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Subject: Visions of Fimbulvetr rss

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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Blood Rage-Game 1-Round 1

So it begins ..Baldur is dead, the Fenrir Wolf has broken Free,
the Nine Worlds barriers break down as the branches of Yggdrasill
moan and Sway. The Fimbulveter has begun as the völva for told
to Odin.

"Brothers will fight and kill each other,
sisters' children will defile kinship.'
It is harsh in the world,whoredom rife
—an axe age, a sword age—shields are riven
—a wind age, a wolf age—before the world goes headlong.
No man will have mercy on another"

The signs of doom gather.... I commit my visions of these end times
to these Runes so that the fall of our world shall at least linger in the
memory of heirs of Lif and Liftraser and the Halls Of Idavoll forever.

Aslaug hóvgyðiur Temple Priestess of Freyia

I have developed a pattern with CMoN KS, I check them out like the Figs. but
find the Game background vague which hinders my immersion and I pass.
Later I come to see a Game World I can plug the Game into buy a retail copy
and go hunting on ebay for Exclusives.

Blood Rage however did have Norse Mythology so nothing vague about that
but the 3 Ages?? I'm not an expert on Norse Myth but I don't remember
anything about 3 Ages each with it's mini- Ragnarökr . That was so jarring to me
( plus it wasn't solo friendly) I passed.

Recently it came to me that the 3 Ages made better sense and tracked true to the
Norse Sagas as the 3 Years of the Fimbulvetr (Fimbulwinter ) which preceded
Ragnarökr , so with my new found Game Logic I went to Amazon & ebay to purchase .

I also came across Rsways & Noitamies Solo Rules here on BGG which I combined/modified
a bit. So getting back to Aslaug:

The Skammdegí (the Dark Days-Winter) has arrived with the month
of Gormánuður but already the days are bitter cold. In the dim torch light of
the Temple Aslaug has prepared the altar with Ox Blood seated now she
feeds the fire with henbane. The smoke engulfs her expanding her senses ,
she feels herself flying and Freyia sends her vision. Aslaug floats above
Yggdrasil the smoke clears and she observes the 9 Worlds . She spies The
God Tyr in Andlang and Loki in Elvagar. She notices Horgr Province is
dark. Aslaug now floats down to the great cave at the roots of Yggdrasill
she sees the Norn Verdandi has stopped her weaving and the younger
Norn Skuld now sits at the loom examining her yarn basket . The basket
bears a single word "Fimbulvetr"

Aslaug gasps realizing the prelude to Ragnarökr has begun. Skuld studies
her threads an infinite number of fibers meshed at right angles to as many more
opposing fibers; each single thread at some point touches and affects every
single other opposing thread... a truly profound image for contemplation.
The Norn carefully reads the different threads to decide which she will twine into
the Web of Fate. Aslaug floats behind Skuld reading the yarn thread over the
Norn's shoulder as she selects and studies a the first thread.

Aslaug sees the thread reveals the great Clans in chaos and comsumed by Rage
.The Wolf Clan has consulted it's Mystic,
the Raven Clan has sworn to a Quest, the Serpent Clan has received Loki's
Blessing ,the Bear Clan invades Andlang.

The Vision shifts the Wolf Clan leader now invades Muspelheim, the Raven Clan Leader
invades Gimle, the Serpernt Clan swears to a Quest and the Bear Clan recruits a Dwarf
Chieftain who invades Gimle.

The next Vision shows her the Wolf Clan Fleet invading the Fjord adjacent to Ginle,
The Raven Clan Leader marches to Andlang,The Serpernt Clan Leader invades
Muspelheim and the Bear Clan Leader marches to Gimle.

Another Vision crowds in, the Wolf Clan attempts to Pillage Gimle with it's Fleet but
they are opposed by the Bear Clan Leader and the Dwarf Chieftain.
The battling Clans appeal to the Gods, Wolf to Loki's Trickery and Bear to Frigga's
Grace. The Bear Clan wins the battle & the doors of Valhalla open for the Wolf Fleet.
The Raven Clan Pillages Andlang unopposed the God Tyr disturbed by the pillaging
moves to Utgard. The Serpernt Clan Fleet invades Gimle/Myrkvlor Fjord and the Bear
responds by putting it's own Fleet in the Muspelheim/Horgr Fjord .

The scene changes, Wolf Clan Mystic invades Muspelheim, The Raven Clan sends a Fleet
to the Muspelheim/Horgr Fjord, The Serpent Clan Pillages Myrkvlor unopposed,The Bear Clan
leader Marches to Yggoraisil.

