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Subject: Relive the Chicago World's Fair of 1893 rss

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Bert Hui
United States
White Salmon
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Be a part of history in World’s Fair 1893 by acting as an organizer of the fair and sending out your supporters to gain favor with influential people and ultimately securing the exhibits that will be displayed! The organizer who has earned the best reputation by the time the fair begins is the winner!

World’s Fair 1893 is an area control game played in three rounds. That sounds like it would be a very short game, but there’s a lot of decision-making that happens through each of the rounds. On her turn, each player does the following four things:

* Place a supporter in one of 5 different-colored areas
* Play any influential figure cards acquired from your previous turn
* Collect the cards from the area where the supporter was placed. Cards can be either main exhibit cards, influential figure cards, or Midway ticket cards.
* Refill cards in colored areas.

Thematically, each colored area represents some aspect of the 1893 World’s Fair that made it so popular: great strides were made in the areas of Agriculture, Electricity, Manufacturing, Fine Arts and Transportation. At each turn, players have to make a lot of decisions. Do I want to focus trying to maintain support in one area at the expense of another? Do I have a chance to win influence in this other area when my opponents have more supporters there right now? These are questions that I end up asking on each of my turns. It’s not a brain burner, but the amount of strategy that can go into the decision-making aspects of this game feel chess-like. Not only can you plan your move, but you can also look to see what your opponents moves might be and try to thwart their attempts at gaining the support they need.

The game advances throughout each round based on Midway tickets collected by all players collectively. For each midway ticket collected, a little trolley car meeple advances along its track. Once it reaches the end of the track, the round is over and the scoring phase begins!

Players get points for having the most support in an area, but more importantly, players have the option of turning an exhibit card collected during the round into an approved exhibit. Approved exhibits aren’t worth anything immediately, but at the end of three rounds, approved exhibits can be worth a lot of points. World’s Fair 1893 is designed so that players will want to get as many types of approved exhibits as possible because the more sets of different colored exhibits that are made, the more points/reputation players will earn. For example, a set of 3 colored exhibits is worth way more reputation than having just a set of 1 colored exhibit and a set of five different colored exhibits even more still. At the end, players count up how much reputation they’ve gained and the player with the most reputation is the winner!

VHS (Pros):
Easy to learn
good introduction to strategy games without causing analysis paralysis
fantastic artwork
Game scales well between 2 players and 4 players and contains board modifications for each grouping

BetaMax (Cons):
plays quickly! (I tend to like longer games)
you may not like it if you don’t like some randomness in games. The card refilling around the track may be too random for some players
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marc lecours
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Strategically the game is very light. But I enjoyed it. I think that it is a great introductory game for non gamers.
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