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Subject: Gandhi Play Testers Needed rss

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Scott Mansfield
United States
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Gandhi, the ninth COIN, is close to finalization, but we need a bit more play data to finalize a few things. We're seeking COIN players who'd like to run through a few campaigns, record their play and fill us in. If you're interested, read below to see what we're looking for and how to participate!

Questions and observations we need data for:

Final victory condition numbers.
Our goal is to get as close to an even distribution of Faction victories as we can. We need as many full games played as possible to hone the victory levels of each Faction. We think the current numbers are close, but this is at best an educated guess at this point.

How much cooperation is happening between the nonviolent players?
Is it happening in response to Raj overreach or Revolutionaries aggressiveness? Do the game mechanics both push the INC and ML together in the opening campaigns, only to pull them apart toward the end of the game?

Is Gandhi being utilized by the INC?
What are the best strategies you’ve found for using Gandhiji effectively?

What kind of interaction is happening during the Conference Phase?
Does the Prisoner’s Dilemma (or more properly, Golden Balls) mechanic work, or does it come across as more of a gimmick?

What are some strategies you have come up with?
What was happening in the game that helped shape your strategic decisions?

Play a campaign with your normal COIN hat on to feel out the system and its additions to the COIN family. After that we want you to run wild with it, do odd things and see how the other players and the system itself responds. Be hyper aggressive or not at all, cooperate on actions you normally wouldn't, find the edges of the game. See where it breaks.

If you'd like to participate, I will add your email to this site to give you access. I will also add you to the Google Group, where you can post questions and observations and find a link to the Google Form for collecting final play test results. If you wish, you may add your physical address to the Playtesters info page, but it's not required.

I'll be happy to coordinate any playtest sessions, finding extra players and such but I won't be refereeing or organizing actual play, that'll be left to you to do. All the Gandhi playtest material are organized on a Google Site. When you first visit, please go to the Playtester’s Info page to add your contact information.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to PM me or email me at scott(@)scottmansfield(dot)com

Scott Mansfield

Gandhi Design Team
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