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Subject: Visions of Fimbulvetr (2) rss

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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Blood Rage-Game 1-Round 2

Aslaug felt the power of Freyia's Geas ,she had resisted the Visions were so draining
but the Goddess would not be denied. The Priestess found herself back at the temple's altar
she emptied the horn and spread the thick ox blood carefully over the altars surface.
Then with a bloody hand reached for the Henbane & threw it into the brazier.

The sacred smoke rose up and Aslaug breathed it in feeling the floating motion instantly.
She expanded her senses outward ,rising up she viewed the World Tree and its Provinces,
Horgr and Myrkvlor were Dark but Loki remained in Elvarar and Tyr in Angerroda .

The Priestess felt the familiar tug downward to the roots of Yggrdasil to the Cave of
the Norns. She settled in behind Skuld who was reaching for another Fate Yarn thread
from the Fimbulvetr basket. The Norn held the Fate Thread up and viewed its contents
and Aslaug viewed the Visions over her shoulder. Again the Fate Thread showed the
worlds in chaos as the Clans competed for the favor of the Gods and the Glory of
Valhalla. Muspelheim Province was a hotbed with 2 Wolf Clan Warriors facing off
Warriors of Bear,Serpent and Raven Clans . Gilmi saw the Bear ClanWarrior and the
Clans Dwarf Chieftain mercenary opposed by Warriors of the Serpent and Raven Clans.
Andlang Province held a Clan Raven Leader and Utgard a Serpent Clan Warrior.The
Serpent Clan Leader held Yggdrasil.

The first Vision rose quickly, the Raven Fleet Invades Gimle/Myrkvlor Fjord ,
The Serpent Clan Invokes Thor's Domain, Bear Clan swears to a Quest and
Wolf Clan Marches a Warrior from Muspelheim to Yggdasil.

The Vision switches to Raven Clan taking a Quest,Serpent Clan Pillages
unopposed Utgard, Bear Clan Leader invades Andlang, Wolf Clan Leader
invades Andlang in response.

Another Vision comes to view,Raven Clan swears another Quest,The
Shield Maidens of Serpent Clan summons Loki's Eminence,Bear Clan
summons Tyr's Challenge. Clan Wolf 's Warrior Marches from Yggdrasil
back to Muspelheim.

The Fate Thread continues to be pulled and Visions continue,The Raven Clan
prepares to Pillage Gimle and reinforce it's Warrior and Fleet with the Clan Leader
coming in from Andlang. A Serpent Warrior and Bear Clans Warrior plus
it's Dwarf Chieftain oppose. The Clans offer up appeals to the Gods,
Bear and Raven Clans go unanswered but Serpent Shield Maidens are favored by
Tyr's Rage allowing the outnumbered Serpents to win the battle.Gimle is saved
from Pillage and the forces of Bear and Raven Clans are sent to Valhalla. Serpent Clan
loses no time after it's victory and it's Fleet Invades the Fjord between Angerroda/
Elvagar. The Bear Clan takes a Quest and the Wolf Clan Leader Marches from
Andlang to Gimle .

Another Vision this shows the Raven Clan recruiting a Dark Elf, Serpent Clan
invades Angerroda, the Bear Clan summons Frigga's Succor and Wolf Clan
swears to a Quest.

The next Vision has Raven Clan Invading Yggdrasil with the Dark Elf, The Serpent
Clan attempts Pillage in Angerroda Province with a Warrior supported by their Fleet
and their Leader who comes to support from Yggdrasil,the Wolf Clan Warrior moves
from Muspelheim . The Gods are called the Serpents gather Odin's Smite and the Wolf
Clan receive Tyr's Crush. Tyr now turns his back on the Serpent Clan and favors
the outnumbered Wolf Clan to win the battle, Angerroda is not Pillaged and the
Serpent Clan Forces are sent to Valhalla. Tyr move on the Gimle.The Bear Clan Leader
alone in Andlang declares a Pillage and no other Clan answers the Battle Challenge call
the Province is Plundered. The Wolf Clan is blessed with Odin's Choses and is joined
by a 2nd Mystic.

