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Nick Van Dam
United States
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I was late to the party of this game, hearing about Clue: The great Museum Caper only about a year ago. It was out of print and rather rare in these parts. I was curious to try it, when happened upon a more than complete copy at a local flea market.


-The most stunning thing about this game is the board. It is a 3d molded plastic board, which is the floor plan of museum.

-There are several plastic bits including numbered cameras and locks which are of quite nice quality for the time and the fact this was a mass produced game.

-The player pawns are unremarkable and really do not fit the rest of the game.

-The art standees are of nice subject matter and add a lot to making the museum into a museum.

-The instructions are basic but easily understood and include a nice bit of flavor text.

-The game also comes with an ample supply of museum map sheets for the robber player.

Game Play

The game is a one verses all game with one player taking on the role of the robber and the other players (1-3) taking on the role of the museum guards as the characters from clue.

The robber moves around the board marking their moments on the player sheet behind a screen.

Each guard player rolls a die and moves. The die determines if they will look around them, see out of the cameras, or use the motion detectors to determine what room they're in.

The robber is attempting to stay hidden and steal as many paintings as possible and escape out of a door or window.

If the robber is ever spotted the robber pawn is placed on the board and the game continues until the robber escapes or a guard arrives on the same spot as the robber.

Our Experience

This game was surprisingly fast. It went over well with my nieces and sister. My wife was not a huge fan preferring Scotland Yard.

The nice thing about this game is that it provides a similar tension to Scotland yard, with less scripted choices. The die introduces an element of chance that is appealing especially for younger players.

- The look of the game
- The pace and the length of the game are both great keeping the game fun the entire time.
- The familiarity of the subject matter helps to bring this game out
- an accessible hidden movement mechanic


- the pawns, they don't fit the production value of the rest of the game
- availability, you have to the lucky to run into one of these in the wild
- The size of the game and the box, it is hard to store

responses to cons
- The pawns can be easily upgraded with figures from clue DVD or a later version of clue
- While these are not common they are not too rare and it is possible to find a copy given time, and I wouldn't call this a must have, so waiting is fine.
- While it is hard to store, it does look impressive

Final Thoughts

Clue the Great Museum Caper is a fun lite game. It is among the best of the mass produced games that I have ever played. I love how quick the game is to play, allowing for multiple plays with everyone taking a turn as the robber. If you run across this game at a thrift store I suggest making sure it is complete and picking it up.
It is especially good for kids and families.

I rate this game an 8/10

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fer moros
South Korea
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We also like it.
And yes, the box is really big, I had to throw away mine and just keep the components in a bag. The box was broken so it was not too hard to do it.

By they way I have on missing camera piece if anybody has a spare one

thanks for the review
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