The next scene shows the Wolf Clan swearing to a Quest, The Raven Clan attempts to
Pillage Muspelheim drawing the Wolf, Serpent and Bears Clans into Battle.The Gods
are invoked Raven calls on Tyr's Crush,Wolf Calls on Thor's Hammer , Serpent
summons Hemdall's Sight and Bear calls on Tyr's Smash. The Shield Maidens of
Serpent Clan emerge victorious sending the Wolf,Raven,Bear Minions to Valhalla.
The Serpent Clan Leader Marches to Yggorasil and the Bear Clan Leader Marches to Utgard

The Visions move on, the Wolf Clan warrior Invades Utgard ,The Raven Clan joins in a Quest,
Serpent Clan warrior invades Utgard and the Bear Clan Leader attempts to Pillage Utgard.
The ritual sacrifices to the Gods begin ,Wolf Clan call Thor's Hammer,The Serpent Shield
Maidens summons Tyr's Smite and Bear Clan Tyr's Smash. Tyre provoked at being called
twice curses the Strength all 3 Clans but the Serpent Shield Maidens win through on shear
fury. Wolf and Bear Clan enter Valhalla . Tyr moves to Yggorasil.

Aslaug feels her self slipping but Skuld keeps stretching the Fare Thread the Visions
continue.Wolf Clan takes a Quest, Raven Clan invoke Loki's Domain, The Serpent Clan
Invades Muspelheim provoking the Bear Clan to also invade Muspelheim.

The next Vision shows Wolf Clan taking a Quest oath, the Raven also swear a Quest,
The Serpent Clan attempts to Plunder Muspelheim and the Bear Clan opposes.The
Shield Maidens summons call to the gods go unanswered but the Bear Clan calls
up Tyr's Smash and wins the Battle sending the Serpent Warrior to Valhalla.

Another Vision flashes by, a Clan Wolf Warrior Invades Muspelheim ,Clan Raven
challenges by also sending a Warrior to Muspelheim, Clan Serpent quietly Plunders
Utgard while the other Clans are preoccupied but the Bear Clan nearly exhausted
still manages to send a Warrior to Invade Muspelheim.

Aslaug struggles to maintain her place behind the Norn ,the next Vision shows
the Wolf Clan warrior Invading Gimle ,the Raven Clan rallying to Brothers in Arms,
while the Serpent Clan expends it's last effort to send a Warrior to Invade Gimle,
the Bear Clan is now completed exhausted.

The next Vision is fainter, The Wolf Clan in a final effort sends a Warrior to Invade
Muspelheim,The Raven Clan manages its own final effort sending a Warrior to Invade
Gimle, the Serpent & Bear Clans are unable to mount any efforts. All the Clans have
have exhausted their Rage. The Shield Maidens of Clan Serpent still manage to
complete their Quest in Manheim.

Skuld pulls the Fate Thread from the Fimbulvert basket, Aslaug looses her grip on the
Norn's Cave and begins to fall back. She is pulled back past the great World Ash Tree
and notices the Province of Myrkvlor is going Dark and the Serpent Clan fleet in it's
adjacent Fjord sails gloriously to Valhalla. All the Visions are lost in smoke and
Aslaug is falling in darkness.

She regains conscience and finds herself on the floor behind the temple altar, bathed
in sweat and her body drained of strength. Her will is fierce and she feels Freyia's
Geis upon her to provide witness to the end times. She manages to rise and call
for the Rune Master Ulf.

The Rune Master listens to Aslaug telling of her Visions and asks 'are these true
tellings of what will be" She answers "I don't know, they were simply a possible
Thread of Fate perhaps Skuld will twine it into the web of Fate or not".

Ulf leaves to prepare the Rune Stone and Aslaug staggers to her bed knowing
she must continue to seek further Visions.


Nice Play through it lasted 12 turns and all 4 clans ran out of Rage at the same time
or within a turn of each other. As usual for a first play of a new Game I made a few
mistakes but I was able to untangle them so they didn't effect the Game.

I tended to forget to move the Rage Marker to pay for March & I was giving
Pillage Rewards to who ever won the Battle regardless if it was the Clan who
was Pillaging or not. Then I moved the wrong Clan figure on another Clans turn
(I soon starting using the colored bases after that) .

I did have to restart the Game 4 Times after 2 or 3 turns as I was discovering
holes in the Solo Rules I put together but the 4th time was the charm and
really likes how smoothly it played solo.

Stats for the 1st Round are:

Wolf: Rage/Axes=1/Horns=2/Glory=0
Raven: Rage/Axes/Horns=1/ Glory=0
Serpent: Rage=3/Axes=2/Glory=13
Bear: Rage/Horns=1/Axes=2/Glory=6


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