Aslaug waivers she feels herself again being fading away from the Norm, she fights
to stay the Vision comes. The Raven Clan Dark Elf mercenary Marches from Yggdrasil
to Muspelheim,Serpent Clan responds and Invades Muspelheim,Bear Clan tries to
block these Clans and attempts to Plunder Muspelheim. The Gods are called but
Raven Clan is shunned,Bear receives Odin's Tide and sends a Raven Warrior to Valhalla.
The Wolf Clan gets Loki's Trickery and the Serpent Clan is given Odin's Smite.
Heimdall decides to intervene and his Eye is upon Bear and Serpent Clans .The Battle
is fierce but no Clan overcome the other and their Forces are enter the Gates of Valhalla.
The Serpent Clan is able to invoke Loki's Blessing and sends a Warrior back to Muspelheim
Province which remains unpillaged.The Wolf Clan will not give up and it's Leader Marches
from Gimle to Muspelheim.

The Vision fades to be replaced by showing the Raven Clan Warrior Invading Gimle,
followed by the Serpent Clan Warrior also Invading Gimle. The Bear Clan Sends its
Fleet to the Fjord between Muspelheim/Horgr and the Wolf Clan exhausting its self
as it's leader Marches from Angerroda to Muspelheim.

Aslaug Staggers but holds on and the Vision continues, The Raven Clan Marches a Warrior
from Gimle to Muspelheim,the Serpent Clan send another Warrior to Invade Muspelheim.
The Bear Clan Marches its Leader from Gimle to Angerroda and the Wolf Clan is spent.

The next Vision appears quickly and Aslaug feels her time running out.The Raven Clan
makes an attempt to Pillage Muspelheim which has become the center of all the Clans
Blood Rage.The weary Gods again Shun Raven pleas, the Serpent Clan is granted Odin's
Smite, Bear Clan is given Odin's Tide sending a Serpent and Wolf to Valhalla and Wolf
Clan gets Loki's Trickery. Heimdall again intervenes casting his Eye on the Bear and Wolf
Clans.The Bear Clan emerges from the battle victorious ,the Forces of Wolf,Serpent and Raven
are sent to Valhalla and once again the blood stained province of Muspelhemi remains
unplundered.The Wolf Clan however gains back Rage at the expense of the Bear Clan thanks
to Loki's Trickerty.The Serpent Clan swears to a Quest,Bear Clan Marches its Leader back from
Angeeroda to Gimle and the Wolf Clan Mystic Invades Muspelheim.

Aslaug can no longer resist the forces pulling her away but she can see a final Vision as Skuld
takes the end of the Fate Thread from her basket. Raven Clan sends a Warrior to Invade Gimle
and exhausts itself,the Serpent Clan Warrior Invades Muspelheim exhausting that Clan,The Bear
Clan is exhausted and the Wolf Clan sends a Warrior to Angerroda and also falls into exhaustion.

Aslaug is swept up out of the Norn's cave and moving out from Yggdrail she notice the
Province of Angerroda going dark and the Wolf Warrior there ascending to Valhalla.
She wakes sprawled on her back the Temple floor the effort to open her eyes seems to last
minutes and then she sees the face of Freyia. The shock is profound but as her vision clears
it's only the face of Gyda one of the village girls .Gyda offers to help her to her feet but
Aslaug instead instructs the girl to find the Rune Master Ulf.

The priestess slowly raises herself to a setting position and replays the Visions in her mind
so that she can relate them to the Rune Masterand and wonders when and why the Goddess
will again place under her Geis.


This time it took 11 Turns for the Clans to run out of Rage & end the Game. This time
it went quicker as the Game rules are getting familiar and my Solo AI is running
smoothly I only had to stop once to figure out how to handle the "Heimdall 's Eye Card

Stats for the 2st Round are:

Wolf: Rage/Axes/Horns=2/Glory=13
Raven: Rage/Axes/=3Horns=1/ Glory=21
Serpent: Rage/Horns=3/Axes=2/Glory=27
Bear: Rage=3/Horns=1/Axes=2/Glory=9


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Sylvio Z
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It is a good number of turns to run out of rage. One of the great thing in this game, for me personally, is how you have to calculate what you want to do and how many rages you will have to spend to do that.

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