squad in the on-going battle with the Cybers.
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Steve Fliss
United States
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Damn fine soldiers, Cottonbalers by God! -- US 7th Infantry Regiment
Thanks for the campaign summary! This is a very fun solitaire game.
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