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Another environment for Sentinels, the Celestial Tribunal is an AI-run machine of judgment that comes to a planet, puts the people on the planet on trial, and, if they are found guilty of any improprieties, destroys them. It’s extremely harsh in its rulings, and has left countless worlds lifeless in its wake. It also turned on and killed its original creators, and is here, now, to judge the heroes of Earth!

Here’s a picture of the awesome card back art thanks to Mysti_Fogg

The Celestial Tribunal consists of a 15 card environment deck and it adds an interesting, new twist to the game- a trial. And not just any trial, but one with killer robots, fun court sayings, and some twists. This entire deck revolves around 1 card: Representative of Earth. When drawn from the deck, you choose a Hero card from the game box (not one that is currently being used), give them 10 HP, and they are the hero on trial. If they are incapacitated, Earth is found wanting and we are all sentenced to destruction and the game is over. Everything else in the deck revolves around this card.

The other 14 cards consists of 5 targets. 1 target, the Celestial Adjudicator, reduces damage to Environment targets by 1 and spams out a trial (explained later) each round. There are 4 Celestial Executioner’s, who either deal damage to everything with a trial card next to them, or bring one out every turn. Annoying. And yeah, the Representative of Earth card? That’s a trial, so they start wailing on that hero ASAP.

There are 6 trial cards in the game. We already talked about Representative of Earth, but the other 5 are placed either next to a villain target or a hero character card (it says which on the card) and, when that target is destroyed, OR when this card is destroyed, you discard this card and play the top card of the environment deck. Fun, right?

The final 4 cards consist of one that brings back Representative of Earth, say if it gets destroyed for some reason, so you get a new trial! Another one lets you heal the hero on trial AND use their power, which makes for some great, fun combos! And the last 2 either respawn destroyed robots, or play additional cards from the deck. Also great!

This deck oozes theme, and it is really fun to play with. It adds a great, new dynamic to the game with the fact that you can lose from losing the trial, but adding another hero, even one you can only use the power from, makes for some great choices as well. Personally, I love to add Omnitron-X so I can play additional cards for my heroes, but Team Leader Tachyon, America’s Greatest Legacy, or various other characters are great to use instead! This is a definitely pick-up for Sentinels, since it adds a fun, different environment that will keep throwing cards at you, faster than you can keep up with them. Just make sure you bring a hero with healing to save everyone!!!

Buy this expansion, right now! You won’t regret it! The Earth is on trial, and it needs you!!!

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